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  1. New Wii Firmware version available: V2.1E

    I can't confirm if my Freeloader worked before the update (there are a good few scratches on it but nothing that should stop it from being read) but i can say that it doesn't work now, guess i'll have to re-buy RE4 or get the cube out again!
  2. Wii Friend Codes Thread

    My number is 1077-4738-9573-1081 Console name N_Power
  3. European Wii Preorders

    lol and i can't even get one yet! seriously parcelforce are useless!
  4. European Wii Preorders

    I think everyone should think themselves lucky about 2 hours ago a parcelforce van pulled up at the top of my drive sat there for a couple of minutes the driver looked through his paperwork then drove off! now im a little bit worried that i might not get mine today and i can't get through to them on the phone.......useless! but on a happier note i went to my local woolworths and bought a virtual console controller, wii-play and a nunchuck and they had about 6 of everything even remotes the only thing they didn't have were the component cables grrr.
  5. European Wii Preorders

    parcelforce van has just pulled up.................................
  6. European Wii Preorders

    Can you let us know how long it takes to update please im worried about doing it straight away as i've seen some people complaining that its taken upto an hour! grr where's that parcelforce van?!
  7. European Wii Preorders

    ^ me too i need thoses cables my gamecube is virtually unplayable on my LCD telly with composite cables.
  8. European Wii Preorders

    Is anyone watching ebay ? its tempting to put my one and only pre-order up on it they're going for £300 and above, but then i would have to wait to get one..................... no just can't do however tempting that money sounds! by the way people who have got their pre-orders from game.co.uk and are being shipped by parcelforce do your tracking numbers work ?!
  9. European Wii Preorders

    Well Woolworths have let me down with my Wii, but luckily Game came through and have handed over my Wii and TP to Parcelforce so im keeping everything crossed for it coming a day early but i suspect it will arrive on friday.
  10. European Wii Preorders

    My order with Game.co.uk has gone from pending this morning to despatched wohoo bring on Wiiday!
  11. European Event- General Chat

    £180 ouch!
  12. European Event- General Chat

    we need some news!
  13. 3D Modelling Thread

    This is a good thread lets try to keep it going! There's some great work. Here's a couple of examples of things im working on at the moment.
  14. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    ^i like it very 'arty'
  15. [Video Game] Wallpapers here! (56k)

    Some really nice work here i especially like your work Maiky really cool stuff:bowdown: