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    Part 3 is up on the site, another condensed version of the interview! https://www.n-europe.com/news/pikmin-4-developer-interview-part-3/
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    We're now over half way through the year and have a pretty good sense of what will be out, although we'll likely get a few more surprises, so what do you plan to pick up? Feel free to include recently released stuff that you've not yet got. I will probably get Pikmin 4 at some point. The excessive hand holding in the demo did annoy me, but the core loop is good and I would assume the non-stop dialogue would eventually die out. Will probably get Super Mario RPG too (but maybe ask for it for Christmas) because I have dabbled in the original years ago through means but I'd like to play it properly, I think in part because it was denied to us for so long. And in terms of stuff already out*, Ghost Trick, Advance Wars and play through the Mario and Rabbids DLC. When exactly I'm not sure as I don't game much now but by the by. *Yes technically Pikmin 4 is "already out" as of today
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    Dragon Quest Monsters, without a doubt - cannot wait for that one. Almost certainly Sea of Stars (the demo was good). And I hope MythForce turns out to be as good as it looks, because the art style is perfection. I'm also on the lookout to pick up Chained Echoes, Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection and possibly Double Dragon: Rise of the Dragons.
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    Pikmin 4 arrived today but I'm busy with Metroid Prime Remastered so I'm not sure when I'll get to it 😅 Tears of the Kingdom can continue to rot on my shelf along with Advance Wars until I'm feeling the desire to return to the relative tedium 😐 For the rear of the year, I have the following games on my radar: Ghost Trick Pikmin Pikmin 2 Super Mario Bros. Wonder Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Wario Ware: Move it! I may also pick up EA FC 24 if the improvements over FIFA 19-23 are substantial enough give the move to Frostbite and, though I'm not really in need of adding any more RPGs to my life ever again, Super Mario RPG might sneak into my collection. EDIT I'm gonna let the spelling error slide..
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    As far as games I plan on getting on release, there are currently 3. Vampire Survivors is a game I've been dying to see a Switch port of ever since I first played it, so I'm all in on that next month. Maybe this version will finally be the moment when we find an actual vampire? Not ghosts, though. There's never been ghosts in this game. Ghosts don't exist. The thread title refers to "Planned Purchases", but well, the other two are games I've already paid for, courtesy of that 2 game voucher scheme NSO offers. I used both of them on Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Super Mario RPG. 2D Mario hasn't steered me wrong yet. They're good at worst, and I doubt that kind of Mario is going to suddenly be open-world and boring, so safe bet there. And Mario RPG is, well, Mario RPG. Love that game. Very intrigued to see how they handle certain aspects of it. And maybe Mallow and Geno will be useful and not just benched as soon as you get Bowser and Peach? The rest are various games that have been added to my "I'll wait for a decent sale, because I have a backlog, and don't need to play these immediately" wishlist. Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection is 30% off, so I snapped that up, which means I now have every Wonder Boy game on my Switch.
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    Part 3 is out now... https://www.nintendo.co.uk/News/2023/July/Ask-the-Developer-Vol-10-Pikmin-4-Chapter-3-2417256.html Nothing too revelatory this time around, this talks more about visual and sound design.