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    NOTE: @martinist was disqualified from this GP for not choosing the correct character throughout. Rules are rules. The scores for each individual race were readjusted. Anyone who lost to him were bumped up one place. (For example, If martinist came 3rd, everyone below that would go up one place) So while the point totals aren't completely accurate here, the general placing is. @martinist's score is treated as if he simply didn't show for this GP. No changes in placing here. @Nicktendo is this week's Player who made no bloody difference! I'd give you a prize, but that would actually make a difference, which I feel goes against the spirit of the title. @S.C.G makes a tremendous push by being the person who increased their average the most this week. It's the end of the month, which means it's time for a Player's Choice night. Next League Night: 26th April 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 Sign up now!
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    This was me during the boss fight I just had. Absolutely stunning stuff!
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    Puzzles still play a part in the game, even more so than in previous entries, I'd say. In past games the chests for upgrades were easily found but now you have to figure out small puzzles for each of them.
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    I'm not a huge fan of multiplayer only games and "on-going service"-type titles but it's Housemarque. I'm intrigued. No platforms have been announced, yet, as far as I'm aware.
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    Me and my little bro will be in this week. He should do better this week seeing as he had to use two joycons without a controller grip last time which made it more difficult for him to play.
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    Nah. The moment I spoke about is well beyond that. If you haven't played the other games then it will probably be a little flat for you. All the side quests I've come across are in the main hub world, Midgar.
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    I’m not mindlessly bashing buttons already on regular. I’m just bad. I already know I need to slow myself down in how I play. More Hellblade, less God of War. I cheesed the fight a bit though, R2 throw plus immediately recalling and throwing semi stun locks them while doing decent damage.
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    So happy for Danny Ings right now. He looked so excited to score again.
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    I think the album is most definitely a grower. I'm seeing a lot of comments that it's a softer album, which I'd agree with. Not necessarily a bad thing. It's just a different type of emotion. Quite a mature rock album, tbh... By And Down The River is fantastic. One of my favourite songs on the album. I get a "New Dawn Fades" (Joy Division) vibe from it. Really like it. I don't think the album has one distinctive sound. At least, from the first couple of listens, I'm not getting one sound or feeling. I was worried that it might feel a bit inconsistent throughout, so the jury is still out for me on that one.
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    Oh I mean the digital copy, I'm not in the country at the moment and physical copies are going to be hard to come by at the moment.
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    I can hear Howard Lincoln's screams right now...
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    In terms of side quests, it will open up soon. I've spent the last hour or so doing a few of them. I initially started out doing one but then ended up doing a bunch of others while doing the first one. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the map either. It's far too vague. Luckily the quest marker shows which direction to go in, although I'm not sure why that is locked at the start of the game. Curious design decision.
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    Yes, I believe I was still quite drunk. And was watching Spaced. Then fell asleep on my couch and had a hangover the rest the weekend. Which is expected when you drink hard from 11;30 to 5ish. Annnnd tonight its beer and bourbon. 120 proof single barrel bourbon. Good shit. Does the UK sell american bourbon in the same manner as the US sales Scottish or Irish Whiskey? Which I guess scottish whiskey js jjs scotch but eh. Question still stands. Cause bourbon is good and tall should try jt. Just like Irish Whiskey. Scotch is......moldy. Well blended ks. Single malt is freakin great. Watched Super Troopers today. Good fucmkng movie. Go see it, it lives up to the first but I dont think surpasses. Which thankfuck after the anchorman and joedirt sequel teavestyies or....travesties. I should find a movie thred to more choerently post that fact maybe. BACK TO GOD OF WAR INSTEAD THOUGH FUCK YEARH CAPSLOCK.
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    Stuck this in around 5pm. The next time I looked out the window it was dark, and 11pm at night....It's those damn cats!
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    Mighty Switch Force is great fun. So I'm well psyched to play the secret third entry.
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    Worth noting this isn't actually just a costume pack - it's 3 new modes. Including a Mighty Switch Force style mode. It's included in the retail version as well.
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