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    Nintendo eShop new releases (week 29) The twenty-ninth week of releases. A selection of new titles are now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Check the article for the full roundup. - - - - - Thanks to @Josh64 for the recently posted articles, which include... Umbraclaw a brand new side-scrolling adventure from Inti Creates announced for Switch Stardew Valley 1.6 Update Teased Pikmin 4 Developer Interview Reveals Early Concept Art, N64 Version and More Pikmin 4 Developer Interview Part 2 Pikmin 4 Developer Interview Part 3 It was set to be a very quiet week for news, then those excellent Pikmin 4 Developer Interviews came out, and Josh put together some really decent articles from them which are very much worth reading, as he has been a long time fan of the series, so his enthusiasm for the series shines through in these pieces, in addition to highlighting the more interesting parts of each interview.
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    Man I've missed that. OK, so yeah I agree with what's been said here. Whilst that was hilarious and had us in stitches, a full night of that can't be done each and every week. I loved throwing everyone into the barrels with Isabelle and winning by over 10 points but I also understand that that should be a very limited thing. I enjoy the custom stages and the fun they bring, but I also enjoy a good old fashioned Smash fight on a regular stage to see who's the best. (or who just doesn't mess up the most). I'd be OK with whatever is decided, be it half an hour before for custom, only selecting custom stages which are not like the barrel stage, there are some good regular custom stages in the mix. Maybe the last half hour for custom stages. Maybe if we are having 5/6 of us playing, the custom stage could be picked when @Ike is the one spectating? Moment of the night was Sudden Death on the tennis stage. Perfect.
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    Thanks for the games. There were a decent amount of X2 matches, but with the randomness of the custom stages, character selection didn't matter much... until it did. It was fun to play some custom stages, especially the ones with a theme and one main gimmick, but I can also understand why some of the custom stages could be summed up as... "OK, that's cool for what it is, but it's not really Smash as such" even though, Smash multiplayer is about the laughs and the unpredictability of it all... when you're not really fighting, so much as just trying to knock each other into an obvious and almost unavoidable hazard repeatedly, it's a different kind of game. But... I still maintain that seeing Ridley climb up a tall ladder and slide down it, is one of the most oddly enjoyable things in the game. I do enjoy some of the more 'standard' custom stages though, and it's great to have @RedShell back playing Smash again, and assuming that there will be more custom stages in the future, especially to go alongside certain games coming out, I'd love to see any new stages that you come up with, at least once or twice, as the amount of detail which goes into them is astounding. Playing on the base stages is still fundamental to a decent Smash session though, so maybe there could be a chance for any new stages which anyone has created to be showcased at the start for a few matches... say ten minutes or so, unless it's a theme night which might require custom stages of course, then the rest of the session can be base stages. We seem to have a good thing going with N-E Saturday Smash sessions, so it'd be cool if we can carry on and find a way so that we can all still play and enjoy the game without unintentionally alienating anyone, as though I did enjoy the range of custom stages as a one-off, I can understand why @Ike didn't find the custom stages enjoyable. I reckon there is potential to include some custom stages though, so long as they aren't too gimmicky, heck... maybe we should all make a stage one week, if we can find the time... but generally, I'm happy to mostly play standard stages, while appreciating the artistic merit and creativiity of custom stages once in a while. With all of that said, I am glad that I was able to share all of the custom stages in the stream. Here's a link to this week's stream... - - - - - N-Europe Saturday Smash! (22/07/2023) - - - - -
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    I'm not particularly fussed either way, but if @Ike still wants to hang around for the full 2 hours, then I would rather he did, and keep it normal stages only.
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    Yeah, had a feeling that wouldn't be your cup of tea. But I thought up a way for everyone to be happy. Because gaining one regular only to lose one because it's not fun for them would suuuuuck. So here's what I'm thinking @RedShell, I open up the arena half an hour earlier for Custom Stage Shenanigans, once 7:55 rolls around, then I restart the arena with the more normal setup I use. That way, @Ike can just wait until 8 to join and still have a similar experience to what he likes. But us chaotic lot get our fix of silly, unbalanced mayhem! That cool for both of you?
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    Yeah, sorry @Ike. This has turned into a custom stage fest. It’s really weird seeing the original versions of some of my older stages. Complete with bugs. *EDIT* Cheers for the games everyone!