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    I’d love Nintendo to get behind this, I’d even double-dip!
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    Salutardtinos infadels! S o i've nbeen drinking and I felt that I hadt oppost her ebev because it seems like i;m oneof the only three pwoeple that post here anymore I love you guys UI swear but fucking comme on! fucking fdrink somethint! Wrestling! in the 90s an d 2000s lemmie think of somethign to m-post,,,,' Remember in WCW when bBooker T called Hulk Hogan a niggfger? awwww shit some. He was fine for that kinda shit1! wooooo natur boy!!!! woooooo!!!!!
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    Agree. He adds absolutely nothing to the discussion. Gets his words mixed up often and just generally states the obvious. Unlike Peer, Brian and Zach he adds no insight into anything at all. Seems a nice guy but a wasted chair tbh.
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    That game's too good for the Switch.
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    Do you want these .jpegs of Joy or not?
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    Decided to text a friend (not a particularly close friend, but a friend nonetheless) of mine a couple of days ago. She spent a semester in Portugal and I wanted to know what it was like. We texted a bit and then she asked if I'd like to get a drink some time. That time has come We spent a lovely evening in a bar, talked for 5 hours about everything. It was also clear that it wasn't a date. We didn't address it but it was somehow obvious. And even though she's beautiful and a great person it was good that it wasn't a date as I'm still not ready. I did, however, have a wonderful time and I feel fucking great.
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    I’m very surprised that Nintendo still hasn’t announced what they’re doing with regards to older titles/Virtual Console coming to the Switch, considering just how close it is to the end of Wii Points availability. Definitely gives rise to a nervous group of fans who are anxious to know what’s going on with some of their favourite titles, or, adversely, some gamers who want to play these games but aren’t sure if Wii VC is a wise investment, especially in the event that Switch VC is around the corner. I hope they speak up about their plans for legacy titles on the Switch sooner rather than later. And part of me really hopes that it isn’t part of a Netflix-type catalogue scheme.
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    BTW, friendly reminder. The Wii Shop channel will stop allowing you to add Wii points to make new purchases from March 26th! There are plenty of games that are ONLY available on the Wii VC and nowhere else outside of their original platform currently! Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 2/4 SNES, Castlevania Rondo of Blood (unless you want the butchered PSP version...), most of the TG16 library, Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen... Note that all import titles on the Wii VC (and ALL TG16 Wii VC games in general) are 60hz (except for import Megadrive games, they’re all 50hz for godknowswhat reason). If you don’t want to pay £50+ for Chrono Trigger or £250+ for Castlevania Rondo of Blood, get them while you still can!! Wii U has access to the Wii Shop Channel via the Wii menu as well! Get those exclusives while you still can!!
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    I think its fate that got me thinking of these forums around the anniversary of the Switch's release... How do you now feel about the console? How is it compared to Nintendo's last few console first year releases? Did you think this console would reach this level of success ((especially during "mid-gen")? Im very happy with the system and it has been a source of constant joy since its release. Today last year, I remember the joy of receiving my switch from the local depo (after a nerve wrecking missed delivery even though I was at home...*grumble*). The sheer joy of this curious yet cute system coupled with a new Zelda trumped any other console release for me. I couldn't believe how I was feeling as a 30 year old, having sold my Wii U half way through its life cycle and never wanting to complete Skyward Sword - I never imagined my love for gaming would be reignited quite like this....The next few days was gaming heaven, as I booked days off of work and camped with my beanbag and snacks in front of the living room with BOTW with stretches of gaming which most likely hit 24 hours, and with a few intermittent handheld experiences with Fast RMX. I was going through some relationship trouble around that time too (Im now single lol), so the memories are very poignant and my attachment to the Switch became a very personal one as I asscociated it and BOTW as an escape from the downs of real life. Today, Im still just as in love with BOTW because of that connection... I am going to start a 3rd playthrough on master mode as I cant seem to get enough of the initial emotive memories of being on Plateau, hearing the first tower theme and seeing the first sunset as I approach my first shrine. The Switch has exceeded my expectations entirely and everything else from this point for me would be a bonus. Thank you Nintendo! Happy birthday Switch!
