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    I did at least try to put a bit of a 'play it loud' spin on the promotional material by calling it PROMO BLAST lol
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    Nintendo eShop new releases (week 17) The seventeenth week of releases. A selection of new titles are now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Check the article for the full roundup. - - - - - Thanks to @Josh64 for the new articles over the weekend. Recently posted articles include... Tears of the Kingdom Promo Blast! Nintendo Switch Online BOTW Custom Icons Return Super Mario Bros Movie Hits $1 Billion Worldwide, Home Release Delayed No real notable articles this week, as it has been quiet, aside from the above articles... but at least The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out soon.
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    So I ended up getting the Mighty Bowser set over the last week when there was a double points event on, haven't built that yet, but I got this out and built it as it's been a while it's just been sitting around not built. Really is one of the few of the Lego Mario sets that look good as a display set.