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    This game looks better and better with every new look we get at it! The music in the second half of the trailer builds up into an epic climax, and I love the concept of the duality of the Noble and Rogue paths. And just to address the oddly-named-JRPG-shaped elephant in the room... O - Olberic C - T - Tressa O - P - Primrose A - Alfyn T - Therion H - H’aanit
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    If they are making a new one I bet it's on the 3DS. Man, the meltdowns would be glorious.
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    Got a text from DPD saying my premium edition would be here between 11:45am and 12:45pm It's pouring down here so the driver might get slowed down...I just need it now!! EDIT: and as soon as i post this, it gets delivered ^_^
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    @S.C.G a cheeky update to the game has been pushed that has added/changed a bunch of stuff. https://www.resetera.com/threads/sonic-mania-updated-to-include-level-transitions-for-all-stages-other-new-touches.36814/ Edit: Ive just checked the Switch version and you can force the update on there. Not sure if it's the same update that Era is on about though.
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    It'll be four times when I buy another one.
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    I'm not disputing the call, just the way the decision has come about. It was left far too late and these things should be done pretty fast. If a pundit on Sky Sports can make a decision after seeing one replay then surely profession refs can. The whole VAR system is a joke at the moment.
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    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11881/11334284/mainz-and-freiburg-players-called-back-to-pitch-after-var-awarded-penalty-at-half-time Absolutely nuts. Seriously, how hard is it to use a video system to call decisions? Every other sport seems to be able to handle it but for some reason football can't deal with it.
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    Bought my tickets for a 2D screening on the 25th today! But.. Hawkeye better be in it though. Otherwise I'm going to demand a refund.
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    So glad that they went back and added the missing transitions between certain stages. It always felt so weird the some levels just lacked them entirely; it was the one thing that made the game feel unfinished!
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    I was just coming in here to ask what you thought of it! After the first few seconds, I thought to myself...what the fuck?! Is this still APC that I'm listening to?! My grin grew wider and wider by the end of the song and it suddenly dawned on me that they must be taking the piss. I didn't manage to catch all of the lyrics, but a few stood out and I thought that they were definitely taking the piss. So, I looked up the lyrics: So, yup, it's the most cheerful song that you'll ever hear about the extinction of the human race by blowing ourselves up. I love it. It's different, it's taking the piss, it's sarcastic, ironic, etc. Beautifully dark. Very different to their other stuff. But, different isn't bad. If we wanted the same, we'd just listen to their old stuff, right? I'm a little concerned about how the entire album is going to sound, because each song that they've released has an almost completely different sound. The Doomed sounds like the complete opposite to this...although, maybe the theme is actually the same, but the resulting sound is different.
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    Just looking at some screenshots of Conker over on Era. It looks absolutely stunning. The game was always a looker but wow!
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    I haven't had a One since the middle of last year. I've also lost track. I honestly can't remember if I've had 2 or 3 of them now...Wait, I think it's 3. I had one at launch, got another for Gears 1 Ultimate edition and then got a S model during Black Friday the year Gears 4 launched.
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    Again?!? I've lost track of how many times you've owned one and gotten rid of it. I bet you pick one up again after E3.
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    New beastie this week! Luckily I've been playing the game for the past couple of evenings so I'm ready for him.
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    I imagine this is gonna hurt the Switch release in the long run. I can't see this being Nintendo's decision, especially for that reason. Why would they want what is their biggest third party releases of the year to be released after every other version? Doing this would leave a bad impression and hands sales to their competitors. Multiplatform owners looking to buy the game at launch had a choice between better graphics and framerate or portability. The choice has now been made for them.
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    Well...that was different. But so so good. @Fierce_LiNk are you ready for Friday? God of War and Eat the Elephant. Gonna be a good day, I think
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    Indeed. This is what I find hilariously ridiculous about the VAR. Fans at home see the first replay and most of the time you can immediately make a decision. There are, of course, occasionally situations where you'd need a closer look from various angles, but for the majority of situations it's stupidly easy to make a call. The World Cup will be fun
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    Which means he hasn't even got a job distracting him. No excuses.
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    Lol, when I saw you’d linked to something to do with the plane ticket I just knew it’d be the GB endurance run and Vinny’s anger.
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    There were some conflicting reports going around regarding the time skip feature being present in both Shenmue I and Shenmue II in the HD collection (it was present in the original version of the latter, but not the former), but VG247 have now cleared this up; in a brief statement, a SEGA spokesperson revealed to them that they’ve “tried to stay as close to the original feature sets in each game as possible, so Shenmue I will not have the time skip feature”. Shenmue II will retain this feature in the HD collection.
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    Because he’s a huge retro game enthusiast who is very vocal about the games he likes and plays? He has a regular column in Famitsu where he chats about new and old games (Nintendo or otherwise) that he likes; and has a big thing for retro gaming. He’s probably friends with the guys from SEGA/M2 and basically begged them to bring the 3D Classics series to Switch and keep it going. He’s basically the polite version of Kamiya... who probably helped by continuously swearing at them and asking their mum to make it happen. Oh! BTW... http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/04/sega_ages_is_officially_coming_to_nintendo_switch_in_the_west ... a western release of this new SEGA AGES series has just been announced! Coming out “this summer”
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    Figured I would just post this here. Dude is on point. NintendoLife made these comments about it.
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    Yeah, the general feeling here in the North East is that with Newcastle doing well this will encourage Ashley to sell while the going is good. I imagine most fans are hoping a sale will happen in the Summer. Shelvey has been key for you guys these past few weeks. He is commanding that midfield area and making some amazing passes. The problem is that you just don't know when he is going to just lose it again and act like an idiot and get sent off.
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    I've gone between a load of games trying to settle on something over the last week and a few have fallen by the wayside. I tried The Evil Within 2 but just couldn't get into it as the gameplay just didn't click with me; it felt too fiddly to get the critical headshot needed to down them when you've got zombies bearing down on you. I've also ended up shelving Burnout Paradise Remastered as I've seen and done it all before but it started to grate doing the same events over and over again. It's a shame as I feel it's slightly tarnished my memories of that game. Just the way things roll with playing remasters of what you've already played through. Did manage to stick with and finish a few things though. Finished Kamiko on the Switch, well I finished a run with one character and have no desire to play through the others as I feel I've seen it all. It was ok, decent enough for the price it was but I kind of wanted a bit more depth to the game as it never really grabbed me. Also on Switch, I played through Old Man's Journey. This was a nice little experience, very simple but with a good narrative running through it, about a husband obsessed with his hobby who ends up walking out on his family. It could perhaps have done with some more elaboration there but the simple puzzle mechanic of moving the scenery to get the old man from point A to point B was nicely done, especially with the train section. Could've done with being in line with the mobile version price wise (£4.99 on Android, £8.99 on Switch). Next up, two FPS titles that struck very different notes. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus was something I was interested in trying with review raving about it but after finishing it I feel like The New Order was a better game as there was just a better path of progression and less stop and start. There also wasn't that stand out moment unlike the first game with the Moon base despite them running wild with the alternate reality history here. It was still good fun running and gunning but this kinda fell the same way Deus Ex Mankind Divided did and feels like a lead up to what's coming next. Will be interesting to see where they go next. However, after that I decided to finally sit down and play through Metro 2033 Redux and I'm so glad I did as I absolutely loved it. It was just fantastic from start to finish. I loved the world of the game and the gameplay was tight. I played it without the Last Light improvements and didn't feel like that detracted from the game; having to find filters for your breather added to the game and made the world and things that have happened there feel more realistic. It's got me itching the start the second game which I'll do shortly and knowing the third and final game is coming hopefully this year has me stoked that I'll be able to immerse myself in this world and story for a bit longer. Finally, I bought Kirby Star Allies on Monday afternoon, brought it home and played a couple of hours on Monday night and resumed again on Tuesday and saw the credits after maybe 5 or 6 hours of play and I have to say I'm appalled at how short the game was, especially with Nintendo charging full price for it. I know it's typically an IP to fill a gap in a release schedule so it's never going to be a top tier game but this was just mediocre at best. There really weren't any stand out moments, very few power ups and very little in the way of content in that story mode. I enjoyed Epic Yarn on the Wii despite it being easy as that was offset with some of the nice gameplay ideas and I loved Canvas Curse/Power Paintbrush on the DS (probably my favourite Kirby game) but this was especially poor. At a time when I'm struggling to find a solid game to play on the Switch (yes there are indies but I've got many elsewhere and the general standard of them in the console seems to be dropping) I had hoped for more from this and so I'm left massively disappointed. I've started up Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 and have made my way through 3 colossi so far. This is my first real time playing it as although I tried it on the PS2, I only ever defeated the first colossi. But enjoying it so far. Also trying to get into Mulaka on Switch but finding it so difficult which is a real shame.
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    Was bored of it with no intention of playing it again. I made the right choice getting rid while it still had some value.
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    None as I don't have a Xbox.