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    I've just signed into My Nintendo and there's a messaging saying that the gold point scheme will go live tomorrow.
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    So apparently some upcoming outfits have also been discovered in the latest build, including one based on Link. Not sure how feasible it would be, but I'd still really like an update that could enable the photo mode filters during gameplay. Playing in Game Boy mode would be so cool. But seeing as the game drops to 30fps in photo mode though I'm guessing it probably won't happen. How's everyone doing with Balloon World anyway? I'm at rank 45 now, but don't see myself reaching 50 any time soon. You need to find/pop 800 balloons in total! I have really enjoyed Balloon World though, it can make for some very funny moments indeed. And the "Look Around" bit whenever you miss a balloon is often hilarious. A couple of my faves:
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    The game is now Capcom's best selling title ever!
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    I actually bought some HICTOP surfaces at £20, just stick them on the glass, but they made things worse. Eventually though I have gotten things working well! Took a lot of levelling and relevelling and experimenting with temperatures but here's Baba Lysaga's Creeping Hut for my D&D game.
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    Flash pods are your friend. Whenever he flies in the sky just wait until he leaves his tornado area and then flash him to the ground. As soon as you see him limping away flash him. You can lock him in the area he is currently in and this will stop him from getting to his final resting place, which is where he causes most damage. This is true of everyone of the Elder Dragons. If you allow them to go back to their nest then you will make the fight harder for yourself.
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    Cheers for the games last night, @nekunando. Shame about the crazy lag though, there are times when this game is basically unplayable as a result, and yesterday was one of those times. Not sure if it was the same for you, but the lag was so bad for me that I literally couldn't touch the ball 99% of the time (and not for the usual reason of me just being bad at the game ). At one point it even got stuck after a goal replay and I was watching your car drive around in circles for about a minute. Gave me time to snap some screens and make a (badly) animated GIF out of it : Rocket Lag.
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    Maybe I was just driving around in circles.. I wish I could blame lag for my erratic performances last night but it worked fine for me and my mistakes were all legitimate! I love Rocket League but I can move from the sublime to the ridiculous in the blink of an eye. There are moments I feel like an absolute beast and then seconds later I'm missing an open goal for point blank range.. but it's so fun
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    But you still want it "portable"
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    I got a new toy for River
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    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-02-28-hooked-on-loot-boxes An excellent article on the matter that highlights how publishers are designing games to purposely consume people’s lives and how the ESRB are literally refusing to inform people about what lootboxes are... (their rationale? Because research shows that they don’t currently know what they are! - You honestly couldn’t make it up!) The ESRB literally has one job, to inform people about what is in the games they are buying, and they are currently going out of their way to not do that job!
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    Despite my own misgivings about the game, that truly is great news for the series, well done Capcom!
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    Sorry, I thought I clicked on the thread where we talk about the Switch so far. I swear, whenever a podcast gets mentioned, you guys always get distracted with talking about the people hosting it. It's kinda funny.
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    I am SO ready for my £2 eShop credit!
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    Just to make it clear, I was mainly talking about 5x5 deadlifts. I think Stronglifts 5x5/Starting Strength is a great program to get you going and to get all of your compounds up. But, at the same time, I found 5x5 deadlifts to be just too difficult to do. Certainly not at the working/top weight. As Raining said earlier, Mehdi (guy who created the program) suggests only 1x5 deadlifts, going heavy of course. For me, I found that plenty. Occasionally, I'd throw in a second set. But, eventually you'll be pulling bigger weight and it just won't be sustainable for 5x5. Also...it can be a dangerous exercise if your form starts to suffer due to fatigue.
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    Sometimes it really is as simple as getting the muscles activated again. Good for you
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    The Promised Neverland was great, so thankful for the recommendation @drahkon I absolutely want Jiren to beat Goku.
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    Gary Neville was going off it ( much like he done when watching Arsenal ) and quite rightly so. These idiots are getting paid thousands of pounds yet can't even be bothered to chase after the ball. To think, working class people pay top dollar for their season tickets and end up going to games and watching this. It's a disgrace.
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    That had me screaming at my tele too. I find that sometimes either I get lucky or the difficulty often changes. One verse I could be stuck for ages getting killed over and over, then I’ll go through a couple with no issues at all. Love the games, but damn they are rage inducing sometimes.
