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    I've also just recently (finally) started on the Champions Ballad. I'm really enjoying it. Would I have liked and did I expect a new storyline, absolutely, but with expectations in check, I'm loving what we actually got. Just finished Mipha's sidequest. Also, running around Hyrule for the first time in months is making me fall in love with the game all over again. Similar to Ocarina of Time, it's one of those games I wish I could experience for the first time again.
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    My copy has arrived. I also bought a new headset. My body is ready.
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    Well, at least we can say that the new league has officially begun now.
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    I have a rare free Thursday so I'm in. If you all let me win so I start the year top of the league, I might cancel next week's plans to defend my title.
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    According to GDC’s “State of the Industry” report, developers are working on as four times as many games for the Switch this year when compared to last year. In a survey of around 4000 developers, 12% were found to be developing games for the Switch, compared to 3% last year, and 15% are saying that their next game is for the Switch.
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    Well my copy just arrived. Time to see how big the day one patch is... ...813mbs, not too bad.
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    91 from 40 critics on Metacritic! Going to be getting some great headlines.
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    Monster Hunter World reviews are coming in and its doing very well. Essential from Eurogamer. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-01-25-monster-hunter-world-review
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    No I didn’t, looks like @RedShellhas you covered though. I was too excited for getting the gold trophie. 😁
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    Well, that was a hilarious first race! I'm such a jerk.
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    I'm not gonna be picking this up til April as I've got a busy few months and bad enough at doing stuff already. I should be able to catch up and hunt with guys if I get into it still then, right?
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    Next League Night: Tonight 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 @S.C.G @RedShell @Clownferret Still time to Sign Up! League hasn't even started yet, and we're already seeing underhanded tactics. Good job!
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    Personally I’m not a fan of the system, I know they need to make these legendary Pokémon extra special and need a different way to get them, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how the passes are handed out, it just seems completely random. ‘I’m still enjoying the game though and would like the weather to warm up so I can’t really start getting out again. My main way I’m playing at the moment is with the Go+ and catching whilst working.
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    I caught my Mewtwo. The raid was amazing and a lot of fun. It was absolutely pissing with rain and about 25/30 people turned up and huddled in this small stone gazebo structure. Someone from Instinct had been there since 10:30 fighting for control of the gym. At about 12:40 they managed to flip it (although I don't know if they waited until that point to flip it), when I head about the Gym turning Instinct in the WhatsApp group I'm in I headed from work to the gym. It was absolutely pissing with rain. I hate rain. Got there 15 minutes later to a full Instinct gym and carrying 200 Golden Razz Berries and ready to berry away. Met some fun, enthusiastic people. There were enough of us to split into separate teams. As the game ticked over into the hour of the raid, the rain wasn't letting up but the in-game weather changed to Windy. Boosted Mewtwo. There are 8 of us in the Instinct Raid. I'm really hoping it isn't Focus Blast. My team Level 35 Tyranitar (15 Attack) Level 35 Tyranitar (12 Attack) Level 35 Scizor – Double Bug Moves – 100IV Level 30 Houndoom – Bite/Foul Play – 80IV but 14 Attack Level 35 Dragonite – 14/14/14 Level 35 Dragonite – 14/14/14 We did it, with a lot of time to spare, and my final Dragonite was a slither away from fainting. Gym Control + Team Contribution + 2 balls for Damage = 13 Balls. I'd watched videos on his animation. I'd nailed the timing on my first ball, but not quite the distance. It didn't matter, the ball wobbled thrice and I had myself a Weather Boosted Mewtwo with Focus Blast. I think everyone caught it except two people (one who already had a Mewtwo). So, what do I think of the Ex Raid system? I understand it. The scarcity makes it feel like a special event – this definitely felt like more than just a Legendary Raid, but the flip-side is that its exclusivity makes it prohibiting, and unfriendly. I wouldn't be unhappy if they scrapped it. Being on the inside, I had a lot of fun (although it was stressful leading up to the event). But from the outside in, it's not a good system.
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    My copy arrived... ...and now I have to go to work. #TheUpsAndDownsOfGettingAnEarlyGameOnThursday
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    Dirty, filthy Catherine.... I'd be happy to chip in a couple of pounds each month towards costs if it would help? I'm sure others would too?
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    Putting "Nintendo Europe" (with or without fansite) the whole front page is Nintendo themselves, and their own Youtube channel. Can't compete with that. We're not long after on the second page though. Writing for the site is a voluntary task which comes with no particular degree of pressure. We probably need fresh, young blood, as the site had the most content when the majority of writers were in secondary school and as such had the most free time. The best thing we've ever done for N-E in the past x years was to make the NEShow, but that dropped off after a few episodes for the same reasons. And to answer Bob, no, we're not making any money anymore, even before google adsense dropped us just because we have threads talking about games like Catherine.
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    Parent-Teacher conferences today at work. Co-teacher tells me she has the flu, says "should I come in?" "No Because I'll be sitting next to you all day. You could also infect the parents and the kids" School management says "Yes! Come to work, it's an important day!" I swear, if I get sick, there's going to be serious, serious trouble.
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    It seems Miitomo is being shut down. Final day is May 9th https://www.nintendo.co.jp/support/information/2018/0125.html
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    I was playing the shindou edition on N64 the other night. It’s insane how that game is taken up a notch more with rumble. How they got the rumble so perfect back in 1996 still blows my mind. EAD are wizards. (I wish there was an English Shindou translation/patch - there was years ago but it’s lost to the web now!) Anyway... LABO: With the Amazon BIGTHANKS £10 off a £50 shop code I caved and bought it. Thinking I can use it at work for STEM activities too!
