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    Time format tonight at 8pm. I expect @RedShell to be up for it tonight. This will be the first time he'll be playing since "Sora Night" back in October 2021. I assume he'd like to bring some of his expertly crafted custom stages with him, so I'm tweaking the usual standard setup. Custom Stages will be allowed. Previously, I just set the stage selection to Random, and left it to the game. The only stage I removed from the selection process was Palutena's Temple, because it's way too massive. I'll be adding "Custom Stages" to the "Banned from Random Selection" because there's no way I can guarantee that the random Custom Stage won't get broken by whatever format we might be doing. Now, it'd be pointless to allow Custom Stages, only to not allow random to choose it, so stage selection will be set to "Choice". As a reminder, this works similar to how picking characters in Arenas works, so you can just leave it on random, if you're not fussed. If you do decide to pick a stage, avoid sticking with one choice for too long. There's 114 stages, plenty of variety there. I don't know if this got patched out, but there's a weird quirk with how stage selection functions in Arena. If someone picked a stage, the people who picked random would have no effect on the actual stage picked. If this is still the case, I'll leave it to @RedShell's judgment for when to choose custom stages, and when to revert back to the standard fare. This is also why I suggest that people don't stick too long with one stage. Finally, there'll be times where we'll have 6 regular participants, so I'll take the time to remind you that in this scenario, the bottom 2 people will be swapped out of the next match, so if people hop out of the arena to change character/stage, try to remember if you have to step out of the arena to let them back in when applicable. Anyway, thanks for cooperating.
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    The bugs are features in this case I missed those crazy stages. Was mad fun!
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    Yeah, sorry @Ike. This has turned into a custom stage fest. It’s really weird seeing the original versions of some of my older stages. Complete with bugs. *EDIT* Cheers for the games everyone!
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    Ah, The return of @RedShells stages. Some fun, some wield but 99% plain stupid. And we love them. Death balls that trap you, a square box you can’t get out of and everyone is at 900% damage, can’t wait.
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    There are also adapters now available that let you use them wirelessly on original N64 consoles too. I've got 4 of these hooked up. They're tits!
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    If you think you’ll play a lot of the N64 games, I highly recommended getting one of the new N64 controllers for Switch. They make the games so much easier to play. And the rumble on them is amazing.
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    Yup, and I finally picked up the Expansion Pack sub as a result. Got a lot of content to catch up on now, with the MK8DX and Animal Crossing DLC, plus all of the additional retro console stuff. Currently trying to focus on Banjo-Kazooie, which I've somehow never played through fully before! It can be tricky to readapt to old school games like this sometimes though (especially with how weird it is playing N64 with a modern controller layout ) but I'm making an effort to stick with it.
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    Yeah, had a feeling that wouldn't be your cup of tea. But I thought up a way for everyone to be happy. Because gaining one regular only to lose one because it's not fun for them would suuuuuck. So here's what I'm thinking @RedShell, I open up the arena half an hour earlier for Custom Stage Shenanigans, once 7:55 rolls around, then I restart the arena with the more normal setup I use. That way, @Ike can just wait until 8 to join and still have a similar experience to what he likes. But us chaotic lot get our fix of silly, unbalanced mayhem! That cool for both of you?
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    Apologies if I’ve missed it here or in another thread… so with the tracks on the final two cups to be revealed I wonder what tracks we’ll get. I expect there’ll be more predictions closer to the time, but for now here are mine: Airship Fortress (DS) Bowser’s Castle (N64) Delfino Square (DS) Dino Dino Jungle (GCN) DKs Jungle Parkway (N64) Rainbow Road (Wii) Koopa Beach (N64) Plus one more new course, that’s not a Tour one. I’ve lost track a little on which courses are remaining mind! 😁
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    Yeah, the Dragon's Trap remake complicates things a little. Because it really is the best version of that game. If that didn't exist, the anniversary collection would be the obvious choice. Another thing to consider is that the in-game gallery is quite in-depth, with concept art, box art, and instruction manuals. Getting the one that has less versions will mean that you get a lesser gallery as well. If that kind of historic thing is your kind of thing, then it's something to keep in mind.
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    Wow, didn’t realise it’s been that long! Looking forward to joining you guys for this again. I’ll have to remember to connect my Switch via ethernet cable, hopefully I can find the adapter that I’ve not seen/used since October 2021!
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    Oh snap, that's this year!? Add that to my list. Chained Echoes is on my wishlist I mentioned. Consider taking the plunge on Wonder Boy Collection at 30% off. That developer isn't known for deep discounts, so you might be waiting a while otherwise. (Make sure you get the pricier 6-game, 21 version one, it's Wonder Boy, so even the collection is bloody confusing!)
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    Part 3 is up on the site, another condensed version of the interview! https://www.n-europe.com/news/pikmin-4-developer-interview-part-3/
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    Psst... No-one will behoove you if you decide to join @BowserBasherand I for the occasional game of Mario Party 2. Thankfully, that one works just fine with a Pro Controller.