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    I've noticed the lag has been getting worse recently. I've even been timed out and booted out of a couple of games. As a result I've dropped a tenner on a USB Ethernet adapter while I'm back home. Hoping that improves things a little bit as my Switch is far away from thw router in my new place and I'm only getting one bar of signal. Even Balloon World has been taking 20-30 seconds to load on occasion
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    Actually, yes. That is exactly what is coded into my time registration program. If I take the position that is. Problem is, I don't know if I want to when the sole difference is a question of tools and languages.
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    Maybe this requires a Thrrrrrriiiiiiiiiip?
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    Please watch Coco! I watched it last night and this is definitely one of Disney Pixar's best work. The animation is amazing, the story is brilliant and I loved all of the characters. I don't want to give anything away but the story was not what I was expecting (but in a good way). This is definitely in my top 3 favourite Disney Pixar films. I watched Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and I loved it. Very entertaining and a funny film throughout. Also, the action scenes were cool too. I also watched The Greatest Showman too. I enjoyed it that much that I bought the soundtrack. Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
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    Let’s get back ot then! My first year of Switch was.... weird, I guess? A lot of mixed sentiments actually. I was heavilly invested in the Wii U even though I of course saw its shortcomings. Nonetheless I bought and enjoyed a lot of the games for it and spent a lot of time with it. Played so many hours of Smash, Kart and Splatoon. And then the Switch was announced. The hardware seemed amazing to me, right from the start I was wowed. This was Nintendo making a huge step in the right direction. But then I saw the line up of games and I got really sour; BotW, Splatoon, Mario Kart all felt like ports to me. 1-2 Switch, yeah... It took me a few weeks before I took the plunge and pre ordered it. But a part of the feeling stuck with me. Am I really buying a piece of hardware even though none of the launch games excite me? I decided to cancel my BotW pre order for Wii U so I at least had a game to play on it that I was excited for. But that actually felt like I was making a joke out of myself in a way. Not a good start at all. Then came launch day and I was very impressed with the hardware. The premium feel, the weight, the crispness of the screen, the click when attatching the Joy-Cons, it was all perfect. And then that moment when I first booted up BotW: instant magic and awe. I was sold. But my sour feeling when it comes to the line up isn’t totally gone. It still isn’t. The latest Direct gave us even more ports. Of course I understand the desicion business wise as a huge group of new players didn’t get the chance before. But I am not one of these gamers. I have had those experiences before, they don’t wow me as much as new first party Nintendo games normaly and frequently do and should do. Still I play the console a lot more than I played the Wii U. And that’s due to its portability feature. It’s its greatest unique selling point. And its second selling point is the massive Indie support which is trully great! Enough to be very enthusiastic about the console. Third party support is promising BUT it still feels fragile. Don’t want to forget it came of the back of the Wii U which almost totally killed any future Third Party support for Nintendo hardware. So any support feels like a step in the good direction. But I also remember the early Wii U days. That console got Assassins Creed, CoD, NfS and Monster Hunter for example. All franchises that yet have to occur on Switch and that we still have heard nothing about. I will remain catious with my expectations for now. So yeah, the Switch is giving me more gaming time than I’ve ever had before. Its convenience is something that keeps me from gaming on other hardware. And that has sold me on it. Software wise it’s not close yet to making me a perfectly happy gamer. It’s first party offerings rely to much on ports and sequels, it’s third party offerings look promising but fragile. Indie support is overwhelming. Let’s hope its second year will bring more new stuff for the fans that stayed with them during their less succesful periods.
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    Fully deserved! I am really enjoying it despite the slow progress. I am so glad they developed a MH game fit for current gen consoles. Should a MH game be released for the Switch that is similar to the old ones then I am not sure i'd pick it up.
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    Went to the theatre tonight (with the lady from last night ) to watch White Rabbit, Red Rabbit. If you get the chance to see it, I urge you to do so. Go in without reading anything about it. It's wonderfully thought-provoking.
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    Should have known better. The added insult was getting subbed off at the end. Also, abysmal substitutions by Chelsea. Far, far too late in the game to do anything.
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    Dude had zero support. He may as well not have been on the pitch.
