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    After being in 3rd and 4th for the majority of that game I finally got some luck and won big on one of the battle mini games. Also @Dcubed helped by sabotaging @Glen-i again. Managed to end up second because of it.
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    That was both the most disgusting act @Dcubed and the most amazing. That actually got me joint 1st with @Glen-i for the second GP of the night
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    Thanks for the games. Well, that's Mario Party 2 finished... ...Mario Party 3 when? Nintendo - "Some time this year... probably... when we feel like it..." OK... Here's a link to this week's stream... Mario Party 2 on the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack - N-Europe Multiplayer (16/03/2023)
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    Mario Kartma thankfully hit @Dcubed like a ton of bricks after that.
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    Got the Lego Mighty Bowser today from my wife and kids! Really happy about that, looking forward to assembling it. Might even let my oldest son help me out, he loves Lego and can spend hours assembling stuff. Using the iPad builder app, he can even do it alone now (he's 5).
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    Technically, I didn't remember it, so I'm still right.
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    Kirby's Dream Land 2 and Burger time Deluxe have been added to the Game Boy catalogue:
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    Side Pocket and Devious have been added to the Super SNES and NES catalogues, respectively!