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    So it'll never be useful for the Switch.
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    In terms of controlling Wander and Argo, try and think of it as the characters having weight to their movements. Like real life, actions aren’t instantaneous. Though I do agree, wrestling is a apt way of putting it. Glad you’re enjoying the game regardless though.
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    Gosh! That’s a blast from the past! I remember V-Rally from back during the N64 and GBA eras! Talk about a random series to bring back on Switch!
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    We all go through gaming ruts where you jump from game to game or go back to comfort gaming. You are pretty good at finishing games. I could go through your trophy list and see that you do finish stuff. I'm not talking about getting platinums but more of simply finishing the campaign of the game. I suppose i'm being a little to judgmental here. At the end of the day, if people get joy from just playing bits and bobs of various games then who am I to judge how they spend their time and money? People probably think i'm nuts for doing things like trophy hunting or putting 270 hours into Monster Hunter. I guess we all play games differently.
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    "Lazily" is right. I mean, you couldn't even be bothered to delete the Inkling Paragraph? Wow. Gonna have to second the praise for @RedShell's genius Karate Man Final Smash idea. I can just hear that high-pitched Girl shouting "Punch Kick!" now.
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    I find it baffling that we have yet to get these things on the system. I don't get why they started from scratch when they had stuff like this on the Wii U and 3DS. Surely you look at what you've already got, bring over the best bits and then build upon that, rather than starting from beginning again? Crazy.
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    It was actually someone from the ESRB who leaked that picture! Considering the state that the ESRB is in at the moment with the whole loot box fiasco though, I hope they all get fired along with that guy!
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    I legitimately laughed out loud when I first saw that textbox. It's hard to put into words the many layers of absurdity present in that screenshot alone. Firstly, that's part of the one-time tutorial. She teaches you the concept of basic hits, jumping and rolling, and then suddenly she starts asking you to cancel moves into other moves until it culminates on that. All of this lasts 20 minutes, and it was the first mode I chose when starting the game; Funniest thing is, she's not even explaining something that complex: she's just naming his moves! For some reason I cannot possibly fathom, they left Kyo's moves untranslated, leading to the mess you see there. All she's saying is "Do a Lv.2 Fireball Super, and perform your Lv.3 Super while that one's hitting". But I guess that would be too clear and concise; Can I just say that the move she's asking me to do is crazy hard to pull off? Kyo launches that fireball faster than a bullet, and you have to input your Lv.3 Super (a double Hadouken) exactly when it hits the enemy. I thought I was doing something wrong, but no, my timing was just off every time. A quick google search told me a lot of players were stumped here; The icing on top of the cake? The mechanic she's teaching me about is 1000x easier to do with most other characters. Kyo's version just so happens to demand nigh-impossible execution. But I can't use anybody else, the tutorial has to be with the one character that requires perfect timing (and whose moves are untranslated); The cherry on top of the cake is that the mechanic is useless in casual play. It requires you to have 5 bars, which is highly unlikely (considering the bajillion ways you can spend meter in this game) unless you're intentionally filling it up, and since it takes 5 bars, you only get one shot at it; I reiterate: this section was made for beginners. At this point, I ain't even mad. I'm legitimately impressed that such an otherwise competent and polished game could be this bad at showing new players how to play it.
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    The previews of the game are glowing. https://www.resetera.com/threads/ni-no-kuni-2-final-preview-day-before-release.28986/ Can't wait!
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    Not enough people in crazy fantasy land for my liking let's fix that... 1. Waluigi Should've been in Smash from Melee, it's definitely time for him to be playable now. Another appearance as an assist trophy just ain't gonna cut it, I want to experience true Mario bros. vs Wario bros. Smash battles! 2. Tingle The perfect character to join the playable Smash roster. Why? Because pretty much everyone hates him! The cool people (like myself ) who can appreciate the awesomeness of Tingle will get to play as a character they love, and the haters will get to enjoy beating him up! It's win-win. 3. Birdo See above. 4. Drake Redcrest This was going to be Captain Rainbow, but seeing as his game never made it out of Japan I decided to go with another Skip Ltd. creation. Obviously Chibi-Robo himself should be the most likely candidate but he would look seriously weird scaled up to match the other characters. Probably not as weird as Bayonetta looked after they messed with her proportions, but not far off. 5. Judd The inklings are obviously in, so might as well add some more Splatoon goodness in the form of Judd the cat. His flag move is just crying out to be a side smash attack, and if Duck Hunt Duo are still in the game it's only right that we get a feline rival for them. 6. Jimmy T. Definitely time for some more substantial WarioWare representation in Smash, and I think Jimmy would be a great choice. He could keep stuff inside his afro (a la Villager's pocket) and the opportunity for amusing taunts is right there too. "Aww, yeah!!" 7. 9-Volt Another WarioWare character you say? Hey, if Fire Emblem can get a million characters in Smash, it's only fair we see some more from other Nintendo franchises as well. 9-Volt has so much potential as a Smash fighter, they'd basically be able to make use of the entire retro library for his move set! 8. Karate Joe After more from WarioWare we're going to need something from its spiritual successor too, right? Karate Joe was actually my vote on the Smash ballot, and I still reckon he would make for a great newcomer. Not only does his role in Rhythm Tengoku lend itself perfectly to Smash, for the Final Smash they could use the Karate Man mini-game, just replace the key beat targets with opponents. 