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    It's a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy there. Teams are scared that City will rip through them...so they set up to defend and just allow City to have the ball and rip through them. Also, it's much harder to score goals when your strikers are on the bench. Not sure what Conte was trying to do today. Hazard was set up to fail.
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    Chelsea were garbage today. I'm honestly sick of watching teams just sit back against City and try to absorb the pressure for 90 mins. Have a go at them, put them under pressure, just do something!
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    Man...at face value, this is such a hard question. There are so many Pokémon that have great designs and that I have an emotional attachment to, and I think that’s a testament to just how consistent this series is. However, for my favourite three Pokémon...I don’t think it’s even close. I have so many memories and stories attached to the following Pokémon in particular that it’s no surprise that this franchise has found a way to bring me back in from my attempt/s at walking away from it. So, in no particular order: Bulbasaur Bulbasaur was my first starter Pokémon, on a game and system that I didn’t own - my friend was kind enough to let me dabble around for a few hours on the game around his house. My first Pokémon card? Bulbasaur. The Pokémon that I drew the most when I was younger — that I used to try to wish into existence? Bulbasaur. It might not be a particularly strong Pokémon, but I love it’s simple but effective design. And then, in the anime, I remember Ash getting a Bulbasaur, and it being full of conviction, but pretty quiet otherwise. Being a shy and quiet child myself, looking back, it’s no surprise that this was the Pokémon that I gravitated most towards. Sceptile Whilst Bulbasaur was my first starter Pokémon, I think it’s important to mention that the first Pokémon game that I owned was actually Pokémon Ruby — a game that I originally started with a Mudkip. I still remember my time with Mudkip. I played up to Mauville City and getting pretty stuck against Wattson; if I recall, I must have accidentally decided to not teach it to my now Marshtomp, and it not being tooled with a particularly great moveset. After some grinding and running around everywhere in the early parts of the game, I ventured back to Slateport with Mr. Briney and Peeko. I went up to the Trick House not too far north of Slateport, just past the entrance to Cycling Road, and continued my grind. One of my Pokémon must have been poisoned, because I ended up hobbling back to Slateport’s Pokémon Centre with a wobbling screen. Dashing to Nurse Joy, she healed my Pokémon, and revealed that Marshtomp had Pokérus. I was already confused and frustrated about what I should do at this point in the game, and so I exited the Pokémon Centre and saved my game. This was the tipping point. So, I decided to start the game again, but planned to not save it. I’d made loads of progress with Marshtomp, so maybe I just needed a new perspective, and so I thought I’d try out a different starter Pokémon. Not being a fan of Torchic’s design, I decided to go with Treecko, and yep, you probably guessed it: I accidentally saved over my old save file. What ensued was my most difficult but rewarding time with a Pokémon game. I say that because I remember battling May’s Blaziken and Flannery’s Slugma to be particularly hard. Sure, I understood type weaknesses, but my other Pokémon were all so weak when compared to the might of my starter Pokémon that I just stuck with Treecko, then Grovyle, and then Sceptile. Going to the Pokémon League, Sceptile must have been somewhere around Lv. 70, compared to a real pick-and-mix team of Lv. 40 - Lv. 47 Pokémon (I recall having Groudon, Pelipper, Gyarados, and a Castform). I would use the other Pokémon only on occasion, such as an obvious type mismatch or when I needed to revive or heal Sceptile. I must have tried tens of times, but I just could not beat Drake with Sceptile for the life of me, and so I went around the region training as hard as I could, battling every single trainer that I could find, and grinding a whole lot at the aforementioned Trick House. During my travels, I stumbled upon TM02 Dragon Claw at the top of a waterfall in Meteor Falls, and decided a while later to see if any of my Pokémon could learn the move. Oh, Sceptile can learn it? And with that, Drake’s Salamence, unbeknownst to me at the time, was now all but doomed. And Steven, in comparison, was an absolute cake walk. My Sceptile was Lv. 93 when I beat Drake, but might have been Lv. 94 when I beat the League. Regardless, I’d done it, but my completely underlevelled and unbalanced team would later go on to be annihilated at the Battle Tower, and accidentally deleted by a friend a short while later. I think that I have such affectionate memories of my journey in Hoenn because I made that journey during my six months living in Australia, on my first Nintendo console (only my second console and my first handheld: a Nintendo DS) with no friends interested in Pokémon at my school, and having to write