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  1. Ikaruga

    It's given you the "tate mode" for playing it as it was designed in the arcade original.
  2. The wii is still a powerful machine!

    I think that "average person" won't be bothered about the supposed lack of power. As long as everything is clear and it runs smoothly, most people will be bothered about how it plays, I reckon, which is kinda the point of the machine. The fact that games like Snake, Solitaire and Brain Training are more popular with a wider audience than the average game shows that it's how it plays (if you can stretch "play" to Brain Training) that matters to most. If you're talking about the average person that enjoys games but not enough to buy mags or post on forums about it, then yeah they'll probably notice some difference. Again, I think when they get their hands on the games they'll not be bothered about. I think graphics that are on the same level of Mario Galaxy will be more than acceptable to most.
  3. Your GameCube collections

    Mine: 1080°: Avalanche Beyond Good & Evil Burnout 2: Point of Impact Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Donkey Konga Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem F-Zero GX Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Ikaruga Killer 7 Luigi's Mansion Metal Arms: Glitch in the System Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Metroid Prime Metroid Prime 2: Echoes P.N.03 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Pikmin Pikmin 2 Pokémon Colosseum Pool Paradise Resident Evil 4 Second Sight Skies of Arcadia Legends Soul Calibur II Super Mario Sunshine Super Monkey Ball Super Smash Bros. Melee Tales of Symphonia The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker TimeSplitters 2 Viewtiful Joe Viewtiful Joe 2
  4. *GAME Phasing Out Gamecube Stock!*

    A few weeks ago I went to my local Gamestation where a couple of friends work. I bought VJ2 and asked how much their Freeloaders were, and one said "£2.99". I asked why it was so cheap (usual price is about £12) and they said they were phasing GC out. So yeah, maybe it's a national thing...I just thought it might have my local store. Game, though, have had a tiny section near the back for ages. I can put the odds on Gamestation keeping the prices high still, the robbing buggers. £27 for a second-hand Batallion Wars!
  5. Pikmin or Pikmin 2?

    Both Pikmins have their merits. Pikmin 2 has a more meatier main mode and some cool additions like the Picklopedia and multiplayer. Pikmin is the one I always go back to though because I like the Challenge mode. The first is a bit more high score focused than the second and a time limit suits the game due to it's small size. I guess it was incentive for you to replay the game. So yeah, I'd say get both, if you can. As for the camera, it's pretty easy to get used to. Just remembering to press L to centre the camera and to use R to change the zoom is about all there is to it. Changing the Pikmin you want is simple in Pikmin 2; just grab hold of a Pikmin and scroll through the colours using left and right on the D-pad.
  6. Games/Developers you want on revo

    Clover Studios, Amusement Vision, Treasure and something from Zoonami, just to see what they can create...Whatever happened to Funkydilla?
  7. Revolution Stand Not Power Supply

    How can this be a "production error"? I mean, did they cough and then spell out the wrong words or something, or just lying...?
  8. lol?!?

    Reminds me of a programme on Channel 4 once about Bestiality where a man used to "love" a horse. His wife was jealous. ...
  9. What a load of shit. Pubs should just decide if they want to be smoking and non-smoking and that should be the end of it. Non-smokers can go to a place that is non-smoking, as can the non-smoking workers. What makes this even more bullshit is banning smoking in PRIVATE clubs. Are people not even allowed to decide foir themselves? What the fuck happened to choice?! As you can probably tell, I don't smoke. Hate the stuff.
  10. I've just completed RE4 and Tales of Symphonia. Nearly at the end of Paper Mario, too.
  11. Chibi Robo

    I'm probably gonna get this. The only review I've read was saying how boring it was, though. That review is here, if you're interested: Click
  12. Greatest instrument ever created

    The software synthesizer, like so:
  13. So when is the new NOM out?

    Hmm...I haven't bought an official Nintendo mag since just after they starting making them with a spine, however long ago that was. The new team sounds pretty good, so hopefully ONM'll be a lot better than the last one, and more importantly appeal to people older than the last 'un, as implied in the press release. I'll be checking it out on Thurs. :]
  14. I'll be disappointed if Nintendo don't include new games in the service. Live Arcade is easily the most appealing aspect of the 360 for me. I want to be playing games like Bejewelled, Wik & the Fable of Souls, Marble Blast Ultra, Mutant Storm, etc. on my Rev. If it doesn't happen, then I'll probably end up getting a 360 too.
  15. Killer 7

    This is the first game for the GC I've bought that I haven't bothered playing through 'till the end once I've started. And I bought P.N.03... I think it was the second level that I stopped on, the one where you start in the appartment? I like some of the ideas, and usually like new kinds of games, but this is just madness!