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    It's underpowered for new stuff like Baldur's Gate and Starfield but still a very capable little machine. I've seen people play the Spider-Man games on it no problem for example. Emulation works brilliantly on it, I'd say up to PS2/Gamecube for almost flawless, Wii U level can work fine and some people have gotten Switch running ok. If you search for guides on installing EmuDeck on the Steam Deck that will explain how to get it all done. EmuDeck is excellent as it just manages everything for you, downloads all the emulators you need, installs them and configures their settings to work best on the Deck. No need to switch OS, all you'd have to do to start would be to download it on the Deck's Desktop mode which is an option when you power the device off.
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    Not got a whole lot to add to this thread unfortunately - the result of having children. I basically gave up on playing Pokémon Arceus - it was just too boring. The plot and dialogue was painful, and even finding and collecting all the Pokémon became too much of a chore. I think it needed more variation, or maybe i just wasn't in the mood for it. Similarly I stopped playing Jedi: Fallen Order as I just got bored. I can't even pinpoint what it was I didn't like about that one, I just had to keep forcing myself to play it, and when I get barely any time to play games, it just felt stupid to be playing a game I wasn't enjoying. Instead, I wanted to start a game I got for Christmas that i've always wanted to play - Mass Effect. I've heard great things about this game, and I was really excited to get stuck in! I've managed to put in a few hours of playing now, and i've finished the initial Citadel levels. It's pretty good - i'm enjoying the writing and plot (possibly just because of how much better it is compared to Pokemon) - it feels like watching/reading a good sci-fi, with all the different alien races and their interactions. The amount of additional lore they've added to the game is seriously impressive, and a bit overwhelming tbh. When you only have 30 minutes to play in an evening, you don't want to get side-tracked reading about a treaty between two alien races that happened 2000 years before the game is set! The actual gameplay is a bit basic, but not terrible. I've set the difficulty to easy, because i'm not that interested in the gun-fights that much - I just want to find out how the story plays out! The thing i'm worried about it forgetting what happened at the beginning before i've reached the end - I might have to find myself a good precis of the plot that I can keep swotting up on as I go.
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    Online play will be shutting down in April next year
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    Yep, liked the finale as well. Kind of a weak first 3 episodes but after that I really enjoyed it. [Ahsoka talk]