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    Noone else here who's on the creative side? Just made this Daft Punk sketch with Windsor & Newton markers: Kinda fun to work on the coloration and blending of the different markers. Not really done that too much.
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    I wasn't aware you could post without one.
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    After a lot of time with my old laptop breaking my back and being slow, I bought a Surface Pro. Not the best thing I could buy, but it's working wonders right now, doing what I need it to do
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    Steamworld Dig is coming to the Switch on February 1st.
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    That sounds good. I might start that after I've finished Bojack Horseman.
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    Can we also appreciate that this is the second page in a row that has started with me using an Arrested Development gif?
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    Day one of my new job. They gave me a rape alarm. They clearly don't know me very well. On a serious note, it was mainly in case I need it whilst traveling for the job. Apparently it's glass shatteringly loud, which has made me both terrified and insanely curious to use it. The office is on a rather awesome business park. I've gone from a scruffy industrial estate with a sandwich van to a full on business park with on-site shops, cafes, post office, beauty salon etc. It's rad as shit. I'm off to London tomorrow for more training/induction with my manager. Seeing as we both work from home, it'll be in a coffee shop. I get to be one of "those" people who spend all day in a coffee shop on my laptop. Macbook Pro too, so even more pretentious. "What's a computer?" indeed. Hopefully the job works out as good as it seems. The more I see of the place, the more I like it, but I do feel like I'm waiting for the bubble to burst. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic.
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    I just started My Hero Academia, and 4 episodes in, the show has officially won me over. After so many cynical takes on the superhero genre (from Marvel's Civil War events to One Punch Man's career supers), it's so good to see an optimistic reconstruction of the concept. Got some catching up to do.
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    Now, that should either be a selling point for the game or a warning with regards to the content... depending on your outlook.
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    I was planning on waiting to get the game until @Goafer got it as well so we could play together but watching Giant Bomb play the beta again this weekend was too much so I've now got my copy preordered. I've got this week and most of next off as well so it's a good time for me to finally work on learning it all.
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    Looks like I've got a new flat to move into in 3 weeks time and I couldn't be happier to finally see the back of my current place. It's been one problem after another and the agency I'm with has passed the buck on every problem I've brought to their attention, saying that the landlord likes to get involved in sorting things even though as the agency overseeing things they should be sorting them out. We've had damp, mould, plaster mites, an abandoned flat below us with a broken window that has been letting cold and wet in which rose up through our carpets, a freezer that randomly switches itself (and when they sent out an engineer he said he freezer was too low so that was the problem, except we've had it turned to the coldest setting and have lost god knows how much food so far from it constantly defrosting itself and refreezing) and have no real heating in the property so the issues of damp ingress from the masonry can't be stopped. So yeah, really excited to get away from this flat and into my new one. It's a smaller place and outside the city but it's unfurnished so we can get our own stuff and going round it the other week, there were none of the issues that we've faced up till now with the current flat. Can't wait to get everything packed up and move out of here and into there. Just the stress of trying to get the deposit back now but thankfully they've screwed themselves out of being able to claim for anything as the flat we're in wasn't cleaned for us entering, all the problems we've had were noted in an amendment to the inventory I gave them (17 pages of faults which they took 4 months to realise were there), we could have been electrocuted with the bathroom as the extractor fan and light were not up to BSI and electrical standards but were only informed by the electrician who was replacing smoke alarms when we moved in and he did it as an extra for free as he had to change the fuse box, the switch for the cooker is above the cooker itself which again is against safety standards and they've at no point attempted to rectify any problem even when told multiple times so we should have a solid case for getting it all back, hopefully.
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    Really jealous of everyone getting to experience Oxenfree for the first time. Enjoy it as it really is a fantastic game. It was one of my top games of 2016 and still crops up for me in discussions when asked for recommendations for indie titles. It's superb in virtually every aspect. Hopefully the issues with the port have been ironed out to make it a more smooth experience but I'd say push through them anyway because the game is well worth. There's probably been enough time that's passed for me having another run on the game.
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    I feel that this is actually very bad advice. Somewhat. It’s a good thing to learn, but you’re removing something ostensible from Dark Souls by warning them beforehand of mimics. There’s something to be said of the first time you greedily open a chest only to be greeted with shock and horror as its toothy maw opens.
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    Hey, no problem. Always nice to revisit my memories of this game. Ahh, the original Dark Souls. My key tip for this one is to pick pyromancy to begin with, and upgrade your pyromancy glove as much as possible and up your attunement some to carry more/better pyromancy spells. Pyromancy is god tier in the first game, what with the damage output being linked to the + value of your glove and no other stat (so no need to spec for it), and getting charges every time you rest (rather than pyromancy being drained by your mana bar). With regards to stats, I say pump strength up to 40 and equally level vitality to begin with. There is a softcap somewhere there but you will see big gains by doing this initially ahead of anything else. When you get to a room in The Depths filled with barrels, roll around to destroy them to reveal a pyromancer seller NPC. Don't attack the barrels with a weapon as you can aggro the NPC! Give one tap with a weapon to each chest to check if they're a mimic. Don't destroy the chests as you'll only find rubbish inside. Generally speaking, work to find a shortcut back the beginning/bonfire before going into boss fog gates, since you'll probably die first time fighting a boss. Oh and a great tip - in the Undead Parish, load up on arrows and give yourself a little dex (if needed to use the bow), then stand to the right of the bridge to shoot the tail off the red drake without getting hit. You get the Drake sword which is great up until mid-late game.
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    Oh yeah that’s the good stuff. Go out and have some fun.
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    Did you order Yakuza 0, @Goron_3? I'm on Chapter 5 after investing more than 16 hours into the game but I'm genuinely considering binning it off! Despite the crazy humour and intriguing story, I'm finding myself bored and wishing it would flow a little better. The gameplay just isn't that fun, generally If you haven't purchased it, give me a shout and see if we can strike a deal! The condition is like new!
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    I can't really explain how important Double Dragon was to my childhood. I first found it in 1987, at a sports centre, and became obsessed with it thereafter. Whether I was at a holiday camp or a seaside arcade, I tried to find this machine and slot my (old-sized) 10p pieces into it. It was always my ambition to own the real arcade game at home, and now I do. Last night I plugged in my headphones, loaded up Double Dragon and spent half an hour of retro bliss. This isn't just nostalgia, it's time travel! Suffice to say, Abobo is still a badass, the moving walls are still annoying and Marian's dress still doesn't cover her pants! Now bring on Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja!
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    Job win: got my first freelance job in the gaming industry! Will be doing the Russian translation for an upcoming indie game. Won't reveal any details as I'm not allowed to yet. The pay is rather meager and I'm nervous as hell that I'm up to the task, but I'm bloody excited. Seeing my name in the credits has been a dream since I was 6 years old, I just never assumed it would be for localization.
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    The final character of the base roster has been revealed: