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    Well, this quote from Game Informer should please you. "I walked away from Spider-Man with one word in mind: Amazing. Insomniac is poised to do for Spider-Man what Rocksteady did for Batman. Only experienced a small part of what will be in the final product, but what I played is exactly what I want from a Spider-Man game"
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    I'd recommend getting a Panasonic Q as well just in case your Gamecube dies.
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    Did you have to use Strength on that truck?
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    I've had an absolute blast playing THPS3 this evening. I've fully done both Foundry and Canada stages. It took a while to get used to landing then using reverts to keep the combo going but I'm getting there. Took me ages to get the hidden video tape ( haha, remember them?) in Canada. When I finally did do it I also managed to finish my final mission which was to go around the big horn with a nose grind. It was a complete fluke that I done it!
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    The only card I need is the Ace of Spades! I'm on replaying the Foundry in an effort to get all the challenges finished. I was so close of getting the final high score but failed at the last moment when I didn't land my jump. I forgot just how good the soundtrack is in this game.
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    Spider-Man swings onto PS4 September 7th! This month’s GI includes a 14-page spread on the game’s early story, levelling, suit crafting, exploring the open world, side quests and upgrades. UPDATE 1: The game is now available for pre-order, which will come with a pack of three Spidey suits. The first revealed is the Punk suit, with the next to be revealed soon (Infinity War tie-in, I’d assume) and the other to be revealed in July. UPDATE 2: First look at the game’s box cover art, which looks great. The reveal of the Digital Deluxe Edition also revealed that the game will have post-launch DLC. The Collector’s Edition also seems pretty awesome. Don’t worry, though, because you’ll be able to pick up all of the pre-order bonus content without a pre-order, presumably on the PlayStation Store. UPDATE 3: Photo mode confirmed.
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    The key for Sony is to release the PS5 when the PS4 starts to lose some momentum but is still capable of selling units whilst the more expensive PS5 hits the market. It's tough to judge but early 2020 sounds about right.
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    Yeah the side quests are a real drag. Normally I enjoy doing them all but these are dull and repetitive.
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    This is my own fault of course but I’ve had the Daytona music stuck in my head all night and it’s starting to drive me a bit crazy!
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    What a delightful first half.
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    Watched the first couple of episodes of Counterpart. Seems good. Will continue...
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    Haha.. I love this thread I still say 'CHICKEN', @Hero-of-Time I think I'll join you in playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 later!
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    You're right. PS1 games can only save on a PS1 memory card, not a PS2 one. PS3 lets you make as many virtual PS1 memory cards as you want on its HDD though!
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    Just get some of these and place them on the wall. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/storage-furniture/shelving-units-systems/eket-cabinet-white-art-80334603/
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    I done some side quests last night and man are they tedious. They seem to be just a bunch of fetch quests with very little story to them. What's annoying are the ones where you have to get an item, you then take it back to the person and then they ask you to get a different item. This has happened a few times. Another annoying one was were I had to chase a guy all over the world. It just involved warping from place to place until I finally caught up with him. How is that fun? It's just padding the game out at this point. I often find that modern JRPGs just don't know how to do side quests well. Xenoblade 1 and 2 suffered from this kind of thing, as well. While I do prefer Japanese RPGs over Western ones, I do think that the Western ones do a far better job of making good side content and fleshing out their worlds.
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    Haha! I was waiting for your reaction. To be honest, after watching that video I posted about it the other day the game doesn't seem all that bad. It just looks like your typical 3D platformer from that era, which I would probably enjoy.
