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    Maybe it's not just us old gits then? A lot of the younger people they have brought in to IGN, and this goes for all of their podcasts, just don't have the knowledge and experience about the things they are talking about. It baffles me that people are getting hired for these kinds of positions yet they don't have a clue about the subject matter. You just have to look on the likes of Era or even here to see that there are a lot of gamers who know more about gaming and the industry than the people who are getting paid to talk about it. If you look at Beyond there's a HUGE difference between what gets talked about on it now then what used to be discussed when Greg and Colin were in charge. That worked well because both of them had a passion for Playstation. Then had a great amount of experience and incredible knowledge ( especially Colin ) about all Sony's consoles and handhelds. It's the same when Ryan starts talking about all things Xbox on Unlocked but the problem for him is that he doesn't really have anyone else to play off. NVC has had issues for a long time but they are very clear now and i'm seeing a lot more people voicing the same concerns as ours. While the Switch is doing very well in sales I think it's still a hard machine to talk about on a weekly basis due to the console still missing out on the heavy hitting games that get released on the other consoles. What you're left with is a weekly show that is mostly about indie games. While the quantity of games is there on the eShop, the quailty is lacking at times. Nintendo haven't exactly come out guns blazing at the start of this year either, with most of their games being ports of Wii U titles. This means NVC are having to retread old ground when discussing these games, if they even bother to talk about them at all. You look at something like Radio Free Nintendo, a Nintendo fan podcast that has been going for years, and the difference in the quality of conversation between RFN and NVC is night and day. For instance, RFN went pretty indepth with certain WiiWare titles before the service went down and done this for a few weeks. Given the resources that IGN have at their disposal they could have easily had a podcast or two about WiiWare alone in the run up to the service switching off. Instead it got a quick mention here and there and then they went back to their tired old format. EZA for me are head and shoulders above everyone else at the moment and have been for a while. The EZA podcast delivers a variety of news every week and also rotates the panel to keep things fresh. Each of the guys brings something to the table and the chemistry between them is fantastic. You then have Frame Trap which Ben does an amazing job on. Getting nearly 3 hours of gaming banter about the newest releases and what each of them have been playing is always a great listen. Kinda Funny has always had an issue with their language, same as Giant Bomb. While it doesn't bother me, it would be nice of them to tone it down or not use such language at all. They really is no need for it. Again, it's another thing that I like about EZA. They've even said that they need to watch their mouths at times because there may be kids listening to it. Not that they swear a lot....well, outside of Brads final sign off.
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    I've heard of the game ( gets mentioned a lot in hidden gems videos ) but this is the first time i've actually watched footage of it. The thing looks great! Here's something to brighten up everyones Monday morning.
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    https://www.resetera.com/posts/6812080/ Another interview from Famitsu... Well that all sounds rather lovely, doesn't it?
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    Figured I would just post this here. Dude is on point. NintendoLife made these comments about it.
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    The poor guy has been 10 years old for the last 20 years, cut him some slack.
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    You traded Monster Hunter in. No right choice was made.
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    Agreed, this is not something someone should decide. I was merely interested to know if I was being weird seeing an issue here or not. Regarding adoption. This is both very time consuming, regulated, and it requires so much more than making a child artificially. And furthermore, adoption is basically the same as donor sperm for the father and then I would rather that the child was a least genetically hers. We have never spoken about adoption and mind that this is only worst case - that all 6 trials go wrong. My answer to her the other day regarding donor sperm was something like "I don't like that at all - but can't we at least wait till it may become relevant to discuss it? I may have changed my view at that point in time." She wanted to make the deal right away which I couldn't. She was furious after that. In general, she worries a lot and overthinks a lot of stuff and wants to have a contingency plan right away whereas I in general would like to see how the first plan goes before deciding what to do next.
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    I've thought about this an not sure I'd be OK with using donor sperm. Wouldn't really be OK with the inequality in parentage, and would definitely worry that it would be more theirs than mine. Whereas with adoption it's something you've done together, and you have the beauty of bringing an "unwanted" child into a happy home. Definitely not OK for you wife to tell you to basically see a therapist and just get over it. You have more than valid concerns about it and she can't just dictate terms like that.
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    I'm pretty sure I've never even heard of this game, amazing stuff in this video. If you're going to watch it - there is a warning in the video - skip from 07:45 - 10:35 to avoid spoiling the ending the rest of the video is fascinating.
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    Definitely excited for Saturn and Dreamcast games on the Switch. Imagine Burning Rangers at 1080p/60fps with modern shaders. Or Metropolis Street Racer with realtime lighting, shadows and reflections and a contemporary car roster.
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    I'd like a physical release of the complete edition. I'll forgive them for not releasing a physical release earlier.
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    I could forgive the poor Pokédex, but he's not even that good when it comes to battling. The best he's managed is winning a Pokémon League that doesn't even exist. Gary and me are right, he's a loser. He's so lame, he made Greninja less cool through association. It lost to a Charizard right? While super powered? Amateur. He also keeps boxing his old Pokémon for the latest flavour of the month. Nothing against experimenting, but come on.
