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    So, as expected by everyone, that whole Inkling shot in the teaser is quickly becoming a meme. These are probably my favourites so far.
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    I don't care if i'm the Alan Davies of this but I discussed this with @Glen-i and goodness I just couldn't help myself. Shantae ( Shantae ) With the release of half genie hero and it's recent popularity I feel that she would fit in well. someone else need's to use they luxurious locks as a deadly weapon! Crash ( Crash bandicoot ) A week ago I would be laughing at myself for thinking of Crash in smash, However with the Hd remakes getting ported it seems likely! King K rool ( DKC series ) IT WOULD BE ABOUT BLOODY TIME! shovel knight ( shovel knight ) Butt butt heh heh heh... Frisk ( Undertale ) Yes i'm crazy...I love undertale a little too much...However thinking about it... Wart ( Super Mario ) COME ON! Cranky ( DKC series ) PLEASE Decidueye ( Pokemon ) I need some points Dillon ( Dillon's rolling western ) HE NEEDS THIS! Pauline ( Mario series ) Now this is a interesting one. She'd be similar in the sense that she would represent Odyssey, like Rosalina represented Galaxy. ( Also snuffing Daisy out once again ) Isaac ( Golden sun ) A much loved series that really does get over shadowed. There are so many options with Psynergy moves that would set him aside from just another sword user. Yooka laylee ( Yooka laylee ) Need I explain? Marx ( Kirby series ) Another one I would of laughed at a week ago. His recent add to Kirby star allies however got me thinking.. Porky ( Mother series ) Upgrading from his boss appearance in brawl to an actual character?! No he wouldn't be in his machine all the time. It would be like Wario and his bike. One destroyed you would need a cool down period before you can use it once again. His move set would be average at best to counteract the awesome mecha form. Lyn ( Fire Emblem ) again it would be about bloody time... Simon Belmont ( Castlevania ) A whip user alone would be a nice add, There are so many thing that he could do though! the sub-weapons alone would make for in interesting move set! Alucard ( Castlevania ) Vampires are lacking in this game Rex ( Xenoblade 2 ) Pretty self explanitory Ice climbers ( Ice climbers ) just yes Wolf ( Starfox series ) AWOOOOOOO Stages Undertale battle screen ( Undertale ): If we don't get a character then a stage please! This would act in a similar to spear pillar in Brawl. A random enemy/Boss would effect the stage with different obstacles players must avoid! Ruined Kingdom ( Mario Odyssey ) This area alone is just just epic...it would make for a good stage... it would work as an Omega stage, and the normal stage would have a nice little surprise...Rawr Inkopolis square ( Splatoon 2 ) : Splatoon need's a stage now. With Inkling now a total thing in smash it's kinda obvious they'll have a stage too! Why not better then the main hub? This would/could have different versions! the normal version and then the splat fest rave version! I would say there could also be posts from miiverse like in the game...but...
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    I'm going to sound like a broken record but we're now approaching the last 14 days so I think another reminder is in order. You will not be able to buy Wii Shop Points past Monday 26th March 2018.
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    Hadn't taken part in a splatfest for so long, I'd forgotten just how cool that night time setting is and the buzz around Inkopolis!
