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    So I totally didn't see this on ResetEra, think it sounded like fun and shamelessly nick it for N-Europe use. With the Switch version of Smash Bros officially announced in the latest Direct, there's no doubt going to be a steady stream of trailers revealing new characters for the game. Good old Smash hype, you know? So I want to get this going before we know too much about it. I'd like you peeps to predict which characters you think will be playable in the next Smash Bros. When more info starts coming out, we can then compare each others answers and see who is the most grounded in reality and who is right up there in crazy fantasy land. Here's what you should do. Post your list of Smash Bros. Newcomers. Preferably in a numbered list. For each character you successfully predict, you get one point. For every one you get wrong, you lose a point. The difference between the amount of newcomers you predict and the number there actually are will also be deducted from your score. (So if there's 15 newcomers, but you predicted 18, you lose 3 points) Whoever gets the most points wins! Whoever gets a positive score gets major bragging rights. For possible tie breakers, please also list 3 new stages you predict as well. Rules There is no fixed amount to how many characters you can predict, just remember about the penalty you get for being off when it comes to the number of characters. Don't bother listing characters that are playable in the 3DS and WiiU versions of Smash, let's just assume they're in for now. Otherwise, we'll have lists of over 50 characters all over the place. Also, we already know that Inkling and Breath of the Wild Link is in, so don't bother with them. Characters from previous games that were cut in the 3DS/WiiU versions are fair game. So you can put in Ice Climbers, Squirtle and Snake if you wanted. Characters from future games are fine. So saying a Generation 8 Pokemon is perfectly OK. If you think a character will be able to transform or effectively change character mid-battle, you can list them as Character/Character (For example, Zelda/Sheik). If you think a character will function much like Pokemon Trainer in Brawl, then say which characters you think they'd utilise. (For example, Pokemon Trainer [Charizard/Squirtle/Ivysaur]). Just like other characters, you'll get a point for each one you get right. So if only Zelda was in but not Sheik, you'd get 1 point and lose one point, cancelling each other out. No editing your post once the next character reveal happens, you gotta commit! It'd be great if you explained why you think a character has a chance/would be a good candidate for Smash. It'd be nice to get a bit of conversation/arguments going on here as well. Doesn't have to be big, just a sentence or two. If DLC gets announced for this game, then I'll go back and see who wins after we know who gets in through that. Think that about covers it, so I'll get the ball rolling. Brackets indicate the series they're from. My Smash Newcomers Ice Climbers (Ice Climber) - These guys were cut from the latest Smash because of issues with the 3DS version. That's not a problem this time. Wolf (Star Fox) - We've technically had 2 new Star Fox games since the last Smash Bros. So why not bring back Fox's rival? The fact he was in Brawl would help streamline the process of getting him in. Paper Mario (Paper Mario) - Honestly, I'm amazed he's still not in. Paper Mario is still kicking with games coming out on both the 3DS and WiiU. There's potential there, plus he got a stage in the 3DS Smash. Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country) - I think we're due for a new Donkey Kong Rep, and while I'd love K.Rool to get in, I think Dixie is much more likely. Yarn Poochy (Yoshi Series) - Bit of a weird one this, but Yoshi's Woolly World did pretty well and everyone fell in love with Poochy. Would have a moveset based around the wool mechanics in both Yoshi and Kirby's Epic Yarn. Also would be the cutest character in Smash history. Decidueye (Pokemon) - There are many Pokemon from Sun and Moon I think are way better choices, but this seems the most likely. It's popular, and is a grass type, which compliments Charizard and Greninja. Sorry, Alolan Marowak, I still want you in. Fire Emblem Switch Protaganist (Fire Emblem) - Moan all you like, but Japan loves their Fire Emblem, and so does Sakurai. Rex (Xenoblade) - Xenoblade 2 seems to have been quite successful. Rex could utilise some interesting mechanics with Pyra, much like Shulk did with his Monado. Also, more British voices in Smash is a good thing. Chorus Kids (Rhythm Heaven) - One of those characters that almost made the Smash WiiU roster. Good candidate for the weird "WTF?" character. Dillon (Dillon's Rolling Western) - Sure, I was a massive dreamer when I was wishing for him in Smash WiiU, but he's got a retail game coming very soon, plenty of inspiration for a moveset and a suspiciously detailed Assist Trophy model in the last Smash. I think it's time. I just gotta believe! Spring Man (ARMS) - I could see it happening, pretty liked new IP from Nintendo. Why not? Ribbon Girl would be a likely alternate costume. Bomberman (Bomberman) - Smash needs a new 80's throwback and I can see him being a good candidate for new 3rd party rep. Rayman (Rayman) - After the Mario and Rabbids crossover and taking into account that Rayman ended up getting dropped in Smash WiiU, I'd say it's a possibility. Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight) - If there was a character to represent the indie games, it'd be the master of Shovelry. Easy choice there. I think 14 (Plus Inkling) is a nice number to add to this Smash, and any other characters I can think of are too unlikely to risk on this. Tie Breaker Stage Predictions Moray Towers (Splatoon) Miitopia stage New Donk City (Super Mario Odyssey) Well? Go on. Have at it!