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    On the bright side, Wreck it Ralph looks awesome! Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
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    Man...at face value, this is such a hard question. There are so many Pokémon that have great designs and that I have an emotional attachment to, and I think that’s a testament to just how consistent this series is. However, for my favourite three Pokémon...I don’t think it’s even close. I have so many memories and stories attached to the following Pokémon in particular that it’s no surprise that this franchise has found a way to bring me back in from my attempt/s at walking away from it. So, in no particular order: Bulbasaur Bulbasaur was my first starter Pokémon, on a game and system that I didn’t own - my friend was kind enough to let me dabble around for a few hours on the game around his house. My first Pokémon card? Bulbasaur. The Pokémon that I drew the most when I was younger — that I used to try to wish into existence? Bulbasaur. It might not be a particularly strong Pokémon, but I love it’s simple but effective design. And then, in the anime, I remember Ash getting a Bulbasaur, and it being full of conviction, but pretty quiet otherwise. Being a shy and quiet child myself, looking back, it’s no surprise that this was the Pokémon that I gravitated most towards. Sceptile Whilst Bulbasaur was my first starter Pokémon, I think it’s important to mention that the first Pokémon game that I owned was actually Pokémon Ruby — a game that I originally started with a Mudkip. I still remember my time with Mudkip. I played up to Mauville City and getting pretty stuck against Wattson; if I recall, I must have accidentally decided to not teach it to my now Marshtomp, and it not being tooled with a particularly great moveset. After some grinding and running around everywhere in the early parts of the game, I ventured back to Slateport with Mr. Briney and Peeko. I went up to the Trick House not too far north of Slateport, just past the entrance to Cycling Road, and continued my grind. One of my Pokémon must have been poisoned, because I ended up hobbling back to Slateport’s Pokémon Centre with a wobbling screen. Dashing to Nurse Joy, she healed my Pokémon, and revealed that Marshtomp had Pokérus. I was already confused and frustrated about what I should do at this point in the game, and so I exited the Pokémon Centre and saved my game. This was the tipping point. So, I decided to start the game again, but planned to not save it. I’d made loads of progress with Marshtomp, so maybe I just needed a new perspective, and so I thought I’d try out a different starter Pokémon. Not being a fan of Torchic’s design, I decided to go with Treecko, and yep, you probably guessed it: I accidentally saved over my old save file. What ensued was my most difficult but rewarding time with a Pokémon game. I say that because I remember battling May’s Blaziken and Flannery’s Slugma to be particularly hard. Sure, I understood type weaknesses, but my other Pokémon were all so weak when compared to the might of my starter Pokémon that I just stuck with Treecko, then Grovyle, and then Sceptile. Going to the Pokémon League, Sceptile must have been somewhere around Lv. 70, compared to a real pick-and-mix team of Lv. 40 - Lv. 47 Pokémon (I recall having Groudon, Pelipper, Gyarados, and a Castform). I would use the other Pokémon only on occasion, such as an obvious type mismatch or when I needed to revive or heal Sceptile. I must have tried tens of times, but I just could not beat Drake with Sceptile for the life of me, and so I went around the region training as hard as I could, battling every single trainer that I could find, and grinding a whole lot at the aforementioned Trick House. During my travels, I stumbled upon TM02 Dragon Claw at the top of a waterfall in Meteor Falls, and decided a while later to see if any of my Pokémon could learn the move. Oh, Sceptile can learn it? And with that, Drake’s Salamence, unbeknownst to me at the time, was now all but doomed. And Steven, in comparison, was an absolute cake walk. My Sceptile was Lv. 93 when I beat Drake, but might have been Lv. 94 when I beat the League. Regardless, I’d done it, but my completely underlevelled and unbalanced team would later go on to be annihilated at the Battle Tower, and accidentally deleted by a friend a short while later. I think that I have such affectionate memories of my journey in Hoenn because I made that journey during my six months living in Australia, on my first Nintendo console (only my second console and my first handheld: a Nintendo DS) with no friends interested in Pokémon at my school, and having to write back home (here, in England) for some advice from a friend (I’d always get around whatever obstacle was in my way by the time that I received his response). This was my way of maturing, and I feel like I owe it to this game that I adjusted so quickly to life on the other side of the world. I was just experiencing change, wonder, and unexpected challenges, just like my in-game counterpart. And that’s why I love Sceptile. Staraptor While I was over in Australia, early on, I was privy to something my friends over in England weren’t yet: the marketing of Diamond and Pearl. I remember seeing Turtwig, Piplup and Chimchar designs featured as the main Pokémon card in some card tins. Well...I wrote them off as fake, because I had no actual way of knowing that these games were coming. I mean, some late Hoenn region stuff was only just being aired over there on TV. So, when I returned to England in August, I ended up down in Bournemouth, where my aunts worked. They’ve always been especially kind to me and my siblings, often showering us with gifts when we visit, and this time was no different. First, in the WHSmith in Boscombe, they picked up a copy of Pokémon World, which of course had a spread on Diamond and Pearl, as they’d been released only a few weeks prior. It dawned on me that those Pokémon I saw over in Australia actually were real, and that a DS exclusive Pokémon game was available, and later that day, they lovingly bought me a copy of Diamond, and my little sister a copy of Pearl. This was the last day of our holiday in Bournemouth, but we hadn’t brought our DSs with us — my mother didn’t want us to just laze around, I guess — and so I had to wait until the next day to start experiencing Sinnoh. Turtwig reminded me of Bulbasaur, so I chose it as my starter. Once in Sandgem Town, though, I accidentally spent all of my money on Poké Balls, and received a promotional Premier Ball (as you do for purchasing 10 or more Poké Balls). Well, I backtracked from there to the first route, and the first Pokémon that I found was a Lv. 2 Starly. After defeating the first gym leader, Roark (?), in Oreburgh City, it quickly became apparent during a scrap with Team Galactic to the east of Floaroma Town that Starly, not Turtwig, was to become the Pokémon that I had the greater bond with (in stark contrast to my Ruby experience with Sceptile). And my Starly, then Staravia, then Staraptor, ripped apart the gym leaders of Sinnoh, the Elite Four, Cynthia’s Lucario in particular, and then many of my friends’ legendary Pokémon in local wireless battles.