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    For PAL releases, here's a list of what think are the games to own and play on the system. It's a pretty easy console to collect for, at least in terms of the amount of must have games. The problem is, as Dcubed said, that a lot of these games cost close to £100 or above. The bolded games are the ones that will cost the most and Panzer Dragoon Saga will cost you over £300 if you want it complete. Sega Ages Deep Fear Shining Force 3 Shining Holy Ark Mystaria Sonic R Sonic 3D Sonic Jam NiGHTS Virtua Fighter Virtua Fighter 2 Virtua Fighter Remix Last Bronx Fighting Vipers Virtua Fighter Kids Fighters Megamix Manx TT Superbikes Sega Rally Daytona USA Daytona USA: CCE Burning Rangers Panzer Dragoon Panzer Dragoon Zwei Panzer Dragoon Saga Virtua Cop Virtua Cop 2 House of the Dead Die Hard Arcade Guardian Heroes Dark Saviour Saturn Bomberman Dragon Force Baku Baku Clockwork Knight Clockwork Knight 2 Christmas NiGHTS Megaman X3 Athlete Kings Winter Heat
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    Firstly: obligatory mention of Ronaldo’s wonder strike vs. Juve. I think that was probably the most complete goal of his career (from his pace, to his build-up play when he received the ball, to squaring it to Lucas Vázquez, to, of course, his masterful technique in netting a sublime goal). As for this talk about Conte, I believe we talked about it here last summer before/around the start of the season a bit: he just hasn’t been backed up by the board in the transfer market (which was his very reason for leaving Juve in the first place), and we could see even then that we were setting up for a failure of a season, at least relative to 16/17. Forget quality for a moment: we didn’t even have the quantity of players needed to mount a challenge on all fronts; an injury here and there, selling key players to rival clubs/China, building tensions behind the scenes, arguably the most competitive season in PL history for a berth in the UCL, etc., were always considered strong reasons to worry about the size of our squad, and it’s shown. I can’t help but feel sorry for Conte. He won the Prem with what was fundamentally the same group of players that were considered down-and-out only a season prior - under the guidance of the Special One, no less - and I recall the conversations about what could happen if Chelsea ended up relegated. He instilled a belief and passion in the team that I don’t think we’d seen since Di Matteo led us to Champions League glory back in 2012. There was no reason for Abramovich to not back him going into this season, and if he is going to leave, I only hope it’s to a club that can finally offer him the finance and platform he’s been searching for since 2014. He’s one heck of a manager, and he’s still relatively young for one. If he leaves, then there’s only one man I honestly want to replace him: Massimiliano Allegri. I’ve been waiting for his arrival (I mean, I wanted Bonucci to come with him too, but there’s not much we can do about that now) since things seemed to be going downhill at the start of the 15/16 for José. He’s a tactically astute manager who said that he wanted to leave Italy as recently as yesterday, and he’d be a perfect fit for us, having already proven that he’s excellent at evolving teams from Conte’s plans (three successive Serie A titles and two visits to the final of the Champions League with Juve are testament of that). My only worry would be that, yet again, the board doesn’t back the manager and his plans, at which point it doesn’t matter who we bring in anyway.
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    This is what I hate. Sega Touring Car is the same, but even worse. God damn I love Sega Rally. Why can't there just be a remake with updated graphics, the same handling and maybe a few extra tracks?
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    Three day weekend ahead! But six day working week after!
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    Hey, for once reviewers were right about how long it takes to beat the game. Just shy of 30 hours and the credits have rolled. I kicked the last boss all over the place, despite being 10 levels below it. There's still plenty of trophies to unlock but I think I'll take a break from it for now. Playing it non-stop for two days has burnt me out. The game is very good but I much prefer the original game. The characters and story was far better. I also wasn't a fan of the on and off voice over work. Clearly they had their budget massively cut for this sequel. A lot of scenes lack impact and weight due to the lack of voice work. It felt like I was playing a Zelda game in that regard. I loved the Little Kings Story type battles that happen in the game and I'll certainly be jumping into those again. I honestly wouldn't mind a more fleshed out full game of those battles. The music and graphics are top notch throughout the whole game. The music does get a bit weird in certain scenes though. Sometimes there is no music in the background, despite there being no audio dialogue. It's another thing that tends to ruin the mood of the scenes. Great game and another cracking JRPG in the PS4s library.
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    The Tournament Update is out now; and it includes the graphical upgrade too! Took some shots of both performance and quality modes in docked and undocked... Tried to get them as close as possible and to try and show some of the more obvious visual enhancements you get in Quality mode, in a couple of different stadiums... All shots were taken in online play 3v3, with no CPUs... Docked Performance Quality Performance Quality Performance Quality Performance Quality Undocked Performance Quality Performance Quality One more bonus shot in Performance mode undocked, showcasing a kind of worst-case-scenario... Even performance mode is a huge improvement over the previous version's visuals! Looks great, even on a big 4K display! (I can actually read the text properly now! ) Great job Psyonix/Panic Button!
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    Luigi’s Kingdom (Mansion) incoming!
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    Just about to start Chapter 19 and only just realised I can change the non-playable characters, d’oh!
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    get itttttttttttt! I used my belt for the first time over the weekend. Feels good to have that support and being able to brace against it certainly pushes up the weight i can lift. w/ bonus kitty
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    Run run runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn >_<
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    Enjoy. It’s a great game. I haven’t played the multiplayer, 100% the main campaign in 40 hours. There’s plenty of content that doesn’t grow stale. I still feel the urge to play through it again. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
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    Did you hear it first and just assume it was called Fractured Butthole? Or read it and never say it out loud?
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    Indeed. The Saturn boxes were garbage until they changed to a plastic covering and sleeve, Nintendo stuck with their shoddy cardboard boxes for the N64 and Sony decided to have cheap plastic cases that got scratched and cracked at the slightest touch. The Dreamcast boxes were probably the worst, though. They had the awful durability for the PSOne cases but also had the stupid little disc holder spindle things that broke quite easily. When you bought a sealed game and heard the rattling inside you knew exactly what had happened.