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    Sonic Superstars all Emerald Powers revealed Now up on the main page. Links back to the original Game Informer exclusive article and Nintendo Everything for the information. - - - - -
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    The customers don't benefit, and that's what this should be about. Giant industry mergers are always bad for the consumer.
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    Yeah, TMOSTH is great! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. It's great when the punchline to a joke is that the joke game is actually good!
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    The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog Original Platform: PC Original release: 1st April 2023 Available to buy: Yes Announced as an April Fool’s Joke, this is an actual game…and surprisingly very entertaining. You play as an assistant on a train hosting a murder mystery party for Amy’s birthday, Sonic gets murdered and you have to help Tails figure it out. Except that Sonic seems seriously injured and everyone just think he’s acting really well. The game is a visual novel where you will click on items to collect evidence and then present them to work out smaller mysteries before working up to the main mystery (this has some interesting twists). After you present evidence you have to complete your train of thought by thinking of what Sonic would do – which involves an auto runner minigame where you collect rings. It’s simple, but a lot of fun (there are also lots of options to make it easier if you need it. While it’s short, its a lot of fun and completely free!