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    Looks interesting, hopefully coop doesn't make the levels too empty when playing alone. It's a bit random how a new Sonic and Star Trek gane were both announced on the same day.
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    Well that was certainly a turn up for the books. Not in a long time have we had such an abysmal night of positions. The following is one of my great final laps ever. And yet again, myself and @Glen-i having a great finish to a race.
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    Also, they fly now.
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    I've never been a huge fan of the franchise anyway (seen all the numbered films and whichever one it was with Riz Ahmed but only once each) so I was never going to be the audience for the shows anyway but the discussion above does resonate. Much like they did with Marvel, Disney seems intent on milking the franchise until the point where keeping on top of it becomes exhausting. I personally can't be bothered but I'm curious how many people will have given up and just focusing on specific shows rather than trying to watch everything.
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    A reminder to you lot that there's a theme night tonight, refer to 2 posts ago to see.
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    Got my usual reward for my hard work this past month. Another security incident raised against me, one i can't appeal or do anything about as it's locked down. Cheers for that. Nice to know I'm appreciated. Shame similar isn't done to my so called colleagues, who will literally act like petulant children when asked to do anything outside of "browse the internet"