9. Ulala Moving on from Nintendo stuff but sticking with the rhythm genre, another much wanted addition for me would be Space Channel 5's Ulala. Again there's just loads of potential for cool moves, not to mention the sheer excellence it would bring to the soundtrack! 10. Hatsune Miku (chibi-version) OK, this one is especially out there seeing as it's not really a video game character, but anything is possible in crazy fantasy land! Would have to be the cute version of Miku from the Project Mirai games though, much better fit for Smash. 11. Goemon Were it not for the fact Konami completely abandoned the amazing Mystical Ninja franchise and relegated Goemon and Co. to bloody Pachinko machines in Japan this could and should've happened already. As it stands Goemon is no doubt the least likely character on my entire list, if you can believe that. He would've been fantastic in Smash though, and imagine using Impact for a Final Smash! 12. Kazuma Kiryu And last but not least, another super impossible "prediction" (lol) in the form of Kiryu from the Yakuza series. With those games finally starting to get more popular in the west, and with Nintendo fans having been introduced to the character via Project X Zone 2, Kiryu could've been a great addition to Smash as one of the more "realistic" fighters. An insane amount of moves to bring over from Yakuza as well, including the Heat system... would've been sweet. So they be my choices, I look forward to achieving last place in this prediction competition. But not as much as I look forward to finally playing Super Smash Bros. on Switch!!
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    Shit game, shit tactics and shit performances from players. Sanchez and Pogba are on huuuuuge contracts and need to start playing like the high profile players that they are supposed to be. Lukaku is the only player who can come out of that game with any shred of dignity. Rashford had a few moments, but ultimately it was a very disappointing performance. Mourinho got it massively wrong over two legs. No idea why he decided to give Sevilla so much respect and backed off that much. We looked miiiiles better when we started to attack after going 2-0 down. If we had played the whole game like we played during the period of play where we scored, then it would have been a different outcome. Probably the worst European tie I've seen from United in terms of a game over two legs. Both legs were rubbish and tonight was embarrassing. Sevilla played well and deserve to go through, but we rolled and bent over for them.
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    Let’s ignore the fact it’s scientifically proven that the egg came first And although I’m a sore loser, congrats team chicken!
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    Probably. Either way, if you go and play Smash Bros. online on Wii U or 3DS right now, chances of it being an unplayable mess are somewhere between slim and none.
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    Ah I see, I misunderstood the word "finished", which isn't surprising considering it is you who brought that up
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    This is something I've also noticed on various podcasts. I mean, if you were enjoying the game so much then why stop playing it for another game? I can understand if its a long haul of a game, like an RPG or something, but a lot of games have campaigns of only about 7-10 hours.
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    Lucky is a really relaxing game. It's not ground breaking by any means but it's a decent game to play when you're tired but want to actually play something. It certainly doesn't require high levels of concentration! It's decent enough though.
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    I remember back in the GameCube days I bought Eternal Darkness and Starfox Adventures on the same day (they may have been released on the same day in fact, or perhaps a week apart) either way in the end Starfox suffered as I was playing both every evening until eventually I got fed up of making no progress in either and focussed on one. I said to @nekunando yesterday listening to Podcast Unlocked whenever one of them brings up a game that they love, the other invariably say "I played a couple of hours of it, enjoyed it, meaning to get back to it..." Fair enough they probably have a lot of games on their plates, but still I agree with you, how can you form judgement or, even, enjoy a game after only a few hours? I get "parking games" like me with Yooka on Switch; I've played 16 odd hours I think, 90 Pagies so not quite seen the final boss yet, but I've enjoyed it and will go back to it and feel I've played enough to know I'll enjoy finishing it off eventually. In OOT you'd probably just have got to the Great Deku Tree in an hour or so (first time); that's barely scratched the surface. To go back to Lucky, it actually felt like a good fit for me, baring in mind what we spoke about in the MH thread last week; short, snappyish levels and worlds, more to do if you want it and a good feeling of progression already.
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    Back to the positivity in this thread... So i activated my game pass trial last night, with a week to go before Sea of Thieves. Also fancied a go on a few of the games on there already, starting with Super Lucky's Tale...consider me a fan like @Aneres11 and @Josh64! It has its limitations, a few bugs here and there, and I'm not sure how I would have felt having paid £20 for it...but I've really enjoyed the atmosphere its created so far! In my head this is what I imagine Conker 64 would have been before it became Bad Fur Day. I wouldn't say it does anything particularly original, but it is full of joy and I've just finished off the first two worlds this morning. Hoping to get it finished tonight when my lad is asleep again, providing it carries on the same trajectory of level lay outs. Like MH on Xbox though, the achievements give a way just how much people have played the game; I got a rare achievement, under 10% of those who have played it...have beaten the second world boss! Shocking statistic.
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    Didn't pick this up for Wii U, so this'll be day one for me (Switch).
