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    Fun fact! We went to N-Europe (from Revo-Europe) because we did not want to be called Wii-Europe. Almost meant we didn't have to change the name every few years which also helped. We do occasionally get people on Twitter assuming we are Nintendo too.
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    I hate it when games misspell my name... And accuse me of eating people. I've just reached Chapter 4 myself. I like how Chain Attacks net you extra EXP and Loot if you kill an enemy with it. And you get more when you go way too overkill with it. Latest Rare Blade I got was Aurora, who is probably the best design I've seen so far. On account of her dressing reasonably modestly. And the Polar Bear.
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    It really is the most versatile console.
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    So I've spent a couple of weeks with the Switch, and overall I'm very impressed. The thing feels so sturdy and solid (not you, dock; you feel like a weak breeze could blow you away). I've been playing mostly in handheld mode, which is great, and then playing with the two tiny controllers when docked with my wife. The little controllers do feel very fiddly, and we've both struggled playing Mario Kart with them, but I understand the need for them to be so small, so it's probably my fault for having such huge hands. The operating system is fine. Nice and quick and easy to navigate. Very bare bones, but I guess that's the point. The friend system is sparse to the point of useless though. You can't even send someone a message? I love how easy it is to pause a game, put the Switch down and pick it up again. Means I can be cooking, and play a bit of Mario Odyssey while waiting for something to cook. Overall, I'd give it 8/10.
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    Yeah, this pay to play online malarkey is an unfortunate development in the console side of the industry, really didn’t expect Nintendo to follow suit, but I suppose it was inevitable. I didn’t renew my PS+ subscription this year, as the free games are mostly terrible these days, but now that it has expired It’s made certain games in my PS4 collection pretty much useless, stuff like Overwatch and Street Fighter V. Not to mention severely lowered my desire to get Monster Hunter World. Might try to bring my PC up to scratch and start buying any online focused 3rd party games on there instead.
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    Personally, the longer it stays free to play games online, the better.
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    I was playing the shindou edition on N64 the other night. It’s insane how that game is taken up a notch more with rumble. How they got the rumble so perfect back in 1996 still blows my mind. EAD are wizards. (I wish there was an English Shindou translation/patch - there was years ago but it’s lost to the web now!) Anyway... LABO: With the Amazon BIGTHANKS £10 off a £50 shop code I caved and bought it. Thinking I can use it at work for STEM activities too!
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    What? Why are you plugging a kettle into the back of your PC?
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    Great headset, a lot of us on here have it.
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    Add me to the "shipped" squad. There's every chance that I'll be playing this at 9PM after Mario Kart 8 tomorrow. Possibly even before...
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    Woot! Got Micaiah on the last day It took me to 4,75%, and I used almost every free orb I had, but it was worth it. ...And of course, now is when L'Arachel lands. And is that... a Brave Eirika?
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    My copy has shipped... cannot wait!!! I should’ve booked the Monday off too.
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    Renaming the site at this point would be detrimental to our SEO standings. You don't need the most gaming sounding name to get up there on google. Look at kotaku, ign, neogaf, polygon, giant bomb. What you need is content
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    After a wobble, I'm still playing I cleared Chapters 5 & 6 this morning and I'm keen to see where the story goes! I guess I'm keeping it
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    Strong rumours suggesting a regular sized Direct in February, by the same people that leaked other info that proved true. A Feb Direct would be the perfect place to reveal Captain Toad 2. Please Nintendo. Pleeeeease.
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    Some are acquired through the story, some from side-quests but the most are RNG from Blade Cores! You can always increase your characters Luck and then use Boosters when bonding with Cores to help you find the Blades you want but it’s still RNG.
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    Yes I think so. While it is still a continuation, everything we’ve seen so far seems to lean towards it being more of a soft reboot to the series. All you need to know is that Kratos’ first family was killed, he got very very angry then killed a lot of gods.
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    8 Chapters into Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so far. The story is good overall but if I had to nitpick, most of the plot twists so far are all the reveals that certain characters are Blades. Given that this isn't my game in terms of ownership, there are times when I don't have Switch access. So I went back to Burnout 2: Point of Impact. Such a good feeling racer after so long and easy to get pack into and pick up and play... and crash... a lot. I managed to clear the second Pursuit mode but really struggling on the 6 track Grand Prix at the end.
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    I think it's pretty much going by the name Chi ('shy') but it's kind of a nice homage to his hometown. This one was by surrogacy so it's no wonder it caught you by surprise, but how did you not hear something about the second? It's like not hearing about the Royals getting married and pregnant, except the West Kardashians actually work
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    I've just finished the main story. A really fantastic game. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L21 using Tapatalk
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    Don't put the kettle plug into the back of your PC while the power is on....boom.