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    I’m fairly confident we’ll see something pretty content-filled within the next four to six weeks. Not because I’m second-guessing Nintendo and they have to show something, but we’ve known about a main series Fire Emblem coming to Switch since last January. Fire Emblem games typically release in H1, and the last three were all released in Q2 in all major territories apart from America, who got Awakening and Fates in February. Looking back, Animal Crossing typically releases towards the end of the year, and I think Pocket Camp’s existence all but confirms that something’s on the way with regards to AC on Switch (what, with Pokémon GO and Mario Run being followed by main series entries within less than twelve months of their release). Likewise, we’ve known about games such as Project Octopath Traveller and Shin Megami Tensei V since last January too, and we still haven’t heard much of an update with regards to them, either - despite the latter getting a public demo a few months ago. Based on nothing but speculation, I think that we’ll have a Direct by mid-March (which will detail everything up to the start of H2), before getting the silent treatment - bar, perhaps, another Direct Mini - up until E3 (which will detail major tentpole releases up until the year’s end).
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    What? Why are you plugging a kettle into the back of your PC?
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    That’s not actually the size, just the cost.
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    Always in and hosting duties will be resumed as normal.
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    People keep saying expensive card board and I don't think people realise how expensive card board is these days! when I moved house my missus bought £50 of boxes from a company and for £50 I thought we were robbed! didn't get many and they were small.
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    It was a bit odd to find this in General Gaming! It feels like this needs a little bit of updating In June of last year, the game was delayed from December 2017 to an undetermined date in the latter half of 2018. Back in August, Deep Silver (Metro, Saints Row, Shin Megami Tensei) was announced as the project’s publisher, and this teaser trailer was debuted at Gamescom: In late September, WWG reported that they had learned that HD re-releases of Shenmue I & II were due to be announced in 2017, with their sources purportedly being linked to SEGA. The HD re-releases as described by the outlet would be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and have been in development since 2016. However, a few days ago [January], WWG reported that the project is still under way at SEGA, and that the HD re-releases were delayed as a result of the delay of Shenmue III to the latter half of 2018. News of this came courtesy of their alleged sources linked with SEGA from before, as well as being reiterated by journalists in Europe when contacted. SEGA were initially planning to announce Shenmue I & II HD at E3 2017, according to one source linked directly to SEGA, but are now apparently waiting for a more opportune time to reveal the HD re-releases when a release date for Shenmue III is pinned down. Some brand new screenshots from Shenmue III were revealed today [January]: Next month, in February, more details and screenshots are expected of the game, as Yu Suzuki will be attending the Monaco Anime Game International Conference on February 24th.
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    I'm ready for my 2nd play through, this time on Switch and with amiibo (Majora's Mask Link is all I need ). The plan is to finish all side quests, get all the armor pieces, upgrade them fully and complete all shrines. Not sure if I'll go for the korok seeds seems like a huge task lol. I'm about to get the dlc in a minute, once I have it can I start the game on hard mode or is it unlocked once I beat the game? Edit. Download / Update complete. You actually can start it on Master Mode. Let the games begin!
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    Shame about the "No Fun Allowed" police stepping in there, but apart from that, things seem to have gone smoothly. That magic Boomerang just might be one of the jammiest things I've seen in Mario Kart lately. But here we are, the end of the Mini League. What have we learned from this utter shambles? Some people are such Teacher's Pets, that they will happily lower their average in order to keep that perfect attendance. Inward drift is far too advanced for you nonces. Driving backwards is somehow against the rules. It will take years to exhaust the internet's supply of Fresh Prince GIF's (Assuming a certain someone doesn't just make more) I've done more accounting in 3 months than I've ever done in my life. Smart Steering is named ironically. Because everyone here becomes on average 43% dumber with it on. If @RedShell fires something backwards at the finish line, there's an 80% chance it'll hit me. @Nicktendo and I make such an impression that no-one votes for us. Mushrooms Only races work surprisingly well. But most importantly... I want to thank everyone who took part, the league would be pretty damn boring if you lot didn't take part. And let's face it, you put up with some really stupid ideas without much complaining. I especially want to thank @BowserBasher for hosting the rooms each week, suggesting a few themes and dealing with my more demanding themes. You made my life a lot easier. I should also give special thanks to @Dcubed, for letting me use his Switch and copy of MK8D in the first place. As well as inspiring a few ideas for theme nights. And finally, thanks to previous League Boss @The Mole for giving me all the files and stuff I needed to take over this league. As for next year, 25th January is when the 2018 League will start. I will open a new thread around a week before it starts. I hope to see you all there.
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    Stuff like this sells to the majority of the audience watching. Also, it's not a new thing either. Remember the original reveal of The Last of Us when the audience cheered as a guy got a shotgun bullet to the face? If there was an outcry then the publishers wouldn't do it but as it stands the audience attending these events lap it up. I mean, the people at PSX screamed that they wanted to shoot the android. I don't agree with the methods used but both violence and sex sell products. With gaming I think it's become more noticable purely because of how realistic games have become. I think the Detroit scene at PGW was done amazingly well, with many outlets saying it was the highlight of the show. TLOU2 scene on the other hand was poorly handled, with no real context to the situation.