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    More fuel to the fire, definitely seems like the next Switch will be coming at some point next year. The reaction in the comments in the articles and on Resetera is frankly ridiculous though, people taking it as gospel that there won't be any backwards compatibility and losing their rag about the possibility of it only launching with an LED screen. Besides some pretty solid rumours about the chip Nintendo will be using (Nvidia Tegra T239) we know literally nothing else about the hardware or Nintendo's plans to support original Switch software, the way people jump the gun is just moronic. Personally, given Nintendo's track record in previous generations (particularly the DS and Wii) I would be very surprised if they didn't support Switch software, I think the only doubt is whether patches to take advantage of the more powerful hardware are free or not. I think at the bare minimum original Switch software will run in compatibility mode (ala non-patched PS4 games on PS4 Pro & PS5) where they run as they do on standard Switch hardware.
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    I look forward to seeing this kind of thing again
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