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    There's a good chance Ridley is hiding somewhere in the dark though.
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    Thanks man, just as much as I think you deserve Dillon, @Jonnas deserves Muddy Mole and @Ronnie deserves Captain Toad. I’m feeling all Oprah now!
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    What!? I dunno how I gave that impression! I just found a more in-depth (Japanese) trailer that got uploaded yesterday. Which might give a better impression on what's in this game. The first two games are action games with a heavy emphasis on Tower Defense. And that seems to be the main focus in this game as well. At least, when you play as Dillon himself. I had the same impression that it looked like a racing game at times, but it seems that's a minigame that helps you practice the new mechanic which looks to be about fighting at high speeds. (Which looks hella fun, by the way) It seems the other main section of the game focuses on your Mii and involves a lot of other smaller games, Poker, running a shop, stuff like that. I imagine this would help you raise cash and make preparations to make Dillon's life easier. Other Mii's can be recruited to man Gun Towers and protect certain parts of a stage. (That's the Tower Defense element) The two eShop games are fun (but difficult) games if you're interested. I'm not gonna claim they're for everyone, due to their difficulty, but this retail game seems to be a lot more feature rich and varied, which is great. The above gameplay trailer makes me want it even more.
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    That's a weird way to spell my name. Anyway, characters: 1.Ice Climbers (Ice Climber) - Just do it, Sakurai. They're great, they have a distinct fighting style, ban them from 8-player matches if you must. They're important mainstays. 2.Twintelle (ARMS) - Going against the grain, here. I figure, since ARMS doesn't have a single, well-defined protagonist, they'll go with the most popular character. 3.Lyn (Fire Emblem) - Are we getting someone new? This time, it better be someone we know is popular. Her flash step fighting style would be mad fun. 4.Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong) - I have a strong feeling this is her time to shine. 5.Dillon ('s Rolling Western) - He looks cool, and he'd be a good representative for the eShop 6.Decidueye (Pokémon) - Glen-i says he's the most likely Pokémon rep, I believe him. Moving on. 7.Captain Toad (Captain Toad) - Don't underestimate the little guy. If Sakurai is feeling inspired, he'll make a moveset for a non-violent person. 8.Sami (Advance Wars) - I wanna believe, man. I wanna. As a Rambo look-alike who actually looks like she'd lead an army from the frontlines, she's the most apt choice for an AW rep. 9.Muddy Mole (Mole Mania) - You want a surprise retro character? Here's a guy who'll steal your cabbages and suplex your balls. Dig it! 10.Rayman - By all means, this is the only new 3rd-party character I realistically see making it to the game... 11.Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury/King of Fighters) - ...but a guy can also dream, right? SNK has been promoting their brand a lot lately, and if Geese can make it to Tekken, anything's possible. 12.Takamaru (Mysterious Murasame Castle) - This thought entered my mind not too long ago. I'm not sure why, but I get the feeling that Sakurai likes this guy. Stages: -Splatoon turf battlefield (I have no idea what these zones are actually called); -Retro-looking Ice Climber area with breakable blocks; -ARMS Colosseum -New Donk City -Hyrule Field (BotW) -Snipperclips stage -Miitopia stage -Jinbe's Cabbage Patch (from Mole Mania's multiplayer mode)
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    You jinxed him, 2-1. He also injured himself scoring that.
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    The Studio Octophones (headwear) have the ink recovery up buff with 3 free slots. The Octo Layered LS (shirt) has the ink saver (main) buff and also 3 free slots. No shoes. Love how they give this to you with a parcel. Cool drop off. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
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    I really hope the next Xenoblade is a turn-based card game.
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    If you check your guild card or monster diary you can see the size of the monsters that you've hunted. It will always record the largest and smallest beats you have killed/caught. If they are small enough you will get a gold mini crown and if they are large enough you will get a gold crown. It's not hard. I go to work for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. When I get back, I go to gym for an hour, have food and then play until i'm knackered. Saturday and Sundays are free days and I only stop gaming if I go to the cinema with the lads or to watch the footy. Honestly, i'm the opposite in that I often wonder how people DON'T have time for stuff like this. One of my brothers has been married for years, has two kids, works crazy hours, travels up and down the country for work, goes to the gym but still has plenty of time to sit in front of the TV and play video games. I guess if something is important to you then you make then time. Just like any hobby really.
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    To hell with Smash Bros. This was the best announcement of the Direct!
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    The GameCube classic is heading to 3DS sometime this year. It's great to see the 3DS still getting this kind of support so late on in it's life.
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    You can get the Alolan starters with their hidden abilities if you have a Pokemon Bank subscription. Incineroar is most notable as it has intimidate as its hidden ability. https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/a-new-bonus-for-pokemon-bank-subscribers/
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    Yeah they totally should or at least use that mechanic in new maps. First time I got caught in it I panicked lol couldn't find a way out then i tried
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    I couldn't disagree with this post more.