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    @Glen-i DMX bark Button bitch!!!! woof woof grrrrrrrrrrrr arf arf
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    Due to some major changes in my life, I haven't gamed much lately. I've played a grand total of two new games in the past couple of months. The first one is Edge, a very cheap game on the 3DS eShop, which looked like an okay puzzle game from Two Tribes. Unfortunately, it was not a puzzle game at all, but a platformer where you roll a cube through an obstacle course to the exit. The levels kinda resemble the floating islands in Captain Toad, except white, cubical and bland. I think the appeal of that game is supposed to be speedrunning, but there's nothing about it that I liked. Also, I hate how it controls. I played 10 levels before uninstalling the thing. I'm mentioning it here because I rarely drop a game willfully (it's usually because I slowly lose interest, or because the game goes on for too long), but this one made me want to bury it forever. On a more positive note: The King of Fighters XIII Remember how I was going through key games of the series? I didn't drop this one, it just took me longer to beat. For various reasons. So, after SNK Playmore regained control of their properties in 2003, the NESTS arc with K' was done, a perfect opportunity to continue the series with a fresh start. As such, they started a new "saga" with KOF 2003 (tenth game in the series), with a new protagonist, the more cocky, arrogant and villainous Gary Oak Ash Crimson. However, the decline of Arcade gaming, along with SNK's precarious financial position, really affected the company, and they couldn't release yearly entries of KOF anymore. They dropped the old naming conventions, and only in 2005 did they release King of Fighters XI. After that, SNK turned to Pachinko machines to stay afloat, but their desire to return to traditional gaming burned bright, and they knew they needed to reinvent themselves if they were to stay relevant. They toyed with a 3D spin-off (KOF: Maximum Impact), but it was awful, so they instead decided to jump into the realm of HD spritework. And so they worked tirelessly to release the exciting conclusion to the Tales of Ash, but... this new gorgeous artstyle takes a lot of time and resources. They released KOF XII in this style back in 2009 (because they had to release something), but it was obviously incomplete, with a small roster and non-existent story. Heck, at the time they actually had to promise the "real" complete game would be coming at a later date. And it did, as KOF XIII was released in 2010 (2011 on consoles), to the cheers of fighting game fans everywhere. SNK was back, and ready to take the fight to Street Fighter IV. (Unfortunately, development for such a high-quality game was so expensive, they realised the series couldn't continue in this direction. King of Fighters XIV would go on to have a 3D look that, while passable, doesn't hold a candle to these sprites) Needless to say, the game's presentation is off the charts, with high quality artwork, beautiful animated sprites, and backgrounds with more detail than I ever thought possible. It's actually really hard to convey how good it looks with just images or gifs. Any given background has 20+ individuals with unique mannerisms, every sprite moving as smoothly as the ones I'm posting here, in the middle of a fluid fight with no slowdowns. And have I mentioned there's alternate costumes, and even a robust colour customization mode? It allows you to do some cool things, like recolour individual arms and legs, or make a character more tanned, or recolour skin so that it looks like skin-tight clothing (or vice versa, ya pervert). There's even character endings with slightly animated CGs. It's a very good-looking game, and very polished, too. And the music is just as good (Team Yagami strikes again), with a healthy mix of jazz, rock, and a few other genres. I don't think there's a single bad track in the game, and they even give you the option to use tracks from '03 or XI. Pretty neat fanservice. Seriously, those ladies in the background are hilarious in motion Now, the other two games I played were celebratory games of their respective arcs, but the Tales of Ash have no such luxury, due to the difficult development it had. KOF XIII's reduced roster ("only" 36 characters) serves as the definitive game of this era. But unlike the other two games I played, this one actually has the story within the game itself. A quick recap: It's very confusing, as I needed to look up what the hell happened with the villain in the climax (in fact, I'm not sure if I understand it yet), but it's a decent concept. The story mode itself is short and sweet (like, 15-20 minutes for a single run), but it allows you to follow the perspective of multiple characters/factions like a flowchart. Neat idea, with the only issue being that the story deals with concepts too complicated for this type of game. Sadly, the Engrish of yore is gone, replaced with genuine wit and good writing and endearing characterisation and shit. All bells and whistles to cover up the fact that none of the translators were ballsy enough to use daring words like Intensetaneous! In all seriousness, the interactions between characters are the real highlight of the story here. It makes the entire cast look friendly with one another, which is surprisingly rare when we consider that fighting game stories tend to involve a bunch of assholes who hate each other enough to engage in battle every 5 seconds. Here, we get friendly/flirty/provocative conversations before sanctioned matches, and we definitely grow more attached to these characters and their relationships as a result. Of note, there is unique dialogue for every character pair in the game, plus unique dialogue for the bosses, and even unique victory quotes (so, 666 unique character conversations, plus 72 unique boss convos, and 1368 victory quotes). It's nothing