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    Some absolutely bonkers matches going on tonight! Good games!
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    Metroid Prime Remastered is... well, the clue is in the name, isn't it? It's an adventure game played from a first person perspective made by Retro Studios. It was released back in March. You don't need me to tell you that this is one of the critical darlings of the Gamecube Era. Loads of people speak highly of it. Me? It's good, but I feel it's the weakest of the Metroid Prime games. I prefer 2 and 3. For the sake of not repeating myself, because I have definitely talked about this game before, I'm gonna focus on the differences that this remastered version offers. The game features more standardised controls that you'd expect from a first person game. Thankfully, the game also offers gyro aiming options, so that's me satisfied... Mostly. You see, because the right stick handles where Samus is pointing her arm cannon, it's no longer used to change what beam you're using, instead you hold X, and then press the corresponding direction on the D-Pad. Visor switching is still done by just pressing the D-Pad. This just doesn't feel as fluid as how the Gamecube game handles it. It also doesn't feel nearly as fluid as how the Wii Trilogy handles it. (Holding - or +, then moving the pointer towards what you want to switch to) It is an unavoidable situation here, but I never got used to it, it feels clunky. A weird thing that is omitted from the Trilogy that would've helped was the ability to tap the beam/visor button to revert back to the Power Beam. It wouldn't completely solve it, but it'd help. The other thing that irks me is the brightness of the game. It's really dark. Like, really dark. Even in rooms that aren't meant to be hard to see in, I found it hard to see at times. Shooting your beam doesn't light up the environment in this version, so you can't do that to help things. Other then that? It does look gorgeous. It's a really massive glow-up compared to the non HD versions. But I can't really see myself choosing to play this version in the future. The Trilogy version on WiiU will still be my preferred method of playing it. I mean, come on, Remastered doesn't even have the Fusion Suit. Xenoblade Chronicles still holds the "Switch remaster" crown. That's a really great example. Also, I played through Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap after @Dcubed booted up the Master System version, which is literally the worst thing you can do.
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    Yeah, he asked me to hold off on the theme night until next week, so I'm gonna jump to Time Format tonight. 8pm.
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    I know what you mean. Back in the 90's I took Mortal Kombat's violence the same way as seeing the Itchy and Scratch cartoon in the Simpsons. It was so cartoony it felt so ridiculous and funny. The series has gotten so realistic, that anytime I see clips of it, it feels a little off-putting.
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    Yeah, the jump to HD has kinda catapulted Mortal Kombat from peak 90's cheesy and edgy-ness to just plain uncomfortable.
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    New Game Boy Advance titles added to Nintendo Switch Online May 2023 Now up on the main page. - - - - - These are interesting ports of the original NES/SNES games, the first title is well worth playing if you've never played Super Mario Bros. 2... the port of Super Mario World has extra content, but it's down to preference as to whether you'd choose this version or the original, and the same with Yoshi's Island, as it has extra content, but probably a few differences between it and the original SNES release. Still, good to have some new GBA games on the service, which means Kirby should be the next GBA game to be released... some time within the next month or two.