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    Let's face it. The best thing about Daytona USA was the music. EDIT: And I've just come across this!
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    Did you have to use Strength on that truck?
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    The Tournament Update is out now; and it includes the graphical upgrade too! Took some shots of both performance and quality modes in docked and undocked... Tried to get them as close as possible and to try and show some of the more obvious visual enhancements you get in Quality mode, in a couple of different stadiums... All shots were taken in online play 3v3, with no CPUs... Docked Performance Quality Performance Quality Performance Quality Performance Quality Undocked Performance Quality Performance Quality One more bonus shot in Performance mode undocked, showcasing a kind of worst-case-scenario... Even performance mode is a huge improvement over the previous version's visuals! Looks great, even on a big 4K display! (I can actually read the text properly now! ) Great job Psyonix/Panic Button!
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    I love the Saturn but I can see why many don't. The software is very much a case of quality over quantity. Stuff like NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon and Shining The Holy Ark aren't for everyone. If you were to mod it to play imports then the library becomes a treasure trove of 2D shooters and 2D fighters. Street Fighter vs Capcom, Marvel vs Streetfighter, Vampire Saviour, Pocket Fighter and Street Fighter Zero 3 have their definitive versions on this console.
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    Oh wow! http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/04/random_nintendos_snes-era_troubleshooting_phone_line_still_works_troubleshooting_still_given Nintendo's old US hotline for NES/SNES troubleshooting and repair services is still active! That's awesome!
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    You sir, can fuck right off. Manx TT is hot garbage compared to Sega Rally. On a more serious note, I played Manx TT the other day and I really don't like it. I used to, but I don't think it has aged well. The handling is just wrong. Sega Rally on the other hand is still just as good as the day it was released IMO. The only thing that lets it down is that it's hard to see far ahead as the resolution is limited. Learn the tracks though and that's soon overcome.
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    Luigi’s Kingdom (Mansion) incoming!
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    Finally got back into this a bit over the Easter weekend after a long time away. Seems they localised the date at some point.
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    For me, I almost feel like a lot of modern racing games go for too much, be it open worlds or whatever, and I find it off-putting. I prefer games like Top Gear Rally and Wave Race: Blue Storm where you have a small but diverse selection of tracks that change drastically depending on the weather conditions and progression isn't a convoluted mess. You pick a track, you play it and if you do well enough you go onto the next one.
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    From the people that brought you Runbow! https://www.resetera.com/threads/double-cross-announcement-trailer-switch-pc.33677/ Surprised to see that it doesn’t seem to have a multiplayer focus, given their debut game, but the concept sounds pretty neat!
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    get itttttttttttt! I used my belt for the first time over the weekend. Feels good to have that support and being able to brace against it certainly pushes up the weight i can lift. w/ bonus kitty
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    This could mean nothing, but there's a chance this is hinting towards that Luigi DLC that was rumoured early last month...
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    Can't say I miss the radio towers. The world feels more alive when I need to talk to people to learn about other places and things to do, and actually go there to unfog the map. The dog usually runs along the car, matching the speed even, but other companions, including random civilians you recruit will get in the car.
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    As long you can slide down upstairs down from the ceiling then I'm hyped for a great spider-man game on PS4.
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    *Sigh* There was a box at work with a load of old video games stored in it which I always wanted to rummage through. Finally got some spare time this Easter holiday and it looks like they've gotten rid of it