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    Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble and Blaster Master: Enemy Below have both been added to the GB NSO Library:
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    I don't think there's anyone out there that truly enjoys their job. If anyone says they do - I don't trust them.
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    Job satisfaction and job security... There's anxiety one way or the other, I'd take security on account of the mortgage, but be on the look-out for something I enjoy.
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    Louie is an actual monster and if he's one of the lost explorers again I will leave him for dead. The character customisation looks super cute and I can't wait!
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    Oh, that's great news! I've never played Tilt N Tumble, despite @Dcubed having access to it. Perfect opportunity, and a good sign for WarioWare Twisted.
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    Not sure how Olimar is so beloved in the game universe given he's constantly crashing his ship. You'd think he'd be reprimanded by this point.
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    I've been thinking a lot about work recently. Came back from travelling a few weeks ago and kind of landed with some PT stuff (my old PT gave up and is doing a desk job but wanted to keep the business going) which was supposed to start this week but I'm ill at the moment and struggling to get people in for free sessions, yet alone paying. Part of me is worried I just said yes because it seems "sensible" to do something, which is a work pattern I repeat quite often. Intend to do it along web development stuff alongside it but it is very much "to pay the bills" and not even sure if it'll do that at the moment. I am trying to resist going back to my old line of work which paid stupid well but I found it soul sucking. As Sheikah said, working for others can be a drag so I'm looking to move into something more self-orientated. I don't necessarily mind working for/with others, as long as I have some autonomy. At some point last year there was a plan for some of us to open a gym but then the Tories tanked the economy (again), but that would have given seen me work for others, but with control over my specific area. A few weekends ago I was in London and catching up with some friends who work in creative industries and it reminded me how much I want to create. I went into my last line of work after finishing a creative degree because I needed to pay the bills and I just kind of stuck with it because I had to be self-sufficient. No slight on those I studied with (who have gone on to do very well) but those that started at the bottom did so because they had the financial support/backing of a partner or family and I didn't so I ended up in office work. So I'm trying to think of ways to make money from creative endeavours but I think I've come to accept I'll never have one of those mortgage things so maybe I can fuck around a bit more. Pursue something less "stable" for a while to see how that goes.
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    This. As long as you answer to someone, it'll always be shitty, to a degree.
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    Kirby’s Tilt N’ Tumble is a big deal. First ever European release and first re-release, period. Great to see. Also means that we should eventually get the almighty Wario Ware Twisted eventually on GBA NSO
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    New Nintendo titles added to Nintendo Switch Online June 2023 Now up on the main page. - - - - - This marks the first worldwide release for Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble as it was never released in European gaming territories before. The tilt mechanism, was contained in a bespoke GBC cart, but now the same gameplay can be replicated on the Switch easily. For many, this will be the first time that they've had a chance to play this relatively obscure Kirby title.
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    Harvest Moon and Mystery Tower have been added to SNES and NES Online, respectively!
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    Every day you become more and more like Frasier