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    I think its fate that got me thinking of these forums around the anniversary of the Switch's release... How do you now feel about the console? How is it compared to Nintendo's last few console first year releases? Did you think this console would reach this level of success ((especially during "mid-gen")? Im very happy with the system and it has been a source of constant joy since its release. Today last year, I remember the joy of receiving my switch from the local depo (after a nerve wrecking missed delivery even though I was at home...*grumble*). The sheer joy of this curious yet cute system coupled with a new Zelda trumped any other console release for me. I couldn't believe how I was feeling as a 30 year old, having sold my Wii U half way through its life cycle and never wanting to complete Skyward Sword - I never imagined my love for gaming would be reignited quite like this....The next few days was gaming heaven, as I booked days off of work and camped with my beanbag and snacks in front of the living room with BOTW with stretches of gaming which most likely hit 24 hours, and with a few intermittent handheld experiences with Fast RMX. I was going through some relationship trouble around that time too (Im now single lol), so the memories are very poignant and my attachment to the Switch became a very personal one as I asscociated it and BOTW as an escape from the downs of real life. Today, Im still just as in love with BOTW because of that connection... I am going to start a 3rd playthrough on master mode as I cant seem to get enough of the initial emotive memories of being on Plateau, hearing the first tower theme and seeing the first sunset as I approach my first shrine. The Switch has exceeded my expectations entirely and everything else from this point for me would be a bonus. Thank you Nintendo! Happy birthday Switch!
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    Cleaned my room today. Threw away lots of stuff I didn't need anymore and lots of stuff I got from my two ex girlfriends. Feels good.
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    What does this have to do with you being gay? JUST PLAY THE GAME AND TAKE THE DAMN PICTURES.
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    http://www.8bitdo.com/wireless-usb-adapter/ Cool! 8Bitdo just released a new USB wireless adapter that lets you use Wii Remotes/Wii Classic Controllers/Wii U Pro Controllers/Dual Shock 3/4 on Switch! Might just have to nab one. Would be great to use a classic controller or my Wii Tatsucap arcade stick on Switch!
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    Funnily enough, your good ol' pal Jim Sterling did a little video on that guy and his "game" just a few days ago... Needless to say, the "Dating Guru" doesn't come across very well
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    I ummed and aahed about getting one, eventually deciding not to, as I still had two or three games to play on PS4. Then, my wife bought me one for my birthday in January as a total surprise, which was nice. The hardware itself I am incredibly impressed with. It's completely changed how I game, meaning I can have it in the kitchen, and play for 10 minutes while I'm waiting for something, or play a short while before I go to bed. Because of this, I've managed more gaming in the month since I've got it, than I had for the six months previous, and managed to complete Mario Odyssey. Since completing Mario, I admit I haven't really touched it in two weeks. That's mainly because I don't have any other games for it though, and there aren't any that interest me right now. I do wish I'd got LA Noire for the Switch rather than the PS4 though, since it would be a lot easier to play.
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    I guess I knew they were onto a winner when the initial reveal trailer came out and pretty much everyone in our N-E thread of all places was gushing over it. That said I didn't expect it to sell quite as much as it has, and certainly not to outsell Wii U in what, 10 months? I adore it and as I type this I've just had a one hour and a half train journey pass quickly thanks to some Odyssey and Darkest Dungeon. Zelda made me feel like a kid again. It was a truly special experience playing that game and I haven't felt that way since Ocarina. I'm playing so many more games than I ever would have without it. Games I wouldn't have touched on PS4 or Wii U I'm playing and loving on Switch. The hardware is so good it makes people want to play games on it. The Pro Controller is easily the most comfortable I've used (though never had an Xbox to compare) and if that battery dies, 40 (!) hours later I'll pop the joy Con off and sit back hands apart and play just as comfortably. It's great to see Nintendo back on top again, and so they should be, it's a wonderful piece of kit.
