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    Not enough people in crazy fantasy land for my liking let's fix that... 1. Waluigi Should've been in Smash from Melee, it's definitely time for him to be playable now. Another appearance as an assist trophy just ain't gonna cut it, I want to experience true Mario bros. vs Wario bros. Smash battles! 2. Tingle The perfect character to join the playable Smash roster. Why? Because pretty much everyone hates him! The cool people (like myself ) who can appreciate the awesomeness of Tingle will get to play as a character they love, and the haters will get to enjoy beating him up! It's win-win. 3. Birdo See above. 4. Drake Redcrest This was going to be Captain Rainbow, but seeing as his game never made it out of Japan I decided to go with another Skip Ltd. creation. Obviously Chibi-Robo himself should be the most likely candidate but he would look seriously weird scaled up to match the other characters. Probably not as weird as Bayonetta looked after they messed with her proportions, but not far off. 5. Judd The inklings are obviously in, so might as well add some more Splatoon goodness in the form of Judd the cat. His flag move is just crying out to be a side smash attack, and if Duck Hunt Duo are still in the game it's only right that we get a feline rival for them. 6. Jimmy T. Definitely time for some more substantial WarioWare representation in Smash, and I think Jimmy would be a great choice. He could keep stuff inside his afro (a la Villager's pocket) and the opportunity for amusing taunts is right there too. "Aww, yeah!!" 7. 9-Volt Another WarioWare character you say? Hey, if Fire Emblem can get a million characters in Smash, it's only fair we see some more from other Nintendo franchises as well. 9-Volt has so much potential as a Smash fighter, they'd basically be able to make use of the entire retro library for his move set! 8. Karate Joe After more from WarioWare we're going to need something from its spiritual successor too, right? Karate Joe was actually my vote on the Smash ballot, and I still reckon he would make for a great newcomer. Not only does his role in Rhythm Tengoku lend itself perfectly to Smash, for the Final Smash they could use the Karate Man mini-game, just replace the key beat targets with opponents. 9. Ulala Moving on from Nintendo stuff but sticking with the rhythm genre, another much wanted addition for me would be Space Channel 5's Ulala. Again there's just loads of potential for cool moves, not to mention the sheer excellence it would bring to the soundtrack! 10. Hatsune Miku (chibi-version) OK, this one is especially out there seeing as it's not really a video game character, but anything is possible in crazy fantasy land! Would have to be the cute version of Miku from the Project Mirai games though, much better fit for Smash. 11. Goemon Were it not for the fact Konami completely abandoned the amazing Mystical Ninja franchise and relegated Goemon and Co. to bloody Pachinko machines in Japan this could and should've happened already. As it stands Goemon is no doubt the least likely character on my entire list, if you can believe that. He would've been fantastic in Smash though, and imagine using Impact for a Final Smash! 12. Kazuma Kiryu And last but not least, another super impossible "prediction" (lol) in the form of Kiryu from the Yakuza series. With those games finally starting to get more popular in the west, and with Nintendo fans having been introduced to the character via Project X Zone 2, Kiryu could've been a great addition to Smash as one of the more "realistic" fighters. An insane amount of moves to bring over from Yakuza as well, including the Heat system... would've been sweet. So they be my choices, I look forward to achieving last place in this prediction competition. But not as much as I look forward to finally playing Super Smash Bros. on Switch!!
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    Just be careful of games that require the ZL Button. Because the GC controller can't do that. I hope they carry on with the guest artist thing Smash 4 did for it's newcomers. There was some proper concentrated awesome there. I always get a good laugh that Villager is on the evil side of the Bayo artwork.
