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  1. Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow (3DS Virtual Console)

    Pretty hyped for this, got my nostalgia glasses ready for Pokemon Yellow! As for Mew, assuming they don't mess to much with the coding, hopefully the Mew glitch will still work.....As well as MissingNo. Ah, fun times ahead.
  2. Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens

    I really enjoyed this film. Although I went in with low expectations due to the gap in time between movies. Interested to see how this story pans out!
  3. Legend of zelda the movie 2009

    I think something like a Zelda movie (which would rock) would be a very hard thing to take on. Zelda has such a fan base that every tiny detail would have to be taken into account for perfection... Then there is the story line issue...Probably an OOT, but that is a HUGE game. Which elements do they use? Unless of course its an LOR type movie, split OOT in to 3 parts. Would that work though? LoZ OOT the trilogy... maybe :P Is the storyline movie material though?
  4. ok, so my gf remembers a game back from the old pc, may have come free in a magazine, something along the lines of click and play games. one game seemed to involve romeo climbing up ladders to save juliet, whilst the devil or something throws pies at him. another game has you doing simple maths with hedghogs. also another has you in a toy shop, there is a bouncing ball and you are on a skate board and must avoid a bouncing ball which must knock off the toys on the shelves.... i myself have no clue and cannot find it.... if anyone here has heard of this game or thinks they remember it, any thanks would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.
  5. searching for an old game

    omg thank you so much, ive been searching for that for years -hugs you- :D:D:D:D:D
  6. searching for an old game

    I have been searching for an old pc game for years now that i used to play. It was around the time of Discworld 1 I believe and of the same genre. It stared a man, i do not remeber much of this game but i do remember that you start in a flat and you must sneak out. to do this you must keep a water bird pushing a tv remote while you climb out of the window. Does this trigger anybody's memory and can anyone tell me the name of this game?
  7. Laptop screen resolution help

    ok, messing around with quake 2, it seems that the type of opengl i use changes the size of the screen, i have almost filled it using a standered opengl, however it is not full, can anyone recomend a very good opengl for download for me to try... thankyou in advance
  8. Laptop screen resolution help

    This was like this before norton, i shall try updating the driver, however, as for newer games... hmm, working pefectly black and white unreal tournament (first one) Works but small screen age of empires 3 (slightly bigger screen not full though) discworld doom 1,2, final doom quake 2 maybe something to do with certain games, both old and new :S
  9. I've been having this problem where certain games do not like to use the full size of my laptop screen (14"/15"), if you look at the screen shots on the links, you will see. Can anyone explain to me why this is happening and how i can resolve it. Thank you for your time, any help much appreciated. Pic 1 my normal latop screen http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e303/infinete/DSCI0023.jpg Pic 2 Playing quake 2, shrunken screen http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e303/infinete/DSCI0022.jpg Edit: it does this with doom as well
  10. looking for an old game

    i played a game once that involved a click and point on the pc. it onvolved a guy who i think had a vodo doll of himself. at the very begining i remember him having to escape a flat but he cant, as everytime the tv swiches off a guy comes up and moans. you must find a drinking bird to constantly hit the remote to keep the tv on so that you can escape throught the window...can anyone vagley remember this game i seriously cant remember the name of the game. thanks in advance
  11. Rate the last film you saw

    Final Fantasy Advent Children OK, no real story line, well it does, but its not great, still an amazing film, way better than FF The Spirits Within. Good graphix, amazing fight signs, voices arent great but work, overall 8/10
  12. Forum Love

    gender is mangod! rofl, thats an awsome gender to have!
  13. Forum Love

    well you have an awesome display pic, kinda eerie but kewl, so that makes you A-OK! http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b318/ashsan/smilies/biggrinsanta.gif
  14. Five Songs For Your Funeral

    omg, thats gotta be the funniest idea for a funeral i've ever heard, if someone at the funeral happens to have a birthday that day, you could make it a double death/bday bash. on the off chance that i one day die, i'd get hold of a full dead band, i'd be lead and vocalist, i havent decided whiether we are zombies or ghosts yet, but we would play; 1. In the End by Linkin Park 2. When I'm Gone by Eminem 3. The Ballard of Paul K by McFly 4. How Do I Live by Leann Rimes 5. The Day That I Die by Good Charlotte (and because i know people will want an oncour) 6. Adams Song by Blink 182
  15. Spare Time

    Unless this has been done before I'd like to find out just what people do in their spare time, i personally go on-line, see my gf play guitar or play comp games. what about everyone else?