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    I don't think you're being weird; there's a lot to process, you've both go to work through it and in time I'm sure you will. You guys will sort it out, maybe that reassurance is enough without committing to anything? Good luck with the trials. May the odds be ever in your favour.
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    You’re absolutely right that Playtonic isn’t to blame for the situation but that’s not how most fans see it. I think most Nintendo fans just see that it was planned for release on Wii U and most were absolutely delighted for it. It took a while before they let the fans know that it wasn’t releasing on Wii U anymore but instead they chose to launch it on Switch. Then it didn’t make launch day, nor did it release alongside the PS4 and X1 versions. When it did launch, there was no physical version to be seen and it was even more expensive than the PS4 and X1 versions at that moment. In the meanwhile reviews weren’t that great either. So yeah, they aren’t to blame for the most part but I can neither blame the Nintendo fans’ reaction to the scenario above.
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    It's such a shame because the Kirby games, at least I felt, had a lot of heart and soul out into their ideas and such. As I say, Power Paintbrush is may favourite of the series but even Epic Yarn had some really good ideas. Having not played one since then, it's a massive disappointment to see the IP being used as a gap filled for Nintendo as there just seems to be a "That'll do" mentality and very little imagination for the games any more. It's a franchise they really either need to put on ice for some time or actually give some real development time to if they want to recapture what made the earlier games fun to play. Yeah, I seem to be grasping at straws with regards to Switch games trying to find something to play. Sure, there's plenty of indie output and I'm heavily invested in that area anyway on multiple platforms but the quality seems to be slipping (despite Nintendo's slightly bizarre attitude towards how they'll let developers bring games over to the platform, which means certain high profile indie devs can't release unless they've got an approved published, if I've remembered that Kotaku article) and third party support beyond that is minimal. It's the same old Nintendo with a few extra releases time around and while I can understand developers being hesitant after both the Wii and Wii U releases, there's still a lot they need to be doing to keep me engaged. It's a shame as I like the hardware and I've enjoyed quite a few games but there's not the consistency to have me jumping on every day unlike with other platforms. E3 will be a make or break for me for the console as the thought of moving on from it is circling my head more and more at the moment. And I think that may be why I keep jumping between games at the moment; the disappointment of Kirby and such and not finding a strong title to make me want to play the Switch since Mario Odyssey. Ended up trading Kirby in and picking up Far Cry 5 even though I wasn't sure how I'd take to it but enjoying it a lot so far. There's always a lot of fun to be had with the bows in these games, although I have had to drop it for a rifle now that my resistance level in John Seed's region has increased. Funny the controls for Team Ico games came up as I've been playing Shadow of the Colossus myself and on the third colossi I said the controls were shockingly bad, pretty much as bad as on the PS2. While I found it easy enough to over look that with The Last Guardian because of Trico, I'm struggling a bit more with this one. I'm enjoying it but the controls really are terrible.
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    I can’t speak for you guys as I don’t know you personally, but I think I fall into IGN’s demographic quite nicely (I’m 19) and I’m not a fan of anything that they do anymore besides [some] of their reviews. I used to love Beyond and NVC (that period between José leaving and Filip joining was great, as Peer is the right sort of guy to host and control a panel), and even Game Scoop!, but I unsubscribed to all of them a few months back because I had a real problem with how I wasn’t gaining anything (be it knowledge or even a chuckle) from listening to them as opposed to anyone else. I’m only subscribed to EZA (main podcast, Frame Trap, Tabletop Escapades) and Game Informer now for podcasts, as I other find myself learning something/developing my own opinions, or just having a good laugh. I would listen to Kinda Funny, but every other sentence coming from them these days includes some form of profanity (I have a little brother, so I can’t really be playing that around the house). I’ve personally found IGN’s podcasts have become rather soulless over the past few years: no-one is willing to voice an unpopular opinion, they’re not that funny, and a lot of them can come across as uninformed or obnoxious.
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    Thanks for the input. Just for the record, adoption is not really an option. I just added something to my original post - whenever someone said that my son looks like me, I've been proud and happy. It's something that is valuable to me and would be totally lost if we got donor sperm.
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    I don't think you're being weird about it, I completely understand what you're saying. Though I can see it from the perspective that you've clearly both been through a lot, I can't even begin to understand just how much either but at least your son is OK now thankfully and that's something I feel you should both never lose sight of and I don't think you would either; I'm glad to here that everything worked out fine, so I'm sure it's soemthing you're both grateful for every day, it's important not to lose sight of that. Neither of you could have predicted what would happen, you can't help what genes you have as you're born with them, obviously I can understand that it's not something either of you would want to go through again, hence going for the trials but if it comes down to three failed trials and you still want to have another child then... I think it's something you'd both have to agree on and I really don't think seeing a therapist is going to help either way, neither is it an option... in my opinion, your mind seems very much made up... but then so does hers... it's tricky that's for sure. But ultimately, what's the point in bringing another child into your lives if only one of you - or possibly either of you - is going to end up loving it? I mean it might end up being fine, but it also might not be... I just hope that both of you don't end up worse off further down the road because one of you compromised but didn't want to really. What I've just written might come across as harsh, I don't know and for what it's worth I don't have kids myself, but I just thought I'd try to add some perspective and ultimately I wish you both the very best in the future, whatever happens.