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    Why have I never used the "Add Text" feature on the Switch capture before!? Yo, dawgs! Here's da table! Not much to say this week, apart from the 0.1 point difference between @viceview51 and @Dcubed Exciting! Even their total points are remarkably close. Anyway... Next League Night: 15th March 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 IMPORTANT THING! PLEASE READ! Next week's theme is an old N-E League classic inspired by Kirby, whose latest game is coming out next week. Starting out nice and mellow and easy to cope with until we get to the endgame, where it suddenly ratchets up in difficulty. So, we're gonna embrace the Pinkage. The Mii you use must be wearing either a Pink Normal Outfit or the Kirby amiibo outfit. If you don't have a Kirby amiibo, change your Mii's colour to Pink and use the normal outfit. Also, make sure your Mii has the username you normally use. Makes my life easier. Sign up Now!
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    You know, at this point, I want him to get in mostly because I think you deserve it. You're not the first person to suggest Sami take up the reins for Snake's movesets, and at first, I thought it wasn't that much of a good idea, but since then I've kinda warmed to the thought. As long as she's not a complete copy of Snake, I could dig it. Keep Snake's normal and Smash attacks, but have her specials be inspired by the Advance Wars Series, maybe she could have a move that let's her create a temporary base that spawns various units. The longer you hold B, the better the units that spawn, from Infantry to Mid Tanks. And the Neo Tank could make a good Final Smash. Ricky Winterborn might be one of the strangest suggestions I've seen in a while. And I do love me some wacky, silly movesets in Smash. I'd wanna see just how someone could implement Snowboarding and Power Skis into a Smash moveset. It would be a right laugh Oh, and Kuruin Grasslands is totally viable for a Smash stage. After all... Helirin was an Assist Trophy in Brawl.
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    Public beta is up and open to everyone this weekend. Managed to get in yesterday (on PC), but today the servers seem to be full. Hopefully they will fix this by tonight, so I will actually be able to test the game before it releases.
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    If you go to the game page for standalone Splatoon 2 and scroll down, it should appear there.
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    Sorry about that Glen, I meant to reply yesterday. But yes, I would like to maintain my perfect attendance please.
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    Yeah 17.99 in the UK eShop.
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    Now I know these reaction videos can be a tad cringy at times, but I just love it how Smash brings people together. The Smash hype trains is one of the realest hype trains out there. The love for videogames sure is alive and kickin'.
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    The first girl was just trying to reenact that scene from Superbad.
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    Nothing about there being a Tingle game even remotely surprised me. In fact, I would have been very disappointed if there wasn't one.
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    Found it, @Glen-i. I didn't suggest Dillon but I mentioned rumours of Diddy Kong Racing 2 featuring eShop/lesser known characters. Crazy. That was 2 years ago.
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    Some of my earlier D.I.Y. stuff is preserved on YouTube:
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    To be honest its just an old console that I never found all that comfortable and the right stick nub on my new 3DS is just so stupid that it offends me to look at it for too long
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    Having watched the reveal trailer again, I actually nearly had a year in my eye. Nintendo are amazing
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    Looks great. Loving the 80's vibe on that logo. Anyone pre-purchase the DLC? I'm wondering what abilities the bonus gear have.
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    Calling it now - this game will be closer to Smash 64 and Melee than Brawl/Smash 4. There are many reasons I think this (including the way the logo was revealed and the dark aesthetic that the trailer used) but my main reason is that every Nintendo game since the original Splatoon seems to have been built around the "easy to play, hard to master" philosphy that their older software used, and not the Wii/Wii U philosophy of designing a game to be played and enjoyed by casual/non gamers. From the Mario Tennis trailer that we got yesterday to Mario Odyssey's advanced movement (especially coming from 3DW), I'm fairly confident we are going to see a more mechanically advanced game (i.e. more movement options) that will take and expand the core gameplay of 64/Melee with the huge roster of Smash 4. Central to this is the fact that the physics engine will be based around an analogue stick again, so I expect the whole game to feel less stiff.
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    I am so hyped for this. I can’t wait, this was the only Wii U game which had me close to buying one on several occasions. I’ve missed Smash a lot. Really hope the online works and is fully featured then we have close to the perfect competitive multiplayer game.
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    I still find this kind of thing baffling. It's not as if it's some kind of heavy object that needs lifting out, dusting off and plugged in to your TV. If you have one then why not use it? Given you like retro gaming, I don't see the issue with using your 3DS. I'm loving that the 3DS is still getting supported. The salt from people is very real.
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    Amazing! Let's hope it gets your eyes, and Blades nose.
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    To be fair, that's the only exception. I remember it was one of the first things I learned when I joined N-Europe. He said he wasn't interested in Earthbound and I had to ask what about it didn't appeal. And that's when he said he doesn't generally enjoy Turn Based RPG's. Top tier plot twist that.