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    NEWCOMERS: 1. Ice Climbers, a no-brainer really. They're definitely coming back. 2. Travis Touchdown, Suda has expressed multiple times that he wants him in badly, and with his new game coming to the Switch this one seems very likely. 3. Paper Mario, I am just as amazed as Glen-i that he still is not a fighter yet. Mt. Game&Watch needs a proper rival! There was a Paper Mario stage in the 3DS version, but this series deserves more since it has so many memorable characters. 4. Professor Layton, with 6 games bringing sons and their mothers together for a bit of puzzling on the (3)DS, 2 movies, and Layton's daughter embarking on her own adventures, I think one of Level-5's most iconic characters is due for his debut. 5. Cranky Kong, I feel good about another addition in the Kong family getting in the arena. It could just as well be Dixie or Funky, or even all three, but I'm just putting Cranky up here. 6. Wolf, I think he might be coming back as well. 7. Rayman, I couldn't think of any other character that would be the first to represent a 3rd party Western studio. Ubisoft has consistently stood by Nintendo's side even through some hard times, and with Rayman Legends having been exclusive for a while, and now with the Rabbids cross-over I DO HOPE we will get Rayman in Smash and not a tower of Rabbids. SO HELP ME GOD if the Rabbids get chosen over Rayman, so help me god... 8. Heihachi Mishima: With Namco Bandai most likely helping out again, they want this to happen. This is of course, assuming we'll get most of the characters from the previous Smash back instead of some kind of light reboot. 9. Captain Toad, seems like something likely. 10. Decidueye, this big ass owl is a cool candidate, but they might go for a Gen 8 one. It's always hard to predict Pokémon. 11. Amaterasu, with the recent reveal of Okami coming to the Switch, and given Platinum's good relationship with Nintendo, I can see this happen, though I do not know if Capcom owns this character or if Platinum does. But there's nothing a little late night drink at the bar between Platinum and Capcom execs can't solve 12. New Fire Emblem character, haven't played anything Fire Emblem related after Awakening, but I'm sure a character or two from the newer games will get in. 13. Bomberman, basing this solely on the new Bomberman game on the Switch. It seems Konami still has some fight left in them and given their strong bond with Nintendo systems back in the day I could see this happen. 14. Simon Belmont, A character with a whip, Sakurai! A WHIP! Though the franchise has kind of fallen into obscurity, so this one is less likely unfortunately. Still, something Castlevania related should still be in Smash. 15. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: RIDLEY!!! Sakurai knows the demand is there, just get Samus her archnemesis in there already! ----------------------------------------------------------- I'm not sure if the development time of this new Smash game for Switch has been sufficient enough to be optimistic about most if not all characters returning. But boy do I hope he won't cut too many!
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    I am not really feeling this! Anything but my glorious British second main!
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    Maaan, just getting more of this: Excites me in a way no grown man should ever be excited I really hope we'll get some sort of Subspace Emissary type story mode again, so that we won't just get to have glorious newcomer introductions, but also some amazing cinematic footage in the game. Some of the shots are just screaming to be made into a poster or painting or something: It's just astounding how much Sakurai and co. manage to put in this franchise. I feel bad not having been able to purchase Smash WiiU, but I am all game for the Switch!
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    Pretty lame that it doesn't come with the DLC, considering how late the port is coming... It's still a great game mind you! Even if you're not a fan of the show, the gameplay is actually still well worth your time. Stick of Truth and Fractured But Whole are surprisingly good RPGs with some pretty great battle systems (ripped off from Paper Mario and Radiant Historia respectively). Easily some of the best licensed games ever made; and for fans of the show? They're pretty much the best thing you could ever hope for! They capture the look, feel and spirit of the show perfectly and are riotously funny! @BowserBasher Considering that they did include Stick of Truth for free with pre-orders for FBW on all other platforms, I'd be shocked if they don't do the same thing here...
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    Damn, didn't realise there was a vinyl edition for this. It didn't cross my mind to check Square Enix's store this time around after the original's limited edition was the exact same everywhere. Bit gutted I've missed out but put myself on the waiting list in the hopes more become available. Would love the vinyl especially as Daughter did a good job with the soundtrack for the game.