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    Its a BRILLIANT beginners programme. You honestly couldn't find better.
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    I could use google But it's more fun this way.
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    Initially, after BOTW leaving me disappointed, I immediately went back to gaming mostly on the 3DS. (Mario Kart aside) And even now, the Switch doesn't feel any more special than any other Ninty console, it just hasn't got that game that makes me go "OK, that was worth getting the Switch for." Xenoblade 2 was good, despite it's flaws and I've spent well over 250 hours on Fire Emblem Warriors, but even that has some downsides. It says a lot that the game I'm most anticipating is probably going to be a WiiU port. Switch is a slick piece of kit, but every time I see that UI, my inner child dies a little. My Ninty console should be one of the brightest, most garish gadgets I own, but it's outdone by my Android Phone, and all I did was put Kecleon wallpaper on the home screen. I expect better.
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    Too much god damn Joy!
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    Yeaaah. I’m working the night shift, 6-10s so no drinking for me for a while. But I’ll certainly come in and enjoy your drunken ass posts.
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    A friend of mine (M.Sc. Exercise Science and Coaching) recommended what I started doing, so I'm going to stick with it for now. But he also told me what you guys told me: eventually a time will come when I have to switch things up.
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    The next batch of ACA NeoGeo games include the following...
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    I don't know if I'm alone but ever since the game came out, I've been rocking the Origin Armour Set which came with pre-ordering most versions of the game. https://monsterhunterworld.wiki.fextralife.com/Origin+Armor+Set I've upgraded it with armour spheres to maximum level and... it offers a little bit of defense but I've had to improve my dodging skills just in case. Sadly I'm only around 30 hours in so far, there were weeks where I just couldn't play but I've now started playing online regularly with an old friend who I've been playing online games with since the good old DC PSO days and it has made the world of difference. Of course he's more advanced in HR level and over a hundred hours in I think but that hasn't stopped the game from being fun, though I am going to put in the effort now to advance the story so that I can get up to higher HR level soon (HR12 at least) so that more interesting quests open up. I still love the game, adore Monster Hunter and can't wait to put in more time as and when I can.
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    http://www.8bitdo.com/wireless-usb-adapter/ Cool! 8Bitdo just released a new USB wireless adapter that lets you use Wii Remotes/Wii Classic Controllers/Wii U Pro Controllers/Dual Shock 3/4 on Switch! Might just have to nab one. Would be great to use a classic controller or my Wii Tatsucap arcade stick on Switch!
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    Opening cutscene with an amazing theme song - Light Up My Life - performed by singer/songwriter Mai Kuraki, composed by shilo and arranged by Shuho Mitani. A battle mechanics trailer, featuring some new and some returning mechanics: And a new illustration by Raita Honjou showcasing the valkyria Clymaria Lewin.
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    Just as a note, my input was not issuing Rummy or anyone to step down. Its just that its a shame the forums have not evolved from what I believe has been a consistent N-Europe issue. As @Clownferret said "it was allowed to continue because the protagonists were friends with the mod's", is the vibe I have always felt. Its a shame because this time last year, I was posting a daily countdown to the Switch's launch, nervously excited for the 3rd of March 2017 to come... I am a true Nintendo fan, Im sure not without my community flaws, but in most cases I have been fairly reasonable in my communications... Only to be called a '(Nintendo) zealot' by a member of staff as they came in the defence of a "respected" forum member. Whilst people should rightly be passionate about Nintendo on a Nintendo forum, there seem to have been (past tense, not sure if its changed) those who were pretty passionate and consistent with negative communication re Nintendo, including mods, which I feel is the reason for much more amped up beefs between members, because mods and the administrator do not seem to realize their clout when they choose to intervene in a discussion and lean towards one side, instead of being impartial. Anyway, Happy Switch birthday mofos!
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    How do you find the time? I'm only HR13! Do I need to upgrade considerably for Negregante? or is he just a winged ass hole? I just unlocked his quest, and solo its reasonably easy to avoid him and survive, but man when people join in on you! I've tried it 4 times and I get slaughtered once more then one person joins. I'm currently rocking low rank Legaia helm, gloves and boots (the legaia perk for more loot had been a god send) and Zorah Magdaros chest and coil, but I have enough for the full Zorah set (alpha since it won't be my main set) Should I grind for the HR versions? I'm aiming for the Odogaron mail to make a set recommended for the insect gaive, but I wasn't going to grind for that until the story was out of the way? am I wrong? Since I had a snow day yesterday I did get all the Aloy alpha set, which is okay but I didn't overly like it and switched back.
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    Sorry I couldn’t make it last night... ...Lousy Smarch weather. @BowserBasher, nice boomerang skills!
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    Brace yourself, the JPRG floodgates for the Switch will be opening in 2018