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  1. *gets Apple branded broom out* Shoo Jordan! Your PC gobbledygook is no good here! A separate monitor from the rest of the PC? Me no compute!
  2. Check out EyeTV. http://www.elgato.com I have an EyeTV Hybrid, which is fine for HDTV, but not so good for playing video games as it suffers from latency issues. Because of its compact size it has a slight lag which you don't notice when watching TV but is quite a pain when playing a game that requires split second response times. Have a look at the EyeTV 250. From what I've heard it doesn't suffer from the lag that the Hybrid does. I'm not 100%, but check around and read some reviews and comments on the product and you should get some good info.
  3. These are better than the Harman Kardon Soundsticks II. Logitech Z-2300 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-2300-Multimedia-Speaker-System/dp/B0006FFO9G/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/026-8070290-5784462?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1193020584&sr=8-1 They don't look as cool, but they are bigger and louder and clearer than the Soundsticks. Wee bit cheaper too.
  4. I've never been able to get used to in-ear headphones. Have you considered compact regular headphones? I find most types have better sound quality at lower prices than the higher quality in-ear headphones. I use foldable Sony Street Style MDRG74SL headphones (http://www.sony.com.au/pe/catalog/product.jsp?categoryId=22381). Good bass, and overall really nice sound. Sturdy, and they fold up for easy transport. Plus they don't hurt my ears like in-ear types tend to do after about half an hour or so.
  5. Main thing is that Alonso is further from winning another championship, the slimy spanish ass-wad. Can't stand him, especially after all the dodgy dealings with the Spygate scandal. Hamilton FTW. Although I personally prefer Massa. Top bloke.
  6. Yes. It's all on Wikipedia. If you anyone can't get their head around it then, well, they probably never will!
  7. Wikipedia says: "In computing, firmware is a computer program that is embedded in a hardware device, for example a microcontroller. It can also be provided on flash ROMs or as a binary image file that can be uploaded onto existing hardware by a user. As its name suggests, firmware is somewhere between hardware and software. Like software, it is a computer program which is executed by a computer. But it is also an intimate and vital part of a piece of hardware, and has little meaning outside of that particular hardware." Simple!
  8. Maybe you haven't had a proper full on orgasm yet? Fuck, I know a few girls who thought they'd been having them for years until it actually fully happened and then they couldn't get enough.
  9. Not sure about that! We like high res images, but not if we have to scroll for seven minutes to get to the other side of the screen. Anyways, here's my set up. Nothing major but it's got what I need. Had a more spacious set up before I moved out of home but where I am now doesn't accomodate a shelf full of spray cans and scrap paper (situated in the living room). Sorry about the crappy pic (camera phone).
  10. I was looking at the Harmon Kardon set up until I came across this... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-2300-Multimedia-Speaker-System/dp/B0006FFO9G/ref=pd_sbs_ce_2/202-3363513-2579801?ie=UTF8&qid=1182322545&sr=1-2 I've had these hooked up to my iMac for about a year. Absolutely beautiful. They can pack a punch (although thanks to moving into a puny apartment I can't crank them up like I used to) and are THX certified. There's alot of reviews out there that really praise them - there's something to do with the speaker shape gives them really good clarity, plus the sub provides ample floor shaking bass. Having heard the Harman Kardon ones, I can say that the Logitech 2300's are far better (performance and price).
  11. Yeah, true. You'll find that most MP3 manufacturers tend to avoid the ability to expand the memory yourself. It's not a good business decision. It takes the ability to improve the line of their products out of their own hands somewhat, as they can't control the release of bigger capacity cards which might make newer releases of thier players slightly less important (and would effect the value of thier product line too). So it might seem like a gip, but it's about business I guess. Plus having a SD card slot would go against the design of the iPod, where everything it kept as simple and enclosed as possible.
  12. Most people don't spend the whole time staring at the keyboard. Hundreds of thousands of people have learnt keyboard shortcuts without shelling out 800 quid for what is a essentially a very nice bit of kit to show off, but pretty rubbish when it comes to usefulness.
  13. If you look at it this way, the price cut made when they scrapped including chargers, docks, software etc allows you to buy a charger with your saved cash and still come out better off in the end. Jeebus. If you can fork out enough for an iPod, buying a charger is no massive dent in your bank account. Whingers!
  14. Caris, a quick note.... Quark Xpress isn't the industry standard anymore. It's been slowly dying the past 5 years, and working in the design industry I can safely assure you its on its way out. After totally shafting OSX users early on and failing to keep up with InDesign's innovations most studios have made the switch to InDesign.
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