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    Netflix and Prime video would be nice too.
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    It's not a feature I use much on the PS4 ( think i've only got the one where I store the random apps that I cant delete ) but for the Wii U and 3DS they are great due to the Virtual Console being a thing. Having a little folder for each console looked great on the home menu.
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    The actual playing part works great in Splatoon 2 and MK. It’s the rest of the service that needs sorting. Parking voice chat for one moment but not even being able to send text based messages to friends is just so annoying.
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    Not even folders, what a waste of time. I need folders dammit!
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    While I don't deny it would be nice to have some of these features, anything that clogged up the UI being so quick and accessible would be a step backwards from such a slick experience when you boot up. Nightmares about that initial Wii U UI... Saying that, I'd like to see the WiFi connect from sleeping mode alot quicker, feels like it takes a good minute or two to log on; whereas say I can unlock my phone and load up a website (N-E, obviously) straight away
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    That's pretty much what I've come to expect from the Switch updates (and the Switch in general). Disappointment. I just want home menu customization... themes, folders... heck, I'd be happy to just get proper sorting and organizing options. But I'm starting to lose hope we'll ever get any of that... EDIT: At least the news filtering is good, I guess.
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    Finally seen the credits after 110 hours - but I'm still only HR29. The monsters could have been more varied. It may as well have been called Dragon Hunter. The non-dragon monsters were pretty cool though. The only one I hated was the wind one. Even with flash pods it was hideous! Still playing as much as humanly possible. Looking forward to the DLC.
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    You may or may not remember my previous post about going for two jobs - one in the same company I've been at for 11 years and one for the police on a bit of a whim? Well as I posted a few weeks back, I was offered the police one and had to do a load of medical and reference forms for them. In the interim, I had an interview for anotjer team leader position back on my old department. New team they were putting in. I had my interview for that like two weeks after the police offering me the job. I was interviewed by people I knew but had moved out of the dept for progression at anotjer site which sadly never happened. Anyway, I got that job too! And that was the one I wanted as it is a permanent role (police was 12 months contract with no guarantee of permanent job at the end) so I'm chuffed to bits! It means I also don't have to mess about with my pension and holiday allowances and sick pay and shares etc. All good. Start date of 9th April. Can't wait!
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    I've just watched the video and hope some action is taken against the driver, assuming that he is the one filming the incident. Carragher was stupid to react and should have just wound the window back up. Spitting is disgusting and is horrible. But, the driver is just an absolute prick for going about it that way. Caused a problem and created a situation that just didn't need creating in the first place.
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    Looking forward to this. Won't be able to play it on release...it might even be a summer game. But, it just looks so lovely. Why won't they release the first game on the PS4?!
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    You can download a one year anniversary dynamic theme available for free on the store. That made me realize I've actually used the same Horizon theme for over a year now. I actually like that one better but I'll switch it up for now.
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    https://nintendoeverything.com/shantae-the-pirates-curse-coming-to-switch-out-next-week/ Not a huge surprise (it was inevitable), but I'm glad to see the best Shantae game come to Switch! Hopefully we'll also see Risky's Revenge join it soon.
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    My head hurts just from reading that! I don't blame you for wanting something simpler! The above is pretty much everything I don't like about traditional fighting games. Gimme something like SoulCalibur or Pokken over that any day! Shame, because the sprite work is just amazing!
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    Some of these are fantastic.
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    Yup. And my second cousin's, brother's former roommate too.
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    Interesting Zelda numbers. I wonder if that's the Wii U split.
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    Taken this from Go Nintendo, the top selling Switch games for its first year in Japan: 1. Splatoon 2 – 1,995,731 2. Super Mario Odyssey – 1,529,207 3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 1,292,299 4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 785,285 5. 1-2-Switch – 338,401 6. ARMS – 329,050 7. Monster Hunter XX – 222,620 8. Pokken Tournament DX – 207,029 9. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – 168,271 10. Super Bomberman R – 134,844 11. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – 134,546 12. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – 107,595 13. FIFA 18 – 74,927 14. Fire Emblem Warriors – 67,162 15. Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2 – 67,059 16. Puyo Puyo Tetris – 64,637 17. Seiken Densetsu Collection – 54,350 18. Snipperclips Plus – 53,198 19. Sumikko Gurashi: Sumikko Park he Youkoso – 49,919 20: Snipperclips (download card version) – 38,429 They do love their Splatoon!
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    I couldn't disagree with this post more.
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    The combat is indeed shite. However, it's a hell of a game with excellent world building and story.
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    Well I wouldn't go that far. I still thought it was a fantastic game, but the pacing of the story was a bit off, and it went on for too long. It could have almost filled two normal games worth of story; I just didn't want to play two similar games back-to-back. I almost never play rpg games, so I can't compare the combat, but it felt a bit dull. However, it might have got better with a different skill tree? I don't know.
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    Straight from ResetEra. Three PS4 exclusives in the top 10 is impressive. Could happen again next year with GoW, Spiderman, Days Gone and/or Spyro (if that's exclusive). Oh...and GTA fucking V. 1 million last year? It came out in 2013...