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    The Easy Allies podcast and Frame Trap ( also by Easy Allies ) are two of my favourites. Good vibes and good banter. The IGN podcasts are all pretty rough at the moment so I wouldn't bother with them and Radio Free Nintendo has gotten pretty stale over the past few months. I've been looking for a good PlayStation podcast to listen to for a while now but there doesn't seem to be any out there.
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    I am SO ready for my £2 eShop credit!
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    Let’s get back ot then! My first year of Switch was.... weird, I guess? A lot of mixed sentiments actually. I was heavilly invested in the Wii U even though I of course saw its shortcomings. Nonetheless I bought and enjoyed a lot of the games for it and spent a lot of time with it. Played so many hours of Smash, Kart and Splatoon. And then the Switch was announced. The hardware seemed amazing to me, right from the start I was wowed. This was Nintendo making a huge step in the right direction. But then I saw the line up of games and I got really sour; BotW, Splatoon, Mario Kart all felt like ports to me. 1-2 Switch, yeah... It took me a few weeks before I took the plunge and pre ordered it. But a part of the feeling stuck with me. Am I really buying a piece of hardware even though none of the launch games excite me? I decided to cancel my BotW pre order for Wii U so I at least had a game to play on it that I was excited for. But that actually felt like I was making a joke out of myself in a way. Not a good start at all. Then came launch day and I was very impressed with the hardware. The premium feel, the weight, the crispness of the screen, the click when attatching the Joy-Cons, it was all perfect. And then that moment when I first booted up BotW: instant magic and awe. I was sold. But my sour feeling when it comes to the line up isn’t totally gone. It still isn’t. The latest Direct gave us even more ports. Of course I understand the desicion business wise as a huge group of new players didn’t get the chance before. But I am not one of these gamers. I have had those experiences before, they don’t wow me as much as new first party Nintendo games normaly and frequently do and should do. Still I play the console a lot more than I played the Wii U. And that’s due to its portability feature. It’s its greatest unique selling point. And its second selling point is the massive Indie support which is trully great! Enough to be very enthusiastic about the console. Third party support is promising BUT it still feels fragile. Don’t want to forget it came of the back of the Wii U which almost totally killed any future Third Party support for Nintendo hardware. So any support feels like a step in the good direction. But I also remember the early Wii U days. That console got Assassins Creed, CoD, NfS and Monster Hunter for example. All franchises that yet have to occur on Switch and that we still have heard nothing about. I will remain catious with my expectations for now. So yeah, the Switch is giving me more gaming time than I’ve ever had before. Its convenience is something that keeps me from gaming on other hardware. And that has sold me on it. Software wise it’s not close yet to making me a perfectly happy gamer. It’s first party offerings rely to much on ports and sequels, it’s third party offerings look promising but fragile. Indie support is overwhelming. Let’s hope its second year will bring more new stuff for the fans that stayed with them during their less succesful periods.
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    Yes, or at least I did. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L21 using Tapatalk
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    Yup. Was a pain switching the cards in and out but it's certainly a lot better than having to input various codes.
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    Stolen from ResetEra but I think it rings true in this case: "Give a man a handsome reward, and he'll be pleased. Give a man no reward, and he'll have done it as a kindhearted service. Give a man a very small reward, and he'll feel cheated. Give a man a meh reward, then decide said reward is worth less than it should be, THEN split up his reward because he had to move to a different county despite endless promises of the Switch being 'region free' and he'll want to smash his console on the laminate floor in protest." Yeah the last one is mine, obviously, but OP has a point.
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    I'm loving the new world but it's gnarly! The base game is quite chill and relaxing but some of the puzzles and especially the last boss in this DLC are Crash 1 levels of hard.
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    Yes, you'll get extra items which will help you in the game as well.