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    You may or may not remember my previous post about going for two jobs - one in the same company I've been at for 11 years and one for the police on a bit of a whim? Well as I posted a few weeks back, I was offered the police one and had to do a load of medical and reference forms for them. In the interim, I had an interview for anotjer team leader position back on my old department. New team they were putting in. I had my interview for that like two weeks after the police offering me the job. I was interviewed by people I knew but had moved out of the dept for progression at anotjer site which sadly never happened. Anyway, I got that job too! And that was the one I wanted as it is a permanent role (police was 12 months contract with no guarantee of permanent job at the end) so I'm chuffed to bits! It means I also don't have to mess about with my pension and holiday allowances and sick pay and shares etc. All good. Start date of 9th April. Can't wait!
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    Good to see you remain a cultured man of good taste.
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    I legitimately laughed out loud when I first saw that textbox. It's hard to put into words the many layers of absurdity present in that screenshot alone. Firstly, that's part of the one-time tutorial. She teaches you the concept of basic hits, jumping and rolling, and then suddenly she starts asking you to cancel moves into other moves until it culminates on that. All of this lasts 20 minutes, and it was the first mode I chose when starting the game; Funniest thing is, she's not even explaining something that complex: she's just naming his moves! For some reason I cannot possibly fathom, they left Kyo's moves untranslated, leading to the mess you see there. All she's saying is "Do a Lv.2 Fireball Super, and perform your Lv.3 Super while that one's hitting". But I guess that would be too clear and concise; Can I just say that the move she's asking me to do is crazy hard to pull off? Kyo launches that fireball faster than a bullet, and you have to input your Lv.3 Super (a double Hadouken) exactly when it hits the enemy. I thought I was doing something wrong, but no, my timing was just off every time. A quick google search told me a lot of players were stumped here; The icing on top of the cake? The mechanic she's teaching me about is 1000x easier to do with most other characters. Kyo's version just so happens to demand nigh-impossible execution. But I can't use anybody else, the tutorial has to be with the one character that requires perfect timing (and whose moves are untranslated); The cherry on top of the cake is that the mechanic is useless in casual play. It requires you to have 5 bars, which is highly unlikely (considering the bajillion ways you can spend meter in this game) unless you're intentionally filling it up, and since it takes 5 bars, you only get one shot at it; I reiterate: this section was made for beginners. At this point, I ain't even mad. I'm legitimately impressed that such an otherwise competent and polished game could be this bad at showing new players how to play it.
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    Life is Strange: Before the Storm Vinyl Edition. I don't have a record player, CD soundtrack is in there too though. Missed the DPD delivery on Friday so it got delievered today
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    The previews of the game are glowing. https://www.resetera.com/threads/ni-no-kuni-2-final-preview-day-before-release.28986/ Can't wait!
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    https://nintendoeverything.com/shantae-the-pirates-curse-coming-to-switch-out-next-week/ Not a huge surprise (it was inevitable), but I'm glad to see the best Shantae game come to Switch! Hopefully we'll also see Risky's Revenge join it soon.
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    My head hurts just from reading that! I don't blame you for wanting something simpler! The above is pretty much everything I don't like about traditional fighting games. Gimme something like SoulCalibur or Pokken over that any day! Shame, because the sprite work is just amazing!
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    Yeah, although it would also be funny if they instead punished bad timing by having it do no damage at all.
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    This is just inspired! I love the idea @RedShell! And they have all the alternative versions from the four Rhythm Paradise games to pick for his movesets and costumes too! Of course... they'd have to have it so that if you attack in time to the stage's music, he does extra damage
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    Some of these are fantastic.
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    This is still the GOAT reveal for me.
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    Yup. And my second cousin's, brother's former roommate too.
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    I finally managed to beat both Diablos and Rathalos this evening, solo... still using the origin armour too. Planning on going for Rathalos armour next, after I've progressed the story a bit more.
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    This thread needs some more negativity. Yesterday I downloaded the Sea of Thieves open beta with no problems (unfortunately I missed the beta period. Oops.) Today, trying to do almost anything on the console including play games or watch Netflix results in error code 0x800401fb which apparently is an error code that doesn’t fucking exist. Google turns up a few results of posts similar to mine from last year. It literally just fixed itself about 10 seconds after typing this post....what in the fuck. In other good good news I saw yesterday that Turok 2 is on the console complete with 16 player multiplayer soooo that’s kind of awesome.
