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    I just want them on any console. They need to start tapping into that part of their history. I'm getting tired of playing the same old Mega Drive games over and over again.
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    Found this while sorting through my old consoles. Is it any good to anyone, or does club Nintendo not exist anymore? First person to reply can have the code if they can make use of it.
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    Pretty sure those don't work anymore. On the other hand, GIMME!
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    Here are a few more details about this whole thing. Stolen from Era. Getting Saturn and Dreamcast games on the Switch would be absolute heaven.
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    Oh Ike... ... you got your wish! Also, Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Gain Ground have been announced for this wave of games.
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    Having picked up The Adventure Pals yesterday, I'd say that might fit the bill for you @Aneres11. From what I've played, it's a pretty straight forward action platformer but it's good fun and has a good sense of humour. Feels slightly like playing a modern Cartoon Network tv show and does carry come similarities to Adventure Time and that ilk. I haven't played Shantae myself but from what I've seen of those games, I'd say it falls into that ball park. Other than that, Rayman Legends is a great shout. Probably the best 2d platformer I've played in a long time and I'm playing through it for a second time on the Switch myself because of how good it is.
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    Finally! Coming out in 2018. Will include both English and Japanese voiceovers as well as an option to choose between modern or classic controls!
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    Just thinking there now that we'll maybe get that Chu Chu Rocket port we were all hoping for the other day
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    You're nearly as bad as Nando for not liking games.
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    Definitely give The Adventure Pals a try. It’s fairly cheap and is getting great reviews!
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    It's a fantastic game 3D adventure/platform game that will have you laughing your butt off. It was Rare completely let loose. I think it'll be only £7-£8 as its up now on the US store for $9.99. If you're wanting something for the Switch then Poi is a very easy but fun 3D platformer. It borrows heavily from Mario 64 and also takes bits and bobs from Sunshine.
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    I'm not a big fan of Conker. It does a lot of things, but none of them well. Except the humour. Plus Xbox version is the inferior version. @Aneres11 Rayman?
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    The collection has been confirmed to cost $29.99 USD (so it will likely have an RRP of £25 over here in the UK). It has also been revealed that the game is being worked on by SEGA in some form of partnership with d3t; the games will feature achievements across all platforms. This was revealed by Adam Koralik, who was invited to Japan for FES by SEGA, and had the opportunity to play the remaster.
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    Half of it is a 3D platformer. Then it becomes a survival horror, then a Third Person Shooter, then a Banjo-Kazooie transformation sequence, then a movie rip-off, then another movie rip-off. It's utterly hilarious, but it's also really hard. I enjoyed it, but I'm also content with never playing it again. It's certainly an experience. And an amazing technical achievement (For the N64) Worth noting that the XBox version cuts some of the original content.
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    Cracking win for the Toon. It's nuts how fast they have climbed up the league, especially after having a very rough period in the Winter.
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    Considering the film picks up right after the last one left out that would have been a more sudden break up than you and your last manager
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    Buy Conker's Bad Fur Day for your Xbox One on Tuesday. Problem solved.
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    If they bring over Burning Rangers, I'm gonna be so mad. Not really.
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    Love the Incredibles 2 trailer. Can’t wait for that. That song from Moana was the most random song I’ve witnessed in a Disney film. I loved it. And I also now sing “I’m so shiny” whenever I see a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go.
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    I didn't.. I mean.. you don't.. but.. Okay, sure.
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    The second half of the year is still relatively quiet for now, so I’m stoked for E3: it seems like we’re going to be spoiled with riches this time around I think an Onimusha remake/remaster/sequel (?) would be well timed by Capcom now, what with Nioh garnering some attention last year and Ghost of Tsushima garnering a lot of attention during Paris Games Week. But that does sound like licensing hell material... Elsewhere, Jason Schreier of Kotaku has revealed that a new BioShock game is in the works at 2K. Probably unlikely to appear at this year’s E3, but you never know.
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    Is this a drunken [mention=2521]drahkon[/mention] post?
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    Man, if those borders are mandatory. @Dcubed will throw a fit. Which makes me kinda want them not to be toggable.
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    Kinda hoping M2 include the original and the Generations remake that was released on PS2 of Phantasy Star if they can. I'd be happy if they just included some of the enhancements from the Complete Collection (options to speed up walking, I think earn more Meseta as well).
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    In my drunken stupor last night I wake up to an e-mail from Amazon saying I bought a £50 bottle of Yamazaki reserve whisky I'm not canceling it. Seems like I have a use for those glasses now lol
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    Worth noting this isn't actually just a costume pack - it's 3 new modes. Including a Mighty Switch Force style mode. It's included in the retail version as well.
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    He's been waiting for footage of the Resident Evil 2 Remake for ages now. I think he'll get that this year, as well. Its gonna be interesting to see if that Onimusha trademark means anything. I love the game to bits but I imagine they are a licensing hell due to famous actors being in the first 3 games.
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    This will be my first God of War game as this is my first Playstation. Really looking forward to it, especially with these crazy scores coming out! Will probably be played during the May half term, I think. Any news of how long the game is? I've been tempted to pick up God of War 3. What's the general consensus on that?
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    I returned back from my stag do on Sunday. I am broken. I ache all over and have a cough. Very much tired too. I went to Magaluf - such a laugh and just full of alcohol. The fancy dress was baywatch but I looked more like Vanessa Feltz more than anything. I felt nervous beforehand. I really enjoyed my stag and the lads who came with me were fantastic. I was glad when I returned home though. The other half, well she went to Edinburgh. A bit more sophisticated. Wedding is on 27 April. Not long now. Then we are off to Japan for our honeymoon!