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    Eurogamer sources say that it is indeed in development for the Switch. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-03-06-sources-yes-diablo-3-is-coming-to-nintendo-switch
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    That’s awesome! As much as I love the Star Wars films, I really do think that some of the absolute best Star Wars content is tucked away in the subsidiary materials. Watching The Clone Wars before you get too far in Rebels is a good idea, because there are a lot of threads and characters that make a return, and The Clone Wars adds so much depth and nuance to the prequel era that went missing in action in the prequels themselves. Would I be right in assuming that you picked up the box set with S1 - S5, the one with Ashoka on the front? Because, if so, once you’ve completed it - and if you enjoyed it and want more - I’d actually heavily recommend seeking out the ‘Lost Missions’ Blu-Ray; as the show was cut short due to the Disney takeover, it’s a collection of 12 episodes that were planned for S6, and they alone build up the lore a few more notches, and also might give a greater closure than the end of S5 did. Both shows also absolutely have some of the best music and lightsaber fights in the franchise, so you’re in for a real treat! I don’t think you hear Sabine’s Theme until S3 (probably my favourite musical piece in Rebels), and trust me: you’ll know it when you hear it Great book selection of books, too; I have to recommend Lost Stars (a Romeo and Juliet-styled romance far beyond any we’ve seen on-screen in the franchise, which takes you from just before A New Hope up until the Battle of Jakku with the perspectives of star-crossed lovers on opposite sides of the Galactic Civil aware) and Bloodline (the main character is Leia, and it offers a lot of political exposition that was missing in TFA, and is set five years prior to the film). I hope you enjoy reading and watching them all!
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    I haven't clicked on your spoiler but just wanted to say that I picked up the first 3 seasons on blu-ray last month and have been working my way through them. I'm currently on season 2 but have stopped watching them due to Ahsoka appearing. I then picked up the Clone Wars box set on blu-ray and have started watching them. I figured seeing as she has come into it I had better see what happened to her during the Clone Wars before moving on with Rebels. I will say that I have LOVED what i've seen in Rebels. The lightsaber battles and music have been far more epic than anything in the new sequels. Also, I recently picked up the Star Wars books Thrawn, Ahsoka and Lords of the Sith. I haven't read any of them yet but I was in Forbidden Planet the other day and was feeling in a Star Wars kinda mood, so I bought them.
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    If you bought anything from a different region, the coins are now hidden until you switch regions back. They're not gone. They're region specific though.
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    Star Wars Rebels came to an end last night, and closed on the highest of Star Wars highs.
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    Did you buy any games from another region? Apparently the points are region specific.
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    http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/03/bullet_hell_shooters_vasara_and_vasara_2_are_coming_to_switch_next_year Well this is random! Someone else is now releasing some old school arcade Shmups on Switch! As Vasara 1 & 2 are getting packaged together as a "HD Collection" on Switch early next year, courtesy of QUByte Interactive! A very obscure set of Shmups that have never been released outside of Japanese arcades before! HG101 are pretty positive about them though! Coming out "early 2019"; no I don't know why they'd announce it so far in advance either , but hey! MOAR SHMUPS!
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    Yes, it all looks fully functional now. That said, retail copies only offer a future 1% discount.
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    Well the credits finally rolled tonight. Really enjoyed it, but i'm glad it's over. It really seemed to drag near the end; there was always 'just one more quest' you had to do. Just let me kill the evil ice elf dammit! Anyway, I really enjoyed the story, and the side quests - it genuinely felt you were in a fantasy novel, but one in which you controlled the plot-line in some way. I did not like the combat - man that got boring. Especially some of the later fights where it was just dancing around in circles, then thwack them with your sword a couple of times, then repeat. Not sure I want to start on the DLC any time soon, think i might wait and see if I get the urge somewhere down the line. My final play time was around 48 hours, and that seems enough for the time being. EDIT: Some of my favourite moments - Bizarre snowball fight with Ciri Performing in a play Being betrayed by a creepy talking hive tree root Dressing up in Yennefer's clothes while drunk and prank calling a mage via a magic mirror Fucking shit up as Ciri while fighting the Wild Hunt The whole scene with the boat on the mountain-top
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    Jim is once again on point. I've been saying for years that open world games have become far too big for their own good. Far better to have a smaller, more densely packed and meaningful world to play in.
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    I got a new toy for River
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    Just registered my physical games and ended up with over £12.00 in credit. Free money is always a good thing.
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    The Switch rewards section that has been “coming soon” for the past few hundred years has been completely removed from the My Nintendo site, so I guess the new 1 gold coin = 1p malarkey is indeed the reward... Un..be..lievable.
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    I had heard that Stan Lee was ill but didn't know there seems to be a load of weird stuff surrounding it, like who is actually looking after him and why he isn't being treated in a hospital. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/03/05/j-scott-campbell-stan-lee/
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    Lol, so my 566 gold coins are now showing as 314... Classic Nintendo. Seriously, f**k you.