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  1. N-europe's Got Talent!

    cheers Diago and thanks retro for making it work ( how did you get the link to work, these tags always confuse me ). I've only been doing magic for two months so I'm very rusty. Spot the deliberate mistakes :P
  2. N-europe's Got Talent!

    I want to post a video of me doing some magic from youtube but for some reason all I get is a empty white box :-S HELP!!!
  3. Live and Please Die

    It's what we all do! I know I can't sing and that's the whole point, it's just a laugh. I doubt most people will actually get it lol
  4. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Ahh that's cool then, effectively doubles the game...kinda . Every time I get a star I feel bad I'm 1/120th nearer to finishing the game ):
  5. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    I'm loving this so far. So these green stars? Does that mean there are 120 "power stars" and 120 green stars? Or just one green star for each galaxy?
  6. Live and Please Die

    Just for laughs..this is what happens when I'm bored
  7. I wouldn't want to experience what women have to go through. Periods, birth, menstrual cycles, sexism.............chores
  8. Red Dead Redemption

    I had a little play on this earlier and loved the atmosphere of it , I'm just being broken into the game now, shooting rabbits and stuff . I'm finding the horse riding difficult atm. Had to laugh when I was meant to be riding in situ with this man but I sped off in the distance by mistake leaving him shouting after me LOLZ
  9. Lost: The Final Season

    I don' understand this Walt frustration and fascination. He was a crappy character in my opinion and I don't care much for his story one bit lol
  10. Loans!

    No I am UK based, I just like American words haha
  11. Loans!

    How many of you have taken out a loan and for what purpose? I really want to buy a car and do this BUNCAC paid work in New Zealand scheme but it costs several grand for both and it would take me months to save up so I was thinking of taking out a loan for about £7,500 . However, as soon as I mention the purpose of the loan they refuse the lending. Does anyone have any ideas on what companies are more understanding. I'm certain I'll be able to pay off the £150 a month . If I say I'm getting the loan for a car and actually spend it on this trip it would count as felony surely!? It's not like it's just a jolly abroad. I'm actually going to get paid work out there and it's only for a couple of months and when I get back home I will buy this car. I have a good credit rating, ( only have one credit card nearly paid off, no store cards) and I'm really rather sensible with money. So any advice please from you financial types out there...? Should I just give up on my plans? I know I could just save up money but I want to do these things as soon as possible! Also what are your experiences with loan companies?
  12. Monster Hunter Tri

    It's certainly a thing of beauty :-) I didn't realise I get TWO figurines to be honest so was pleasantly surprised. The classic controller is very ooomph too
  13. Monster Hunter Tri

    It's arrived ! annnnd.... I'm surprised how much stuff you get in the limited edition box ... two games manuals..one being French :-S I haven't played it yet but can't wait until I do!
  14. Lost: The Final Season

    Enjoyed the last episode they're all getting bumped off aren't they. IGN have done an interesting LOST finale prediction ...Personally I haven't got the foggiest how it's all going to resolve :-S but that's why I love LOST lol
  15. Doctor Who

    Yeh I was kinda undermined by that episode . The best bit was when they were trying to make the android think he was human to deactivate the bomb. The smartie daleks were rather cool but I agree they are overdone now. On to next weeks episode