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    So, just another normal day then?
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    Figured this was worth it's own thread seeing as its covering both 3DS and Switch.
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    So, fully expecting dat Fire Emblem reveal. Vandal Games also claims it's going to have a focus on death ("the fallen", to be more precise), so I'm curious if it's going to feature a dead army or something like that (Angels? Einherjar? Zombies? Skeletons?). It's also nice to see Nintendo catering specifically to my needs: 3DS owner still without a Switch Also, predictions: Mario Odyssey DLC features old foes, like Wart or Il Piantissimo Zelda BotW DLC: new adventure in a new locale... Koholint Island Fire Emblem Switch will feature sea-faring skeletons/ghosts/wraiths as its heroes, our hero being the Davy Jones of the group (though still attractive. Gotta keep these predictions realistic) lol An unexpected crossover of some sort is announced. Imma say... Splatoon & Overwatch Telltale is working on a Nintendo property. Probably Starfox. Golden Sun 4 is finally coming Mole Mania revival. Probably with a catchy name, like Mole Mania: Holey Moley. This is it, folks. I think this is when we finally get the mole-centric game we've always wanted to see. Smash Bros DX is announced, with the Ice Climbers making a grand return. To make this new version worthwhile, a new story mode is added to the base game. In it, we'll have a conflict between the "old guard" (led by the Ice Climbers) and the "new blood" factions (led by Shulk), with guys like Pit caught in the middle. Alliances will be made, hearts will be broken, and Corrin will choose her faction off-screen and be incredibly non-specific when asked about it. And if I manage to get even 1% of that right, I'll be happy for the rest of the month.
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    With 3DS being mentioned, hopefully we will get an update on Sushi Striker.
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    Roll up, roll up! Get your cardboard here! Available for pre-order in the good old Nintendo Store.
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    Yeah I knew about that too.
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    The fact that they specifically mention Mario Tennis Aces means that you shouldn't get your hopes up too much. Like, one surprise, tops. No-one's gonna listen to me though.
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    PushSquare.com Guess I'll stay single for the rest of my life.
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    Apparently the source is some guy on Twitter who recently did a lot of good predictions. We’ll have to wait and see Twitter Prediction I believe it as soon as I see that burning Chibi Robo image resurface on Nintendo’s official accounts But let’s say there will be a Direct tomorrow, what could it bring to the table? No doubt: Kirby, My Nintendo, recent DLC for Splatoon 2 and Xenoblade 2. Update on Mario Tennis Aces, Dark Souls, DK and Yoshi. Octopath and Wolfenstein update. Some Nindies. Detective Pikachu and of course Labo. Maybe: Pikmin 4 update, Mario Kart Tour update, glimpse of Metroid Prime 4, glimpse of Pokemon Switch, glimpse of Fire Emblem. Mega Man and Street Fighter collections. Announcements for Smash, Animal Crossing, Soul Calibur, Diablo 3, Crash Bandicoot and/or Spyro. Definitely not: New first party announcements for F-Zero, Wave race, 1080, Strikers, Golf, Punch-Out!!, Kid Icarus, Advance Wars, Golden Sun, Diddy Kong Racing, Wario Land, Wario Ware, Wii Sports, Wii Fit, etc... How dare you bring that up: Talk in detail about their upcoming Online subscription model.
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    I'm not holding my breath for any new games or reveales. Anything new will be an added bonus. In my eyes, this will be more of a promotion for Detective Pikachu and for Aces. Probably some Kirby too.
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    3DS + Switch and a mention of Mario Tennis means very little if anything new BIG reveals, expectations tempered. Plus E3's only three months away.
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    Yeah, sorry about that. Haven't had access to the Excel file. The theme will be up tomorrow afternoon. I can tell you it'll be races though.
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    Ha, wasn't too convinced of Marcus Sellars' certainty of a direct but thought we were definitely due for one so not surprised they're doing one tomorrow. Hoping for some footage of Dark Souls and a date for Yoshi, not too concerned whether or not they show off any new games - there are already so many out for Switch that I haven't got round to buying yet. But Hollow Knight date would be nice.