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    Well it’s hardly their fault that the Wii U got replaced by the Switch before they finished the game; and Nintendo fans ended up getting an absolutely superb port as a result (arguably the best version of the game even!) While the lack of physical release and high price (for the time) was unfortunate, those are decisions that Playtonic are not responsible for, but rather Team 17. You can fault the game for a lot of things, but I can’t really fault Playtonic for their treatment of the Nintendo fan base. Don’t forget that the Wii U version was originally the only console version that Playtonic themselves were making (Team 17 handled the PS4/Xbone versions); so it’s no surprise that it took longer when they had to scrap everything and start over.
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    Bah! Space Harrier VR would be amazing!
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    I imagine that there were things they couldn't fit in the the game in time for release. Plus, with them being a very small studio, it's probably easier for them to build upon a game that they already have finished, rather than constatly making new stuff.
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    I had an absolute nightmare of a weekend in terms of gaming. I just couldn't settle on anything. I played a bit of Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast, started Kingdom Hearts on the PS4, played a bit of Monster Hunter World ( got the Mega Man gear ), fired up Pokemon Silver on the 3DS, went back to Kingdom Hearts and eventually went up the attic and grabbed my PSP and games and started playing Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. Apart from Monster Hunter World I made no real progress in anything. I hate being in gaming slumps like that. I feel like my weekend was a total waste. EDIT: I forgt to add that I also played Fire Emblem Warriors on the Switch and unpacked the Wii U and played a bit of Star Fox Zero. Yeah, I really was all over the place.
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    Yup. Thanks again for the tip Just got the Platinum 69 hours played. The magic number Great game, thoroughly enjoyed it, even though some of the trophies are a little tedious.
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    Wait a minute.....I've been duped!
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    It's probably just us old men. You just have to take a look at some of the popular streamers that are out there. Many are loud, obnoxious and unprofessional yet the younger generation laps them up.
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    Yes to all of the Alannah Pearce dislike, my heart sank when they said she was a guest on this week's NVC (listen rather than watch). She now presents the Daily Fix as well? I don't know if it's just us and the rest of the internet is fine with her, but she is an abject broadcaster, she's clearly had no training at it all and. Back to NVC and the whole live thing, summed up for me when Filip asked a question about Wolfenstein 2, didn't credit the guy in chat who asked, and then asked the same question again (this time from that guy) before releasing he'd already asked it...and he's the host! We all make mistakes but...What a mess.
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    I'm going to assume it was this weeks episode of Nintendo Voice Chat that @Nicktendo was referring to. She kept interupting people and trying to be funny. Every time she spoke I was like... To be fair, it was a pretty bad episode anyway. They are really struggling to create a decent Nintendo podcast and i'm about ready to quit and stop subscribing to them. I hate how they've started doing the shows live. The whole asking the live chat for comments about what they are discussing doesn't sit well with me. If their own conversations were interesting enough then there would be no need to do this.
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    You worried me when you mentioned that Watford were the only licensed Premier League team, I was worried it would be like PES used to be with West Midlands Village and the like so I had to check (I always start out in League Two or Conference so don't get to see the Premier League teams for a while) but all of the players and team names are correct they just don't have the badges and to be honest I can't remember any FM game ever having the proper badges for every club so doesn't bother me. @Kounan I'm not sure if the launch was worldwide on Friday so it might not be available outside the UK just yet.
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    Pretty sure those don't work anymore. On the other hand, GIMME!
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    Personally I found this video fascinating, probably because I've never played a Spyro game, it really makes you appreciate what went into 3D platformers, especially back then in the Nineties. So this makes me even more enthused for the Spyro Trilogy remaster coming out later this year. Oh and if you haven't checked out the Boundry Break series of videos yet then you really should... it's an ongoing series where we, basically take the camera, anywhere we want, and try to find secrets and discoveries to some of our favourite games. Edit - Also, I finally got around to watching that Did You Know Gaming? on the Dreamcast video, some really interesting stuff there, a lot that I wasn't aware of, also props to them for using lots of Phantasy Star Online music in the background... it really takes me back literally half a life-time ago to when I first started playing PSO... the urge to play it again is growing stronger and I think I'll be playing the GameCube version once I get that HDMI adapter. It'd be nice to maybe capture some footage of my original PSO characters while the data still exists on the memory cards.
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    In my drunken stupor last night I wake up to an e-mail from Amazon saying I bought a £50 bottle of Yamazaki reserve whisky I'm not canceling it. Seems like I have a use for those glasses now lol
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    Sound the klaxon, content incoming! Looks interesting, all for no additional cost either. The pressure is on for them to get this right, certainly the first DLC "The Hungering Deep"...having watched the trailer for 'The Meg' earlier today, I hope they put a Megaladon in this!
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    I find Ditto extremely rare. I must've caught hundreds of Whismurs since they landed, and hundreds more pidgeys still, and only ever seen two Dittos since they were added to the game. Edit: ok, funnily enough I put on a couple of incenses for my walk home and I got a ditto from a whismur
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