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    This is spin doctor for "didn't want to put it up against Kirby and the Forgotten Land." Oh, not you and the great fairies too... Sounds like, on the whole, you're having a decent enough time with it. Promising.
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    Fantastic news! Coming out June 1st 2023! Just TGM 3 left to go after this one!
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    Just sat and watched the stream, thanks @S.C.G. some great matches in there and some very funny moments. I'll see you all on the battlefield this coming weekend.
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    What an absolute bastard
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    I need to get to bed early today, because I actually have an early volunteering shift tomorrow! So I'm keeping this shorter than I'd otherwise have. Who's doing any volunteering? Regularly or occasionally? And what do you do? My first volunteer job (I believe) was at a local cinema (LantarenVenster in Rotterdam, if you ever visit). I've done that for many years, but it's also been a few years now since I quit. I quite miss it actually. Our job was to welcome visitors and check their tickets. It was a cool hangout. While at some point I didn't need the perk of watching films for free, as I got a cinema subscription (which got me access to other cinemas as well), it was cool to be able to go to jazz and other music concerts, as long as they weren't sold out. I saw Gregory Porter that way I believe, though occasionally I did just buy a ticket for popular concerts. I haven't had a regular volunteer job since, although I've worked at plenty of local festivals, usually music festivals, and those are lots of fun. Well usually, depends a bit on the job too. One particular festival I've had to count incoming visitors a few times.. That's boring. But I've also been a stagehand at that same festival, and that's great. Next 2 weekends I'll be working at a animation festival, which is going to be much fun. I usually just stick to local festivals because of the travel expenses, but last year I decided to make an exception for this festival, and it was a lot of fun, so this year I'm back. For next weekend I've actually arranged to spend the night there. Next weekend is in Utrecht, a very fun city (probably my favourite city next to Rotterdam actually), and the weekend after will be in Amsterdam. They have a games department where I'll also be working.. it'll be the first time I'll touch a Switch in months haha. In April I'll have another local music/art festival lined up. But I'm looking at doing some regular volunteer jobs again. I'm considering a local youth theatre, a pop podium, and some others. Currently I'm also signed up for Red Cross, however I still need to get my first aid certificate, so I'm not actively working for Red Cross right now. When I do, I'll be at festivals and other events, providing first aid when needed. There's a particular reason I've started this thread today.. and that's The Olympics. Even the Olympics have volunteers apparently, and you can apply for the 2024 Olympics in Paris since yesterday. I mean, there's a bit of an entry barrier.. it's essentially a working vacation where you don't get paid. But it looks like a fun and unique experience I don't want to miss, and something that'll be interesting on your resumé, so I've applied just now. If you're also interested, you can apply here: https://www.paris2024.org/en/volunteers/
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    Available digitally in the UK now. The Google version isn’t 4k like on Prime or iTunes, yet it’s the same price.
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    After one dungeon and some continued fapping about, if the series wants to follow this formula - this is the game Breath of The Wild ought to have been. There's actually stuff to do in many a place, with much less running across boring expanses. Some of the shrines seem more basic than others (teach me the ways of the bow several hours in, please), but on the whole is more variety than before, even if it's mainly fetch quests. I've got 2 full circles of stamina which is helping nicely. Good game? yes. Great game? I guess. Worthy of all perfect scores and enough ejaculation to fill every Olympic swimming pool on Earth? No way. But certainly an improvement. It's curious as to where the series will go now, it shouldn't be set in Hyrule next time unless there's some giant continental shift which makes the landscape totally different, and something more substantial than many lil puzzle boxes sacrificing the number of temples/dungeons etc. Also new mechanics, as opposed to just renaming magnesis and giving it some tweaks. Termina could be a good frame to work from (but more than 4 dungeons before y'all start) [I do wish the clothing mechanic would fuck off though, sure you can alter the appearance, but maybe some sort of badge/enhancement system as you explore to allow for extra abilities as opposed to having to pause and switch to your cold/heat resisting trousers, or Zora armour if you get anywhere near water... I don't have enough shit to upgrade them all]
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    Saw this yesterday. Very far-fetched, very dumb, very action-packed...and I bloody loved it! It's typical Fast and Furious doing what it does best and it's very aware. One of the better sequels purely because it's fun.
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    Thanks for the games. Some great matches all round, a few X2 same character matches, and more than a few 'Toon LInk' moments... including one actually featuring Toon LInk. My personal highlight has to be the Wario Sudden Death Bike K-O against Dark Samus at the 01:22:50 mark. Here's a link to this week's stream... - - - - - N-Europe Saturday Smash! (20/05/2023) - - - - -
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    Yeah, he asked me to hold off on the theme night until next week, so I'm gonna jump to Time Format tonight. 8pm.
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    I have friends that volunteered at the 2012 Olympics and they loved it. Good for you @Sméagol, how did it go? I hope you get it! I’m the Head Coach of a Trampoline Club and we’re run completely by volunteers. I absolutely love it & it’s such a buzz seeing someone’s delight at successfully pulling off a skill they’ve been working hard towards & knowing you’ve contributed to that feeling of excitement. I’m actually pretty highly qualified and could charge a decent rate. I’ve been asked before why we do it voluntarily and myself and others do it as we love it, plus we can make it much more affordable (we are one of the cheapest sports clubs in the area) and so more people can do it. We have a British Champion, and myself and the other volunteers get just as much of a thrill whether someone’s completing a routine at a National competition, or whether it’s someone landing their first ever somersault. I’m a huge fan of doing sports and the benefits of it. I know it’s not the same type of voluntary work as helping those in need, so I’m not going to pretend that it affects society in the same way. I love doing it though, and was humbled to be shortlisted for the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ at a regional Sports Awards evening a few years ago.
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    It's been over 20 years since I joined the site and was just thought I'd check the site and forum. Reading this brought back some memories and I still had files like a Goldie Looking Chain cover we did on here, which is weirder as I now work with someone from GLC.
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    I assumed so if Grandpa Smeagol mentioned it.
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    Logan's Run? What's that? Is that like the Hunger Games?