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    This is a dangerous thread... Randomly ended up at a CEX and they had a copy in really good condition apart from a minor nick on the spine and the disk holder being broke. Took it as a sign since we were just discussing it.
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    Oh, and don't worry, we got some moments here. Highlights of me (Right Screen) I'm so proud of myself! @Dcubed highlights (Left Screen) Double the screens! Double the anger!
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    Finally got the Dreamcast set up but it took a while. My mate forgot to pack the power cable and scart lead. Luckily I could use my PS2 power cable and I ordered a VGA cable on Friday from Amazon. Once the cable arrived I tried putting it into my TV but it would produce a picture for some reason. I have a couple of spare LCD monitors up the attic so tried one of them out and it worked. I played Virtua Fighter 3TB for a while and finished it with a few characters. I forgot how hard and technical the game is compared to other fighters. Lion was my main in the second game but I couldn't get to grips with him on this. Same when I played it back in the day. Jacky was a more to my liking and was a faster fighter to use. I got a laugh at Kage's shiny pants when I fought him. I then fired up Chu Chu Rocket. I love this game. What a great little puzzler it is. I remember I needed my mates help to complete the harder puzzles when I originally had a Dreamcast because I wasn't fast enough to place the arrows myself. The game looks gorgeous using the VGA output.
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    I just wanna post my angle to that second tweet....
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    That's fine. I'd rather people join in whenever they can. Because it's more mental and fun that way. For what it's worth, I'm still gonna put the whole table up at the end of the year regardless of attendance. But there'll be a second table that cuts the low attendees out, which will be the official end results. That way, you can still compare your averages to everyone else at the end of the year.
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    Guess who forgot to take a picture of the 2nd GP? We have our first "player who made no bloody difference to their average" of the year! Congratulations @BowserBasher for maintaining that status quo! Also of note is @martinist and @Nintendo Fan quickly swapping chairs while leaving @viceview51 sitting awkwardly in the middle. Next League Night: 12th April 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 It's time to get hyper! Max intensity, right from the start with no let up. For maximum immersion, don't forget to scream at your Switch every 15 seconds. Sign Up Now!
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    Hell yeah! Hopefully this is paving the way for Sam Fisher's return at E3. They've been a few signs pointing towards it and this just adds to them.
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    I loved it, a great way to relive the nights festivities, I'd love to see the live scorecards after each race but I can see that making it longer than it needs.
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    Phew. I'm at home winding down. This week has been absolutely crazy. I'm impressed that I managed to stay alive Definitely one of the best weeks of my life. I've met so many awesome people from all around the world and it's likely that I will meet even more this semester. Tomorrow we'll go on a hike and have a nice little picnic. After that I will just fall into bed and probably sleep for two days straight
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    Had a little bit of a Dreamcast morning (you guys have got to stop influencing me ) Sega Rally 2 is very difficult to get back into but it's such a good game. I just played through the Arcade mode a couple of times (GAME OVER YEEEAAHHH on Stage 3 the first time ) and then moved onto Snow Surfers. I'm not particularly keen on the way you progress through the game but I managed to unlock the third course after several attempts on the second. It looks like it'll take quite a few goes to surpass this one too! Also tested my Virtua Striker 2 disc and it cut out to the Dreamcast menu as expected
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    Got my game book collection out to sort and figured I may as well take a photo. Still so many I need to read!
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    Hello @Glen-i, sorry for that, I missed the post. Yes, please.
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    Yo @viceview51, still waiting on whether you want me to count the 23 points you got on GP1.
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    Oh my daze! No way! Oh wait... It's a typo... That's mean, Nintendo...
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    Good Sonic Boom!!!!!! (This is such an important argument that I keep pausing Street Fighter Alpha 2 to yell at you!)