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    Due to some major changes in my life, I haven't gamed much lately. I've played a grand total of two new games in the past couple of months. The first one is Edge, a very cheap game on the 3DS eShop, which looked like an okay puzzle game from Two Tribes. Unfortunately, it was not a puzzle game at all, but a platformer where you roll a cube through an obstacle course to the exit. The levels kinda resemble the floating islands in Captain Toad, except white, cubical and bland. I think the appeal of that game is supposed to be speedrunning, but there's nothing about it that I liked. Also, I hate how it controls. I played 10 levels before uninstalling the thing. I'm mentioning it here because I rarely drop a game willfully (it's usually because I slowly lose interest, or because the game goes on for too long), but this one made me want to bury it forever. On a more positive note: The King of Fighters XIII Remember how I was going through key games of the series? I didn't drop this one, it just took me longer to beat. For various reasons. So, after SNK Playmore regained control of their properties in 2003, the NESTS arc with K' was done, a perfect opportunity to continue the series with a fresh start. As such, they started a new "saga" with KOF 2003 (tenth game in the series), with a new protagonist, the more cocky, arrogant and villainous Gary Oak Ash Crimson. However, the decline of Arcade gaming, along with SNK's precarious financial position, really affected the company, and they couldn't release yearly entries of KOF anymore. They dropped the old naming conventions, and only in 2005 did they release King of Fighters XI. After that, SNK turned to Pachinko machines to stay afloat, but their desire to return to traditional gaming burned bright, and they knew they needed to reinvent themselves if they were to stay relevant. They toyed with a 3D spin-off (KOF: Maximum Impact), but it was awful, so they instead decided to jump into the realm of HD spritework. And so they worked tirelessly to release the exciting conclusion to the Tales of Ash, but... this new gorgeous artstyle takes a lot of time and resources. They released KOF XII in this style back in 2009 (because they had to release something), but it was obviously incomplete, with a small roster and non-existent story. Heck, at the time they actually had to promise the "real" complete game would be coming at a later date. And it did, as KOF XIII was released in 2010 (2011 on consoles), to the cheers of fighting game fans everywhere. SNK was back, and ready to take the fight to Street Fighter IV. (Unfortunately, development for such a high-quality game was so expensive, they realised the series couldn't continue in this direction. King of Fighters XIV would go on to have a 3D look that, while passable, doesn't hold a candle to these sprites) Needless to say, the game's presentation is off the charts, with high quality artwork, beautiful animated sprites, and backgrounds with more detail than I ever thought possible. It's actually really hard to convey how good it looks with just images or gifs. Any given background has 20+ individuals with unique mannerisms, every sprite moving as smoothly as the ones I'm posting here, in the middle of a fluid fight with no slowdowns. And have I mentioned there's alternate costumes, and even a robust colour customization mode? It allows you to do some cool things, like recolour individual arms and legs, or make a character more tanned, or recolour skin so that it looks like skin-tight clothing (or vice versa, ya pervert). There's even character endings with slightly animated CGs. It's a very good-looking game, and very polished, too. And the music is just as good (Team Yagami strikes again), with a healthy mix of jazz, rock, and a few other genres. I don't think there's a single bad track in the game, and they even give you the option to use tracks from '03 or XI. Pretty neat fanservice. Seriously, those ladies in the background are hilarious in motion Now, the other two games I played were celebratory games of their respective arcs, but the Tales of Ash have no such luxury, due to the difficult development it had. KOF XIII's reduced roster ("only" 36 characters) serves as the definitive game of this era. But unlike the other two games I played, this one actually has the story within the game itself. A quick recap: It's very confusing, as I needed to look up what the hell happened with the villain in the climax (in fact, I'm not sure if I understand it yet), but it's a decent concept. The story mode itself is short and sweet (like, 15-20 minutes for a single run), but it allows you to follow the perspective of multiple characters/factions like a flowchart. Neat idea, with the only issue being that the story deals with concepts too complicated for this type of game. Sadly, the Engrish of yore is gone, replaced with genuine wit and good writing and endearing