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  1. Yo Dudes & Dudettes, I come here with a bit of an issue regards "remote play" that I have not found an answer to no matter how many forums I scour. Hopefully some of you kind folks can help with this. 3 Options available in the manual state: PS3 - PSP via Internet (OK) PS3 - PSP via Private Network (OK) uses router make connection. PS3 - to PSP without router (cannot do) I have the UK 40Gb version (it has WiFi) however I cannot seem to get the PS3 to talk to my PSP directly unless my router is switched on. Has anyone else encoutered this problem. Is it a problem or am I missinterpreting the user manual? I rather liked the idea of using my PSP as a portable player having content streamed from my PS3 - but not having to have my router on as well. Can anyone shed any light on the issue? Marximus
  2. Post Your Purchases

    It was my birthday a few days ago so i though "screw it" - gonna get a PS3 and a few games and Blu-Ray discs with some vouchers that I had saved up. However I also picked up a copy of Zack & Wiki! - Love that game! Why can't Wii games be cheaper - it was the same with Gamecube games - damn the system being so popular! - Now if only I could actually get excited about Mario Galaxy and Zelda Twilight Princess (had that since launch and still not played it yet - well not beyond the cow hearding bit at the start).
  3. Funniest Games

    How to be a Complete [email protected]@rd - Amstrad CPC Swallowing ice cubes "hmm lumpy wee wee's!" & eating custard powder for industrial strength killer farts. Death Wish 3 - Amstrad CPC Pumping old Grannies full of hot lead with the machine gun or making instant corpses of folk with the rocket launcher (it made a fart sound when fired!) All Monkey Island games - PC "You are rubber I am glue!" Mortal Kombat II - Megadrive The "whoopise!" man that appeared on screen when you did a major combo. Another World - Megadrive When your alien friend first speaks to you and says: "Macaroon Bar!" Day of the Tentacle & Sam N' Max - PC 1st class visual hilarity through and through! - Worlds Biggest Ball of Twine. Black & White - PC Picking up a small citizen with your "god hand" and throwing them across almost an entire continent - having the rest of the citizens reply "oooooooh" Battlezone - PC Using the "Day Wrecker" weapon for the first time! Streets of Rage II - Megadrive Playing as Skate, jumping on some fools shoulders and punching the back of their head. Shaddow of Rome - PS2 Slicing off, picking up and then beating an enemy to death with his own arm in the Colloseum. I'll have a think about some others!
  4. New and Improved N-Europe Xbox 360 Gamertag List

    I still don;t get how you actually get your gamertag pcture to feature on postings that I make. I've posted my id in the past but I don't even know if it exists yet.
  5. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    I Don't think so.. I relistened to the Chrono Trigger album again and I have to say that I'm still unimpressed overall. I like the fact that there is such a wealth of music for one game (29 released tracks!) However the track entitled: Reckless Robo Gang Johnny, reminds me of some wannabe Eurotrash progam on Bravo. Robos Theme Not bad. Undersea Palace Best on the album! If you want to find some real classic gems reworked and slightly modernised then I suggest people check out: http://www.ocremix.org Their Sonic, Streets of Rage and Castlevania work is absolutely exceptional! My Fav tracks of theirs are: Castlevania Castlevania 2: Bloody Tears Inspired OC Remix Castlevania 2: Simon's Town OC Remix Castlevania 4: CastleTrance OC Remix Castlevania 4: HouseParty OC Remix Castlevania 4: Castlemania OC Remix Castlevania Midnight Slayer (Solomn Mix) OC Remix Castlevania Wicked Orchestra OC Remix Castlevania WickedChild OC Remix Castlevania: Cirlce of the Moon Rude Awakening OC Remix Sonic Emerald Nights Chemical Reaction Aquatic Project Oil Spill High Above The Sky Robotnik's Theme Travelling Through A Dream Party in the Emerald Hills Sonik Caves Bring in the Machine Sonic the Hedgehog 2 BluestSky OC Remix Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Dream Pipe OC Remix Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Next My Generation OC Remix Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Robotnik's Trippin on Ecstacy OC Remix Sonic the Hedgehog Cryptic Marble OC Remix Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone (Euro Club '95 Mix) OC Remix Sonic the Hedgehog Love Hurts OC Remix Sonic the Hedgehog sonik special OC Remix And a Very Special Final Fantasy/Sonic Mix Track Hidden Palace Future Streets of Rage Streets of Rage (The Last Dragon) OC Remix Streets of Rage Trippin' on the Bridge OC Remix Streets of Rage 2 BadassPosse OC Remix Streets of Rage 2 EndingTheme (Reflecting Theme) OC Remix Streets of Rage 2 Go Back OC Remix Streets of Rage 2 SID of Rage OC Remix Its a must for any real videogame music lover!
  6. how long have you played a game for in one sitting?

    16hr session on Monkey Island 2: Le Chucks Revenge. God Damn that special Green Grog concoction and having to wait for the wind flag to blow the correct way to win the spitting contest. Ahh the days of completing games before internet walkthroughs. Frustrating yet rewarding times!
  7. Point & Click Games ***With Human Avatar***?