earth-shattering, but considering the Engrish mess SNK used to be, the fact that they managed to go from barely having coherent sentences to a consistently competent level of writing is truly astounding. And if that wasn't enough, the story mode gives us even more dialogue, with fully fleshed out conversations between teams (for example, when the Art of Fighting and Women's team meet, we get a gigantic family fight). And of course, the hilariously silly endings (Psycho Rangers!). Still, I need to address the elephant in the room: the gameplay ...Can I have my Intensetaneous Smash back, please? So far, the KOF series has done a good job at being accessible enough that a few basic moves are enough to have fun, even if advanced players can come up with insane strategies and lengthy combos with perfect timing. However, this game seems to cater exclusively to the seasoned players. You have two different meters (one for Supers, one for cancels), multiple ways of cancelling moves into each other, EX moves, all alongside the "advanced" moves the previous games already offered... But this time, the game expects you to know that all off the bat. In Arcade mode, you get extra meter if you fulfill small tasks, such as jumping 3 times, hitting 3 normal moves... or cancelling a move into a super move (which requires precise timing and quick execution). And the movelists have few normal moves, because it expects EX moves to be part of the moveset. It all feels so overwhelming, and while part of it is the popularity of Street Fighter IV (which normalized EX moves, multiple meters, and so on), SNK has always been bad at teaching their audience how to play their games. I had a really hard time understanding how to properly interact with these systems, and I didn't feel like I "got it" until after I had already unlocked most endings. Hence why it took me so long to beat this, it was hard to get into, and I'm fresh off from playing other games in the series! Afterwards, I tried to play online and got my derriére handed to me by people who actually knew combos The game's definitely fun, and I'm not too shabby at reading my opponents, but they can punish me far better than I can punish them. I believe you mean "scrubs" All things considered, I still had great fun with the game, and I can always respect a highly-polished product. Too bad the game wasn't made for my skill level... but from what I understand, King of Fighters XIV is much better in this regard. One day, I'll give that one a whirl. And as for the series itself, I'm really glad I gave it a chance. It was a fascinating journey, to delve into SNK's history throughout its flagship series. Just wish I was better at it (Sprites taken from Fightersgeneration.com)
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    So I totally didn't see this on ResetEra, think it sounded like fun and shamelessly nick it for N-Europe use. With the Switch version of Smash Bros officially announced in the latest Direct, there's no doubt going to be a steady stream of trailers revealing new characters for the game. Good old Smash hype, you know? So I want to get this going before we know too much about it. I'd like you peeps to predict which characters you think will be playable in the next Smash Bros. When more info starts coming out, we can then compare each others answers and see who is the most grounded in reality and who is right up there in crazy fantasy land. Here's what you should do. Post your list of Smash Bros. Newcomers. Preferably in a numbered list. For each character you successfully predict, you get one point. For every one you get wrong, you lose a point. The difference between the amount of newcomers you predict and the number there actually are will also be deducted from your score. (So if there's 15 newcomers, but you predicted 18, you lose 3 points) Whoever gets the most points wins! Whoever gets a positive score gets major bragging rights. For possible tie breakers, please also list 3 new stages you predict as well. Rules There is no fixed amount to how many characters you can predict, just remember about the penalty you get for being off when it comes to the number of characters. Don't bother listing characters that are playable in the 3DS and WiiU versions of Smash, let's just assume they're in for now. Otherwise, we'll have lists of over 50 characters all over the place. Also, we already know that Inkling and Breath of the Wild Link is in, so don't bother with them. Characters from previous games that were cut in the 3DS/WiiU versions are fair game. So you can put in Ice Climbers, Squirtle and Snake if you wanted. Characters from future games are fine. So saying a Generation 8 Pokemon is perfectly OK. If you think a character will be able to transform or effectively change character mid-battle, you can list them as Character/Character (For example, Zelda/Sheik). If you think a character will function much like Pokemon Trainer in Brawl, then say which characters you think they'd utilise. (For example, Pokemon Trainer [Charizard/Squirtle/Ivysaur]). Just like other characters, you'll get a point for each one you get right. So if only Zelda was in but not Sheik, you'd get 1 point and lose one point, cancelling each other out. No editing your post once the next character reveal happens, you gotta commit! It'd be great if you explained why you think a character has a chance/would be a good candidate for Smash. It'd be nice to get a bit of conversation/arguments going on here as well. Doesn't have to be big, just a sentence or two. If DLC gets announced for this game, then I'll go back and see who wins after we know who gets in through that. Think that about covers it, so I'll get the ball rolling. Brackets indicate the series they're from. My Smash Newcomers Ice Climbers (Ice Climber) - These guys were cut from the latest Smash because of issues with the 3DS version. That's not a problem this time. Wolf (Star Fox) - We've technically had 2 new Star Fox games since the last Smash Bros. So why not bring back Fox's rival? The fact he was in Brawl would help streamline the process of getting him in. Paper Mario (Paper Mario) - Honestly, I'm amazed he's still not in. Paper Mario is still kicking with games coming out on both the 3DS and WiiU. There's potential there, plus he got a stage in the 3DS Smash. Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country) - I think we're due for a new Donkey Kong Rep, and while I'd love K.Rool to get in, I think Dixie is much more likely. Yarn Poochy (Yoshi Series) - Bit of a weird one this, but Yoshi's Woolly World did pretty well and everyone fell in love with Poochy. Would have a moveset based around the wool mechanics in both Yoshi and Kirby's Epic Yarn. Also would be the cutest character in Smash history. Decidueye (Pokemon) - There are many Pokemon from Sun and Moon I think are way better choices, but this seems the most likely. It's popular, and is a grass type, which compliments Charizard and Greninja. Sorry, Alolan Marowak, I still want you in. Fire Emblem Switch Protaganist (Fire Emblem) - Moan all you like, but Japan loves their Fire Emblem, and so does Sakurai. Rex (Xenoblade) - Xenoblade 2 seems to have been quite successful. Rex could utilise some interesting mechanics with Pyra, much like Shulk did with his Monado. Also, more British voices in Smash is a good thing. Chorus Kids (Rhythm Heaven) - One of those characters that almost made the Smash WiiU roster. Good candidate for the weird "WTF?" character. Dillon (Dillon's Rolling Western) - Sure, I was a massive dreamer when I was wishing for him in Smash WiiU, but he's got a retail game coming very soon, plenty of inspiration for a moveset and a suspiciously detailed Assist Trophy model in the last Smash. I think it's time. I just gotta believe! Spring Man (ARMS) - I could see it happening, pretty liked new IP from Nintendo. Why not? Ribbon Girl would be a likely alternate costume. Bomberman (Bomberman) - Smash needs a new 80's throwback and I can see him being a good candidate for new 3rd party rep. Rayman (Rayman) - After the Mario and Rabbids crossover and taking into account that Rayman ended up getting dropped in Smash WiiU, I'd say it's a possibility. Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight) - If there was a character to represent the indie games, it'd be the master of Shovelry. Easy choice there. I think 14 (Plus Inkling) is a nice number to add to this Smash, and any other characters I can think of are too unlikely to risk on this. Tie Breaker Stage Predictions Moray Towers (Splatoon) Miitopia stage New Donk City (Super Mario Odyssey) Well? Go on. Have at it!
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    The bolded one is what I meant. That way, I'd be able to use that beauty with other Switch games. Then again, if an adapter for genuine GC controllers already exists (I didn't know that was a thing!), then I'll probably get a few for my old controllers!
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    You mean, as in a GameCube controller which connects to the Switch in the same way a Pro Controller does? Or just a standard GameCube controller? Because even if it doesn't come bundled, you can still use regular GameCube controllers and even the Wavebird with the Switch right now, if you have the GameCube controller adapter which was originally released for the Wii U. It works really well, but yes I do agree that with Smash coming out on Switch, it would be a good time for Nintendo to make some more GameCube controllers.
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    ...It just occurred to me that Smash Bros might be released alongside a bundle... and that said bundle might include a Gamecube controller. ... I don't want to set myself up for disappointment, but if that happens, I think the SSB launch date is when I finally get a Switch.
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    Here goes, 1. Ice Climbers - No compromise this time. 2. Wolf - makes a comeback. 3. Rex - Unique move set with Pyra and Mythra. If Shulk gets cut because of Rex I'm not bothered. 4. Spring Man - Seems very likely. 5. Fire Emblem Character - A villain from the series. 6. Decidueye - Clearly the best starter of Sun / Moon and has a big following. He plays great in Pokkén DX. 7. Bomberman - same points as @Glen-i. 8. Cranky Kong - If another DK character is going to be in, I want him over Dixie. 9. Dark Samus - The Smash 4 assist trophy just make that playable. 10. Impa - Hyrule Warriors or Skyward Sword version of her. 11. Lloyd Irving - Symphonia still the best game in the series imo. 12. Chun-Li - She was the first female character to the series and I would say she's as iconic as Ryu. 13. King Boo - PLEASE!! Its time we got the King in Smash. Stages 1. Gormott Province - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 2. Shifty Station - Splatoon 2 3. New Donk City - Mario Odyssey
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    It would either be Metroid 4 or Smash Bros in my opinion...and it's not going to be Metroid! They've had two years of success with having a single game as the "focal point" of their e3 booth, so I'm sure it will happen again and, having now announced Smash and with online launching in Sept (presumably with Smash) it'll almost certainly be that! Again, in my opinion
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    Considering that those games were already revealed prior to the E3 at which they they were the centrepiece, and that we’re not expecting any other major announcements from Ninty (and their subsidiaries) until E3, I think Super Smash Bros. is the most likely game to be at the centre of attention this time around. It’s also a much easier game to hop in and out of on the show floor/in a booth than either a new Pokémon or Animal Crossing entry would be. I also expect a Mario Tennis Aces tournament at E3 this year, considering that they held an ARMS one last year (a few days before its release).