characterisation and shit. All bells and whistles to cover up the fact that none of the translators were ballsy enough to use daring words like Intensetaneous! In all seriousness, the interactions between characters are the real highlight of the story here. It makes the entire cast look friendly with one another, which is surprisingly rare when we consider that fighting game stories tend to involve a bunch of assholes who hate each other enough to engage in battle every 5 seconds. Here, we get friendly/flirty/provocative conversations before sanctioned matches, and we definitely grow more attached to these characters and their relationships as a result. Of note, there is unique dialogue for every character pair in the game, plus unique dialogue for the bosses, and even unique victory quotes (so, 666 unique character conversations, plus 72 unique boss convos, and 1368 victory quotes). It's nothing earth-shattering, but considering the Engrish mess SNK used to be, the fact that they managed to go from barely having coherent sentences to a consistently competent level of writing is truly astounding. And if that wasn't enough, the story mode gives us even more dialogue, with fully fleshed out conversations between teams (for example, when the Art of Fighting and Women's team meet, we get a gigantic family fight). And of course, the hilariously silly endings (Psycho Rangers!). Still, I need to address the elephant in the room: the gameplay ...Can I have my Intensetaneous Smash back, please? So far, the KOF series has done a good job at being accessible enough that a few basic moves are enough to have fun, even if advanced players can come up with insane strategies and lengthy combos with perfect timing. However, this game seems to cater exclusively to the seasoned players. You have two different meters (one for Supers, one for cancels), multiple ways of cancelling moves into each other, EX moves, all alongside the "advanced" moves the previous games already offered... But this time, the game expects you to know that all off the bat. In Arcade mode, you get extra meter if you fulfill small tasks, such as jumping 3 times, hitting 3 normal moves... or cancelling a move into a super move (which requires precise timing and quick execution). And the movelists have few normal moves, because it expects EX moves to be part of the moveset. It all feels so overwhelming, and while part of it is the popularity of Street Fighter IV (which normalized EX moves, multiple meters, and so on), SNK has always been bad at teaching their audience how to play their games. I had a really hard time understanding how to properly interact with these systems, and I didn't feel like I "got it" until after I had already unlocked most endings. Hence why it took me so long to beat this, it was hard to get into, and I'm fresh off from playing other games in the series! Afterwards, I tried to play online and got my derriére handed to me by people who actually knew combos The game's definitely fun, and I'm not too shabby at reading my opponents, but they can punish me far better than I can punish them. I believe you mean "scrubs" All things considered, I still had great fun with the game, and I can always respect a highly-polished product. Too bad the game wasn't made for my skill level... but from what I understand, King of Fighters XIV is much better in this regard. One day, I'll give that one a whirl. And as for the series itself, I'm really glad I gave it a chance. It was a fascinating journey, to delve into SNK's history throughout its flagship series. Just wish I was better at it (Sprites taken from Fightersgeneration.com)
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    I've been thinking about that again this week, @V. Amoleo, and I reckon I'll check the Wii Shop Channel tonight to see if I wish to make any final purchases. If we knew what was in store for the Switch VC I'd maybe be done but as it stands the Wii is still the most all-encompassing Nintendo console and its fridge deserves to be filled!
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    Hadn't taken part in a splatfest for so long, I'd forgotten just how cool that night time setting is and the buzz around Inkopolis!
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    You mean, like the last two entries? There's clearly some kind of fanbase for this game, a small one, but one. Also, this series has some of the best character designs I've seen from Nintendo in a long time. You do it a disservice with insults like that. I mean, it had the original Squid Sniper. Splatoon came out 2 years after this, the blatant thieves.
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    I've played this game quite a lot and I still don't even know what a crown is. Where do you guys find all the time for this?
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    Good old Monster Hunter... did a shit load of Anja hunts tonight and not a single Plate to be found!