    No probs Petey - glad to be of service! I must say that many people responded to this thread and mentioned a lot of classic games such as the mighty Sam & Max. The only reason games such as these were not inlcuded in my own list is that Petey was looking for games where the main protagonist was specifically "human" ie not not Animal, Vegtable or Mineral. Although Petey I must say if you can acquire these games too I (along with many others) I would def recommend them. Ebay should see you good - especially for you FMV genre. Peace Marximus
  8. Your ultimate top 5 most wanted Gamez?

    Assassins Creed Mario Sunshine Zack & Wiki Mass Effect GTA IV
  9. Point & Click Games ***With Human Avatar***?

    Aha, You've spurned my interest with this post. I love adventure games -therefore I will propose some of my personal favs - plus a few i just had to play for the sake of it. In no particular order: (Point and click 2D art) Monkey Island Series (3D presentation for Escape) The Dig Indy Jones: Fate of Atlantis/The Last Crusade Gabriel Knight: Sins of Father Full Throttle Beneath A Steel Sky (free download I believe) Day of the Tentacle Discworld I & II Runaway I & II Kings quest Series The Longest Journey Syberia I & II Blade Runner (3D elements) (3D games) Grim Fandango Discworld Noir Vampire: The Masqurade Redemption Te Nomad Soul Gabriel Knight III: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned The Longest Journey II (FMV - Full Motion Video) Tex Murphy: Under A Killing Moon Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive Tex Murphy: Overseer Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within The Black Dahlia Ripper Spycraft the Great Game Phantasmagoria I & II 7th Guest 11th Hour Sherlock Holmes: Rose Tattoo Sherlock Holmes: Silver earring Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened The X-Files: The Game Hopefully that should be enouh to get you going Marximus
  10. New and Improved N-Europe Xbox 360 Gamertag List

    Guess it's my turn then Darth-Marximus | MadMarximus A note to all - I know of no-one locally who I can add to my friends list (its so empty )so please feel free to add me to yours and I shall do the same Peace
  11. Halo 3 is awsum

    Best to start the game on Hard as opposed to Medium - me and my mate were breezing through it on co-op - but we were also loving every second of it Scarab killing is the best thing ever!
  12. Halo 3 is awsum

    Well I have finally got some "hands on" play with the mighty Halo 3 and it is as expected - Excellent. I should say ahead of time that: No it was not a retail copy but a copy someone I know "acquired". Yes, I will be purchsing the full game - probably Limited Ed on 26th. I will not be revealing any major plot spoilers however I will say that the first level has you crash landed (along with your platoon) on Earth in a jungle undergrowth environment (which is sweet), as you brush past shrubbery and long grass it sways and reacts - it reminded me very much of FarCry. My mate and I played the campaign mode (he as Master Chief and me as the Arbitar) we had it on Normal and to be honest we were breezing through it. Listen to what Bungie are saying - play it first on a higher level if you are at all familiar with Halo. I was trying desperatley to activate the bubble shield (available later in the game) however it was not to be - I also could not initiate my invisiblilty cloak (however these are availbe throughout levels as pick-up items along with weapons such as Power Drain.) Some of the highlights for me were: Destroying Scarabs by begining the mission in an all out air assault using a new "HoverLift" craft - destroying a leg then landing inside its hanger bay and nuking its main core before fleeing the area to escape the shockwave. - Absolute class. We played the game up to a missions called "The Last Stand" - I have no idea if this is the last mission or not, (hope not) however I will say that the Arbitar was right there by the MC side throughout the entire story and features in all the cutscenes (however because they are all rendered in-game and it was on 2-player that may be why. We did not log into Live - for fear of its ban punishment - however all the typical options are there. I'm sur there are probably screenshots out there - however I will say that the main menus feature crisp HD renditions of the Master Chief and the Aribtar holding their weapons against a cool blue light (Oh Yeah!) and the loading screen between the main level portions of the game is a 3D halo ring replicated by lots of tiny dots scattering together like rain. Kinda like an effect on Windows Media Player when listening to music. Very cool. Any ways that me done for now - if any one has any questions please send me PM. Cheers Darth-Marximus
  13. Halo 3 is awsum

    Am I ready??? New mobile phone deal - check! Free Xbox360 - Check One 2nd hand HD from bay - Check! 4 for 20 Preowned Xbox games from Gamestation (inc Halo 2) - Check! One 360 Headset + 1Month Live - Check! Oh yeah I'm Muth3rf&ckin ready!
  14. Games you Hate, But everyone else loves

    Mario Kart - F*ck1n Sh1te! (it's just never appealed to me)
  15. My first Nintendo experience was at a friends house way back in the good ol' 80's. He had just got a NES for his birthday. He had gotten Super Mario Bros with it and was raving on about it all that day in school saying how excellent it was and that I had to go round to his and see it for myself. When I did I remember thinking: "What a piece of sh/t - whats all the fuss? My other friends Master system had way better graphics than this - plus it didn;t have a stupid gray opening flap like a BetaMax video recorded" Couldn't tell him at the time caus he was way harder than me..but then I watched another NES owner/lover play Festers Quest and then Turtles and that got me intrigued. I never owned a NES - but I also never lost any sleep over it either. The Gameboy was another story... I never owned that either but was almost willing to sell my soul for one.