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    I finally finished listening to the audio book for Call Me by Your Name. So romantic~~
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    To me, Switch is... perfect. Sheer perfection. It has replaced the 3DS XL as my main handheld, and has made me never want a console connected to the TV again (although it's good that you can do it). I like the traditional controls, with real consideration towards the owner whether you want Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on or off. I even like the fact it can't browse the web, because I feel it keeps the machine more secure. The friend system is good, and I like to keep up to date with what people are playing, including yourself. @King_V. Every "big" game I've played on the Switch - Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Skyrim, Dragon Quest Builders - has had perfect graphics. Each of those is hi-res, with the ability to see massively into the distance, enabling you to easily identify specific enemies and items from afar. We are finally at that point where I simply don't want better visuals, and on a handheld too! The eShop has been excellent too - near-enough parity with the other consoles, and a plethora of high-quality 2D games. Best of all, for me, is the growing range of Neo Geo and coin-op classics. My favourites are Metal Slug and (finally!) the true version of Double Dragon. There's a real chance of Switch becoming the arcade machine I used to dream about in childhood. Did I expect Switch to be as successful as it is? No, although I suspected it would be popular when I saw the first official trailer for the machine and 1-2 Switch. They seemed to be tapping into the trendiness of the Wii. The fact they've been able to do that with a machine that's not very much like it is impressive indeed.
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    That looks truly awful. What's more horrifying is that he suggests you shouldn't grab a woman's breasts because, "security might get involved" or "you'll get chucked out," or even have "all kinds of problems." It doesn't suggest that perhaps you shouldn't grab woman's breasts unless they want you to? Ugh.
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    You really do not need to be doing higher than a set of 5 for Deadlifts, if you drop the reps and up the weight. I usually do a couple of lighter sets before doing 3 sets at my working weight.
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    Glad to have you back @King_V! Like you I was really excited for the launch of the Switch this time last year, my excitement was curbed somewhat by Nintendo failing to deliver it on launch day so I had to wait until the Saturday to get my hands on it and it was certainly worth the wait. In the ensuing 12 months I've played a tonne of games on it, far more than I did in my first year with the Wii U or 3DS. Looking through the monthly summaries on the parental controls app there was only one month where I spent less than an hour a day on average with the console and most of the other months are 2 hours plus each day so my interest in the system has definitely held over the course of the year. There are still a tonne of games that I haven't got round to buying or playing yet (will be starting Xenoblade 2 very soon) so even if there aren't any more releases for the Switch this year I'm sure I'd still get plenty of play out of it, really looking forward to seeing what else is in store this year.
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    I’m very surprised that Nintendo still hasn’t announced what they’re doing with regards to older titles/Virtual Console coming to the Switch, considering just how close it is to the end of Wii Points availability. Definitely gives rise to a nervous group of fans who are anxious to know what’s going on with some of their favourite titles, or, adversely, some gamers who want to play these games but aren’t sure if Wii VC is a wise investment, especially in the event that Switch VC is around the corner. I hope they speak up about their plans for legacy titles on the Switch sooner rather than later. And part of me really hopes that it isn’t part of a Netflix-type catalogue scheme.
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    The Switch has already cemented itself as my favourite console of all time. It has been a pure joy owning one for this first year. Zelda, Mario, Splatoon 2 and ARMS are some of the best games I've played in years, not to mention the wonders of the indie titles. Long may the momentum carry Nintendo forward, can't wait to see what the next 4 or so years have in store. What a turnaround from the Wii U.
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    Straight from ResetEra. Three PS4 exclusives in the top 10 is impressive. Could happen again next year with GoW, Spiderman, Days Gone and/or Spyro (if that's exclusive). Oh...and GTA fucking V. 1 million last year? It came out in 2013...
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    So surprising to hear you say that. What didn't you like about it? I guess if you didn't grow up playing the likes of Mega Man, Castlevania, Duck Tales on the NES, the precise action platformer genre might not hit the spot for you. Personally I thought the visuals were stunning, music even better and the gameplay pretty much perfect for the genre. Great humour, plenty to do in the overworld and lots of varied weapon combos. It's easily in my Top 10 games of all time.
