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    Thanks for the games. Only two X2 matches, I believe? But those matches were Snake and Palutena, so that was cool. Great to have four players for at least half of the stream, it was nice to play Smash with you again @RedShell even for an hour. The good matches continued just with the three of us though, @Ike showing us how it's done with various Fire Emblem characters and Hero, of course. We all had some decent wins, and some stylish stage exits... intentional or otherwise. @Glen-i and @Dcubed you'll probably want to check out the highlights of the stream if you get a chance, as there were some great moments. Also... I may have 'forgotten' to take out Palutena's Temple on Stock ruleset, and it came up in the selection towards the end... at least it shows why we don't play it online, but it was still fun, and I regret nothing! All of the other match options seemed to be correct. Here's a link to this week's stream... - - - - - N-Europe Saturday Smash! (29/07/2023) - - - - -
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    Oh... Oh, you don't know? Oh no... Anyway, yeah, it's Advent Children's version of One Winged Angel that is stupidly long. I kinda like long songs though, playing casually, at least. Chasing a Perfect Chain, though? Totally different matter and I agree with you on that part. "Band: Rise" from the DX list is probably the hardest long song to perfect though. That one took me a few attempts. I'm almost done clearing everything on Ultimate difficulty. About 80 songs left.
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    Boombastic bump 2, electric bumpaloo Now waiting for that initial swelling to go down
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    Started off terribly for me. Last places. Glad no one saw it. LOL Great finish there @S.C.G I think those coins I picked up, was enough for me to stay ahead.
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    Self-inflicted suddenly, banana:
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    Apologies if I’ve missed it here or in another thread… so with the tracks on the final two cups to be revealed I wonder what tracks we’ll get. I expect there’ll be more predictions closer to the time, but for now here are mine: Airship Fortress (DS) Bowser’s Castle (N64) Delfino Square (DS) Dino Dino Jungle (GCN) DKs Jungle Parkway (N64) Rainbow Road (Wii) Koopa Beach (N64) Plus one more new course, that’s not a Tour one. I’ve lost track a little on which courses are remaining mind! 😁