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    Well, well https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/971385073898532865
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    It's a measure of your strength. For instance, before beginning some programme like stronglift, you try to go all out and see what you can lift. Then do the programme for like 3 months and try to lift as heavy as you can again. It makes it easy to see the gains and should motivate you somewhat. It's also easier to compare to others (though that in itself doesn't make sense). For other programmes and more advanced weightlifting, you should also try to increase the weights based on a percentage of your 1RM. You lift 1RM on day 1, in the following weeks you then progress by doing some sets at some percentage of that 1RM. In olympics, 1RM is all that counts.
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    I think I need 3 more mini crowns and 4 more large crowns. The events that have been held over the past 3 weeks have helped massively in the crown hunts. They offered a greater chance of a mini or large crown spawning on the map. It was just a question of doing the quest over and over, which also offered a crazy amount of experience points. I've been trying to get a large Kirin to show up but most of the time when I do get a decent size one to spawn randomers just keep on dying. Methinks I will end up doing that one myself. A lot of random players just don't know how to handle/fight Kirin and end up getting annihilated.
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    Marcus has been very iffy with these things in the past. I think ResetEra have even banned threads being made about his predictions due to how rough his track record is.
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    I'm not neutral either. I'd obviously love to see Liverpool win but I'd rather lose heavily and have a go at a team, than sit back and lose 1-0. It's still 3 points lost either way.
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    RM = Repetition Maximum - the max number of repetitions with a given weight. 1RM is the load that you can lift once. 2RM is twice, etc. PR is Personal Record. Also called PB - personal best. You always include the bar (20 kg). Anything else doesn't make sense - you measure the total weight that you lift.
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    Good to see the perspective of someone who was deep in with the Wii U. Im hoping this is the year of the "true" Switch games, I have a feeling Pikmin 4 is coming.
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    Good detailed look at the Arcade Club. I hope others see how successful this has been and we start to see arcades make a comeback
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    You're a right trophy whore.
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    Coco is absolutely wonderful, and might just be Pixar's best film. It's so strong on so many levels (writing, humour, visuals, music, etc.), and one of the few times I ever shed a tear during a film. As a disclaimer, part of why I liked it so much might be due to me having Latin American family (the Portuguese version of the film switches between Portuguese and Spanish seamlessly, uncannily identical to how that side of my family speaks), and I managed to immediately "get" a lot of the references (I've heard "La Llorona" before, I understood the Frida Kahlo jokes, etc.), but I also think the strongest aspects of the film don't require this kind of connection. Staying as removed as I can from this identity, I can still confidently say that Coco is a masterpiece, and a must-see.
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    Hmm.. I never really watch Jim Sterling but I'll give this a watch later Open world still has a long way to go to win me over! Still chipping away at Yakuza 0 when I can. My last session brought chapter 10 to a close with the 'reveal' of how the stories in the game are linked. Before ending the chapter I obtained the 'In watched it for the trophy' trophy which I didn't know was a thing I didn't get a trophy for each video.. I tried
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    Oh, I agree. I hope it wasn’t coming across that I was against it, or it being included in a PSHCE course, because I think it absolutely belongs there. I was just giving my opinion on why it might not just slot straight into the curriculum, because, as you alluded to, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all PSHCE specification (though, arguably, it’s the course that would really need it) which is being applied at every place of secondary education across the country, which means that this - along with many other important things that perhaps should be on the spec. - couldn’t just be slotted in. Though I definitely think that it’s important that education about such an agreement is made apparent, I think that it might be better suited to an assembly format than a classroom-based one. This is, of course, a pretty serious agreement: PSHCE is almost objectively a subject that isn’t treated as seriously as its content might merit, and has many points of relevance for all students to learn from, so I personally don’t think that it’s an optimal environment to learn about the ins-and-outs of such a topic. I’m not too surprised at your mentioning of the reaction of The Big Questions’ audience, because I doubt that there will be a large enough portion of the country against it to warrant not having it available as an option.
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    Today is the one year anniversary of the reveal of the Switch. I.e. one year ago, we got this: Quite the year!