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    Opening cutscene with an amazing theme song - Light Up My Life - performed by singer/songwriter Mai Kuraki, composed by shilo and arranged by Shuho Mitani. A battle mechanics trailer, featuring some new and some returning mechanics: And a new illustration by Raita Honjou showcasing the valkyria Clymaria Lewin.
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    We know for a fact that it’s been in true development since January 2016, and that the facial animations were originally in the build of the game utilised for the Gamescom trailer, but were removed for some reason. If I’m recalling correctly, I read somewhere that Yu Suzuki also did this (shown an older version of the game before trumping it with the new one not too long later, to blow people away) whilst at SEGA, so perhaps this has something to do with not getting fans too excited and expectant for a 2018 release in the event that it isn’t released this year? I genuinely think it’s 50/50 that we get Shenmue III this year, because the way that they’ve handled things so far has meant that we’re pretty much clueless as to where exactly they are in the development process. On the other hand, I’m pretty confident that we’ll see Shenmue 1+2 HD later this year. SEGA will finally be getting a chance to cash in on their golden eggs, and the release of 1+2 HD prior to III (and then being received amazingly) is vital to the success of III (I think it’s worth mentioning here that SEGA has invested in the project). My personal opinion is that we’ll see Shenmue 1+2 HD announced at E3 and released some time between the start of July and the end of September, whereas I think Shenmue III could arrive in the last week or two of November, if not in December — if the game is to make it to release this year. Otherwise, it’ll probably be delayed into Spring 2019 (and by all means, they should leave it in the oven to cook a little longer than that if that’s what the game needs).
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    Trying to find some information regarding this. Found this link here: Children joining the ODR Children can join the ODR but their parents or guardians: must give consent after they die, or until they reach 16 or 18 years old depending on where they die in the UK. Not sure what happens when it becomes opt out. I'm assuming that parents will have the final say in that situation. Hmm.
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    In an interview with Gamersflag, Yu Suzuki revealed that Shenmue III will not being a conclusive end to the series, leaving open the possibility of us seeing Shenmue IV in the future. In another interview with Gameblog, Suzuki talked about a number of different subjects, key among them being how Shenmue and Yakuza are often compared. On that topic, Suzuki stated: When asked if Shenmue III would be released in 2018, Suzuki responded that “I’ll try my best to make that happen.”
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    Wait. Y'all know in homo right? Still, I'm sure I'll appreciate Joy and all of her... Assets.
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    Since everyone has made long posts and I just don't have the time this will be bullet pointed nobody should step down moderation doesn't have to be liked but should also be fair you don't have to like other members We should unban everyone (yes even the bots, some of their nonsense spawned funny posts) and then we can stop going on about who's been banned also can we try and stop being personal? forum membership should be increased can't we all just get along?
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    How do you find the time? I'm only HR13! Do I need to upgrade considerably for Negregante? or is he just a winged ass hole? I just unlocked his quest, and solo its reasonably easy to avoid him and survive, but man when people join in on you! I've tried it 4 times and I get slaughtered once more then one person joins. I'm currently rocking low rank Legaia helm, gloves and boots (the legaia perk for more loot had been a god send) and Zorah Magdaros chest and coil, but I have enough for the full Zorah set (alpha since it won't be my main set) Should I grind for the HR versions? I'm aiming for the Odogaron mail to make a set recommended for the insect gaive, but I wasn't going to grind for that until the story was out of the way? am I wrong? Since I had a snow day yesterday I did get all the Aloy alpha set, which is okay but I didn't overly like it and switched back.
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    Both of those boomerang clips are me getting hit.
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    For 4 I played with Lance I initially and then started using the bow for some quests as well, and in Generations I completely mixed it up and used the switch axe too; although I'm not sure if that didn't help in terms of going off it. Went back to the Lance for this one, partly because of familiarity and knowing I'd be able to get into it straight away, and partly because I watched an interview where two of the creators said they both always used the same weapon in every entry (one of them being the Lance), so I thought no shame in that!
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    Sorry I couldn’t make it last night... ...Lousy Smarch weather. @BowserBasher, nice boomerang skills!
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