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    Well, this quote from Game Informer should please you. "I walked away from Spider-Man with one word in mind: Amazing. Insomniac is poised to do for Spider-Man what Rocksteady did for Batman. Only experienced a small part of what will be in the final product, but what I played is exactly what I want from a Spider-Man game"
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    I didn’t play Smash Bros. for Wii U, and only dabbled with for 3DS, so I had to do some fun research on trophies, returning characters, etc., from the last game, to put my list together. As a result, I don’t think any of these are too outlandish after cutting out the Chosen Undead from Dark Souls. The Challengers 1. Ice Climbers (Ice Climber) No technical limitations this time around, so they seem a surefire bet to make their return. 2. Wolf (Star Fox) I was surprised to learn that Wolf wasn’t in Smash 4, so I expect him to make his return this time around. 3. Lyn (Fire Emblem) Probably one of - if not the - most popular Fire Emblem character to not be playable in a Smash game, I’ll be genuinely surprised if Lyn doesn’t step up to the mark this time around. Especially seeing as we’re probably going to be losing some other FE characters from 4... 4. Decidueye (Pokémon) I agree with everyone else’s reasoning here: Decidueye is probably the most popular Gen VII final starter evolution, and would compliment Greninja’s and Charizard’s likely returns nicely. 5. Rex (Xenoblade) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is selling extremely well...if we needed any other reason to include Rex in this game. I wasn’t too sure how Pyra could be included (I don’t think a Rosalina/Luma situation would work in the same way) beyond Rex’s Final Smash, so I’ve left her out. 6. Spring Man (ARMS) The most prominent character in the game’s marketing and at the forefront of the game’s cover art, I’ll be surprised if Spring Man didn’t make it in over other ARMS characters. I think he’s pretty much a surefire thing, but I agree with @Jonnas that Twintelle is likely to pop up to (in the event that they add characters beyond Spring Man). 7. Waluigi (Mario) It’s time. It’s always been time. Do it Sakurai. 8. Captain Toad (Captain Toad) The game got a love on Wii U, and will be getting a lot of love on the 3DS and Switch this summer, and he featured in Super Mario Odyssey (in case you didn’t learn that from the Nintendo Direct... ), so I think Captain Toad is on a steady rise. Many are saying that he doesn’t jump, but I’m sure Sakurai could find a workaround to that; if not, just let him jump. Link’s only jumped in two of his many appearances in the Zelda games, so... 9. Fire Emblem Switch protagonist (Fire Emblem) Super Fire Emblem Bros. 10. Dillon (Dillon’s Rolling Western) I’ve got to be honest: I’d never heard of this character prior to the Direct the other week. As some have pointed out here, he has a suspiciously detailed trophy in 4, and he seems to be a character that Nintendo is hoping to make into a mainstay, so I don’t see why he couldn’t turn up this time around. 11. Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight) If there’s going to be any indie presence - which there should be, considering how important indies been to Switch so far - there is no indie character more likely (or deserving) of being included than Shovel Knight. Still, kind of want to see the Snipperclips duo... 12. Professor Layton (Professor Layton) He fences. If Fire Emblem’s presence in Smash over the years has taught me anything, it’s that having a sword increase the likelihood of you appearing tenfold. But on a serious note, this is a character synonymous with Nintendo’s handhelds of the last two generations, and I think he’s deserving of an inclusion. I also don’t want that Yokai Watch kid turning up, so I’m sure Level 5 wouldn’t push that little runt too hard if Sakurai asked for Layton. 13. Bomberman (Bomberman) Classic 80’s character who is extremely well known when considering the franchise’s relatively low sales volume, I think Super Bomberman R’s success is the final entry on a long list of reasons as to why Bomberman should be included. Number one is clearly that Konami will have to do next-to-nothing, and number two is that he’s not Snake, so yeah...it’s happening, I guess. Thought of including Frogger, too, but I think one is enough from Konami, and I’ve never played Frogger and don’t think it’s that well known when compared to Bomberman. 14. Banjo & Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie) Never played Banjo-Kazooie or any other game in the franchise, but Xbox has been playing nice with Nintendo when it comes to cross-platform online, and we know Phil Spencer wants him in. Would be the perfect play before/with a Banjo-Kazooie game announcement in the next year or two, which seems kind of likely, considering how Sea of Thieves is being received. Also been considered for past Smash games, so I think it’s time. 15. Rayman (Rayman) I know his franchise is responsible for the Rabbids, but I don’t want them to be in the game, so I’ll take Rayman. Ubisoft has been on Nintendo’s side through some tough times, and it was great to see Yves and Miyamoto on stage together at E3 last year, so if anything I think his inclusion could just be a thank you from Nintendo for Ubisoft’s support. 16. Steve (Minecraft) Second highest selling game of all time, and killing it over in Japan at the moment, I think we could see Steve make his way to Smash, again, because of how nicely Xbox has been playing with Nintendo as of late. I’m seeing a lot of people say that building would have to be a huge part of his moveset so he’s unlikely to make it in, but I disagree with the notion that this is enough of a reason to not include him. I mean, did Pokémon Trainer even once throw a Poké Ball at an opponent in Brawl? 17. Noctis (Final Fantasy) I don’t think that Cloud is returning, and my list is lacking an oddball third party, realistically appearing human choice. Again, I thought about the Chosen Undead (the protagonist of the first Dark Souls), but I don’t think that’s super likely (the connection of Namco publishing those games and having worked on Smash 4 being the only reasoning that I could think of, which I think is a relatively weak line of argument for the character’s inclusion). Square Enix has been supporting Nintendo a lot too, and they’re seemingly positioning Noctis to be a well known character synonymous with the Final Fantasy brand just as Cloud before him (he’s already appeared in Tekken 7, and you can bet he’s going to make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3 later this year), so I think that if anyone is going to be appearing to represent Square Enix, it would be him. The Stages (Tiebreaker) 1. The Odyssey — travel through the many worlds of Super Mario Odyssey aboard The Odyssey. 2. Hyrule (Vah Ruta) — travel through the land of Hyrule atop the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. 3. Tetris — avoid being crushed by oncoming tetras as you fight your way up the stack, with completed rows vanishing and altering the stage’s layout.
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    They added gyro aiming into Doom and it apparently works really well, it's the same team porting this so there's a good chance it'll make an appearance here too (maybe not a launch though) I'm really impressed by the work Panic Button are doing, never played a Wolfenstein game but looks like a lot of stupid fun.
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    Goemon themed Panchinko eh? Dunno why you’re excited about that.