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    Yeah but if you buy it now, it'll remain on your shelf like your other unplayed games until he's like, 11, and he'll be interested then.
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    Showed the reveal vid to my son (7 years old) and his eyes lit up....guess we'll be getting both kits I worry though about durability....you'd probably need to be extra careful with them so they don't fall apart
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    Read this as "kids" at first and thought you had gone one step too far.
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    First screenshot of Mario Kart 9!
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    You said it yourself, it won't do any harm. If you're not into it, then there's their entire video game line-up to fall back on. Releasing a Mini Direct last week wasn't by accident, it was to reassure fans they're doubling down on great games in 2018 before the Labo reveal. As for the suggestion of it being back to the Wii days, I think that's the point! The Wii was their most successful home console ever, and it got there by bringing in the casual crowd, but the encouraging thing with Switch is they seem to have struck the perfect balance (so far at least) between casual and hardcore. 1-2 Switch and Labo for casuals. Zelda, Dark Souls, Fire Emblem, Doom, Yoshi, Mario, indies etc for the hardcore gamers. Also in terms of the long-term Nintendo need to get back its mindshare with kids, they're the future of the company. The reason we're all here loving Nintendo is because we grew up with them. They seem to be making a big push for that what with the Universal theme parks, the Mario animated film, cereal, amiibo etc, and Labo is just another step towards that. Agree on price though, I'd say it's a good $20 too expensive. But then again it's hard to know for sure without knowing how compelling the software is going to be. Will they be following the Splatoon, Arms etc model and release content updates over time? If so there's added value there.
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    Not convinced a sample of one is a good test of whether the vides successful or not. I’ve read so many tweets and such of parents showing their children and them loving it. My kid is 2.5. Bit too young. Gutted. Though I think he’ll like watching me make it... YES HE WILL!!!!
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    Or a porn simulator called "Labiia". It would sell millions. Soggy cardboard, though.
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    That piano needs to work with the Korg gadget! All in all a really cool move. I don't see this conflicting with the real franchises. Statements like "Nintendo go back kiddie again" make no sense. PS did it with LittleBigPlanet and the move controllers, XBOX with Kinectimals which both were targeted at a young audience. Nintendo does the same, only better and they show some real creativity here. However, I think we will see a lot of fan creations of Gundam suits, Animal Crossing houses and Mario Karts being made from these kits!
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    Register your interest for UK event: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Nintendo-Labo/Nintendo-Labo-1328637.html (you need to take a kid) http://n-europe.com/news/nintendo-announces-nintendo-labo-allowing-you-to-create-your-own-games-and-toys Fun fact! The press kit was a zip file, containing a zip file...containing a zip file...containing the assets.
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    Preordered and booking Friday and Monday off tomorrow. 4 day monster hunting weekend...
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    Really good deal for Oxenfree on Switch at the moment. Well worth it at £3.99 https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Oxenfree-1288984.html?affil=tradedoubler&utm_source=Tradedoubler-Post+a+bargain&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=TradeDoubler&tduid=637a2e81362f40fe8b3dedd2b5cde51f&dclid=CL__2srs4dgCFQWuUQod-HsELQ
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    Speaking seriously for a moment, there’s a ridiculous amount of potential with Nintendo’s existing IP with Labo. Mario Maker, Paper Mario, Mario Paint, Animal Crossing (house/furniture maker), