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    Kirby and the Forgotten Land It's Kirby's first full 3D adventure! You'd think that would be enough of a selling point, but nah. This game also features Mouthful Mode, a slightly disturbing ability Kirby gets where he can wrap his body around inanimate objects and gain new abilities depending on what he tries to swallow. This is the game with "Carby", and that's all you need to know. Unlike Star Allies, this Kirby game is much more recent, so the rest of this post will be behind a spoiler tag.
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    He's in our hearts, but no idea what happened to him
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    Haven't seen Coolness on here in years, not sure what happened to him. Anyone else have him on social media or anything?
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    Hi ReZ, been a while since the days of annual meets!
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    I came here looking for something but stumbled upon this. NE was a massive part of my life. The person I see most regularly is Goafer as we're in a virtual D&D podcast together and regularly meet up for D&D too. I was actually brought here because I saw a Google Advert and wondered if Coolness Bears was in it....
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    I was going to before, but now that I've got a MiSTer and an Analogue Pocket? There isn't much point in getting one for me anymore. I'm sure it'll be a decent piece of kit though. Analogue products always end up being quality... when they eventually get shipped a few years down the line.
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    Analogue Duo is available for pre-order now... @Dcubed I'm guessing you're still intending to pre-order? It seems to work out at around £270 after shipping etc... which is still a lot cheaper than buying an original PC Engine, plus CD unit etc, plus it's a moden FPGA system, which should last a very long time, and supports all accessories, original or modern.
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    Activate fusion then press up on the d-pad then use X to drop the material. It's a little faster, I guess.
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    The first part of the free DLC promised on the Kickstarter is available now. A 2D analogue run 'n gun, eh? Interesting. Might give it a go if @Dcubed did buy the remaster. The second part is available May 26th.
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    How much time you willing to invest? If enough, watch 'em all. Except Dragonball GT, which many people disliked and wasn't canon in following the manga, (I didn't think it was that bad to be honest), but Dragonball Super officially took over as the continuation of the series. Think like what Disney did to Star Wars by releasing their dogshit movies, except people were happier about GT being scrubbed.