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    I meant their booth/E3 layout. Two years ago it was about Zelda and last year Mario. Yeah, they have other games on show but the center piece of the showfloor were those games. I'm wondering what their big push will be, providing that they continue to use that setup.
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    Taken this from Go Nintendo, the top selling Switch games for its first year in Japan: 1. Splatoon 2 – 1,995,731 2. Super Mario Odyssey – 1,529,207 3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 1,292,299 4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 785,285 5. 1-2-Switch – 338,401 6. ARMS – 329,050 7. Monster Hunter XX – 222,620 8. Pokken Tournament DX – 207,029 9. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – 168,271 10. Super Bomberman R – 134,844 11. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – 134,546 12. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – 107,595 13. FIFA 18 – 74,927 14. Fire Emblem Warriors – 67,162 15. Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2 – 67,059 16. Puyo Puyo Tetris – 64,637 17. Seiken Densetsu Collection – 54,350 18. Snipperclips Plus – 53,198 19. Sumikko Gurashi: Sumikko Park he Youkoso – 49,919 20: Snipperclips (download card version) – 38,429 They do love their Splatoon!
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    Yeah, I don’t think we’ll be getting the PS5 for a while yet, simply because of how much Guerrilla and Bluepoint managed to squeeze out of the PS4 with Horizon Zero Dawn and Shadow of the Colossus, respectively. I’m actually not too sure about 2020 as a release year for PS5, though. If the PS4 loses sales momentum and drops off for a while, then putting the PS5 out around then would seem a good idea, and it depends almost entirely on if the consumer base wants - and is ready for - the next and new PlayStation Console. However, if the PS4 continues to sell well, and more and more developers continue to squeeze out what they can from the base model - and then the Pro - I think we could end up actually waiting until the 2021-2023 window for a PS5 release, as console life cycles should, theoretically, only be getting longer from a technological standpoint (not accounting for consumer interest). This is because the visual fidelity of games is already nearing a threshold, and the reason why we’ve been seeing diminishing returns from the visuals of games is because there’s a limit to what the human eye can detect, and also because the observation that the number of of transistors in an integrated circuits doubles over a relatively short period of time (1-2 years; i.e. Moore’s Law) has already been seeing diminishing processing returns since the early 2000s (see below). As the video game industry has been effectively catching up to modern technologies since its inception, and with the end of Moore’s Law nearing (i.e. the point at which we can no longer produce smaller transistors), as well as video game developers having effectively caught up to produce optimal visual results from current systems (be that console or PC), the introduction of new and faster processors with future systems won’t have as much of an impact as it might have before, which means that the industry will have to look elsewhere to continue getting the most out of the modern system. I think this is very likely to be related to more sophisticated AI integration into video gaming (for more efficient asset creation, game rendering, etc.), but, as it takes exponentially longer to produce a sophisticated AI for a video game than it would to simply slip in a new processor, I can see that pushing the next console generation back a fair bit if we are to see more technological leaps made within the industry in the next decade or so with the next set of consoles. We’ll just have to wait and see. We’re at a bit of a tipping point in terms of technological evolution in general, so I think it will definitely be interesting to see which direction PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo — and any other potential console manufacturer — takes next.
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    Thanks man, just as much as I think you deserve Dillon, @Jonnas deserves Muddy Mole and @Ronnie deserves Captain Toad. I’m feeling all Oprah now!
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    To be fair, that's the only exception. I remember it was one of the first things I learned when I joined N-Europe. He said he wasn't interested in Earthbound and I had to ask what about it didn't appeal. And that's when he said he doesn't generally enjoy Turn Based RPG's. Top tier plot twist that.
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    I really hope the next Xenoblade is a turn-based card game.