back home (here, in England) for some advice from a friend (I’d always get around whatever obstacle was in my way by the time that I received his response). This was my way of maturing, and I feel like I owe it to this game that I adjusted so quickly to life on the other side of the world. I was just experiencing change, wonder, and unexpected challenges, just like my in-game counterpart. And that’s why I love Sceptile. Staraptor While I was over in Australia, early on, I was privy to something my friends over in England weren’t yet: the marketing of Diamond and Pearl. I remember seeing Turtwig, Piplup and Chimchar designs featured as the main Pokémon card in some card tins. Well...I wrote them off as fake, because I had no actual way of knowing that these games were coming. I mean, some late Hoenn region stuff was only just being aired over there on TV. So, when I returned to England in August, I ended up down in Bournemouth, where my aunts worked. They’ve always been especially kind to me and my siblings, often showering us with gifts when we visit, and this time was no different. First, in the WHSmith in Boscombe, they picked up a copy of Pokémon World, which of course had a spread on Diamond and Pearl, as they’d been released only a few weeks prior. It dawned on me that those Pokémon I saw over in Australia actually were real, and that a DS exclusive Pokémon game was available, and later that day, they lovingly bought me a copy of Diamond, and my little sister a copy of Pearl. This was the last day of our holiday in Bournemouth, but we hadn’t brought our DSs with us — my mother didn’t want us to just laze around, I guess — and so I had to wait until the next day to start experiencing Sinnoh. Turtwig reminded me of Bulbasaur, so I chose it as my starter. Once in Sandgem Town, though, I accidentally spent all of my money on Poké Balls, and received a promotional Premier Ball (as you do for purchasing 10 or more Poké Balls). Well, I backtracked from there to the first route, and the first Pokémon that I found was a Lv. 2 Starly. After defeating the first gym leader, Roark (?), in Oreburgh City, it quickly became apparent during a scrap with Team Galactic to the east of Floaroma Town that Starly, not Turtwig, was to become the Pokémon that I had the greater bond with (in stark contrast to my Ruby experience with Sceptile). And my Starly, then Staravia, then Staraptor, ripped apart the gym leaders of Sinnoh, the Elite Four, Cynthia’s Lucario in particular, and then many of my friends’ legendary Pokémon in local wireless battles.
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    Do you want these .jpegs of Joy or not?
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    A friend of mine (M.Sc. Exercise Science and Coaching) recommended what I started doing, so I'm going to stick with it for now. But he also told me what you guys told me: eventually a time will come when I have to switch things up.
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    I'm ready to throw my switch at the wall with this game currently. Chapter 6 verse 5. What even the hell. I do think that this is a difficult game. I feel like a lot of the combat is extremely reliant on skill and activating witch time through dodging successfully. The problem is understanding the attack patterns of the opponent's to know when to dodge. This chapter in particular is tricky as as soon as you kill the first two on the stairs, two more come along. Really struggling. I want to see Joy too damnit!!
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    If it makes you feel better Michigan gets heavy snow yearly and we’re still shit at dealing with it after 180 years of being a state. Wednesday I used my debit card...today I noticed I no longer had it. Fuck. I think the kid at Jimmy Johns didn’t hand it back. No new pending charges though and I’ve put a hold on it. Still sucks though, and I’m at work and can’t go check if they’ve got it. I’ll just cancel and call it good.
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    These tweets help explain why we're so shit at snow: Not sure how Russia compares to Canada, but I would guess they are far better setup to deal with it, as they have a lot more than we do!
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    My school has decided to close today and tomorrow. I don’t work either day anyway
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    "Friends" BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Wow! The sheer contempt they have for us is hilarious! This is just an attempt to hide the usage of lootboxes behind an umbrella label that applies to all DLC; if anything it actually just obscures the use of lootboxes even more than is being done now because it implies that it is no different from any other form of downloadable content transaction. They're purposely dancing around the issue in the hope that they can get away with not addressing the actual problem. They actually do think we're that stupid.
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    I've just found out that the manager at my new job is the brother of my old boss. Which is crazy, as they hired the manager at the same time as the rest of the staff.