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    That’s not actually the size, just the cost.
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    https://shinesparkers.net/interviews/jack-mathews/ Really cool interview with Jack Mathews, a former Retro Studios developer, on his time developing Metroid Prime 1-3!
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    I finished this the other day. I want to get rid of the negatives out the way first. My initial thoughts of the gameplay were not good. I found the combat system unresponsive and clunky. I also was shocked how restrictive the main open area was as I bumped into invisible wall after invisible wall. This is something that should not exist nowadays and reminded me of PS2 games. The combat became a lot better and fun as more abilities were unlocked. To be honest I really came to grips with it during the final section of the game which was a little disappointing as it was nearly over. The slugger style of Majima is my personal favourite style of combat. The combat though, once you got the hang of it was a lot of fun. Now, in my view, where the game shines is in its story and character development. The story is a criminal gangster power struggle. The range of emotions that it takes you through is outstanding. One minute i'm grinning and the next i'm gobsmacked to wanting to burst into tears. The storytelling in this game is nothing short of outstanding. The ending got me The side quests are also great too. There are a range of scenarios from the most weird and uncomfortable to learning a few life lessons. Some of these are full stories. I found this refreshing after spending 80 hours playing FFXV over the summer that had made me carry out countless boring fetch quests. Overall, I absolutely loved this game. Once it clicks playing through the game is an amazing experience. I now consider myself a fan and I am so glad that I gave the series a chance. I think everyone else should too.
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    Steamworld Dig is coming to the Switch on February 1st.
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    Well, I think they emulate the hardware, and then the original code runs on it without tweaking. This way, they have been able to supply Neo Geo games in particular every week without actually having to port them. I do agree in principle though. How long it would take to get rid of the slowdown, I don't know, but if they could do it, an option would be appreciated. Fair enough. I still think it's a good game though. Whereas Double Dragon 4 simulated the NES style (complete with floaty jumps), I think Arcade Archives Double Dragon holds up as a fast and entertaining experience.
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    I live under a rock. It’s safe under my rock, fewer dissenting views.
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    There's quite a lot, especially on Stage 4, but my best guess is it's exactly the same as the coin-op. Only really a problem when you've got a lot of Abobos or Willy!
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    Most of them are fairly small, like Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2 and ARMS; but it’s the few like DOOM and LA Noire that are eating up a huge chunk of space (I think I’ve used around 80GB so far IIRC). I can definitely see myself running out of space before the end of the year (maybe not even that long...)
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    Yeah it's really cool, a lot better than I was expecting. It's heavier than an iPad which is expected but I can do what I need to without breaking my back carrying it about Got it all set up with what I need to run the site on the go
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    I'm still really glad that I picked up that 200GB Micro SD card when it was £50... at this rate it should last me years.
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    Yep, there’s no other game like it. Not that I’m aware of at least. The way they effortlessly switch between comedy and drama in the Yakuza series is incredible. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Yakuza 6 in March.
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    I’m gonna guess £250+ i.e. way too much. Still rocking a 32 gb card in my Switch and not had to delete anything yet. My library is all digital too, apart from Zelda. Will probably upgrade to a 256gb at some point this year.
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    https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180122006328/en/UK's-Integral-Memory™-Market-Largest-Capacity-microSD™ The first 512GB MicroSD card hits store shelves in February! We're getting there guys!
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    It has some sad and emotional moments (and some parts can be either funny or upsetting based on your personal experience), but overall I'd say that the setting of it (and the Mexican views of the afterlife) makes it so it doesn't seem like a miserable film.
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    Maybe the game just doesn't interest people? I know I'm not keen on it.
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    It does! If memory serves, it's how the circle pad connected. Plus, it has a shiny bit of plastic that looks a lot like the one on it's New counterpart.
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    I will definitely pick up Kiwami. The rest of the series i'm unsure about. I'm tempted to just wait for Kiwami 2 as I hate to spoil the character development, relationships and ongoing plot by jumping straight to 6.
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    I loved it (and beat it ) despite never feeling like I completely got to grips with the controls. I mostly mashed the D-Pad while trying to concentrate on Neku on the bottom screen so never really followed the trees on the top screen!
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    Not yet! I'll probably wait until the weekend. I'll be picking it up with another game, probably Gravity Rush 2 or Nier. Not sure yet though. Sad to hear you didn't see to love it...I know @Blade loved every second!
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    Now, that should either be a selling point for the game or a warning with regards to the content... depending on your outlook.
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    18th of January 3DS eShop releases; Nintendo 3DS eShop Picross e8 (JUPITER, €5.00) Link-a-Pix Color (Lightwood Games, €7.99) New Nintendo 3DS eShop Raining Coins (Crazysoft, €3.99 / £3.59) Nintendo 3DS Temporary Discounts Includes all these games, pricing details can be found on the relevant eShop; Aqua Moto Racing 3D Breakout Defense 2 (New Nintendo 3DS) Corpse Party DON’T CRASH GO FOUR BOMBS (New Nintendo 3DS) Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven PINK DOT BLUE DOT (New Nintendo 3DS) Return to PopoloCrois: A STORY OF SEASONS Fairytale Rune Factory 4 SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson SENRAN KAGURA Burst SWIPE (New Nintendo 3DS) TABLE TENNIS INFINITY (New Nintendo 3DS) VoxelMaker Nintendo 3DS Home Themes Sissi loves the animals (£0.89 / €0,99) Sissi and the magic of the bracelet (£0.89 / €0,99) Sissi will become the queen of Austria (£0.89 / €0,99) Robin Hood the archer (£0.89 / €0,99) Robin Hood the fearless (£0.89 / €0,99) The brave Robin Hood: adventures in the forest (£0.89 / €0,99) Let’s fly to Rapunzel Castle! (£1.79 / €1,99) A super GO.ZY. family! (£1.79 / €1,99) tokidoki’s Under the Sea (£0.89 / €0,99) tokidoki’s Donutella & Sweet Friends (£0.89 / €0,99)
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    I played the original for over 1,000 hours (yes, a thousand) and would gladly get PS+ to play it again. The online is possibly my favourite online mode as you can just hang out and just trigger events without going out of the game. There are also lots of checkpoint options for racing online, too (it's not restricted to "get to X corner of the map" like the singleplayer). The challenges where everyone has to work together to complete tasks is the best part of it - they're co-op but also competitive (in a friendly way) at the same time. One nice feature for them to add is an option to sync music with the host. That way, we could all sing along to Girlfriend together.
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    Looks like a Burnout Paradise re-release might be on the way for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I'll be annoyed if they call it Burnout Paradise HD though. The original was HD. I loved the original game so I'll be suckered into buying this though I sorta wish it was coming to the Switch but y'know EA.. Hopefully they're sniffing out potential for another Burnout game.
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    I tend to just break them out whenever I get in the mood for some retro gaming, otherwise they just stay boxed away. If I did ever decide to display them then it would be something like this. I love that kinda setup. It looks so tidy and clean.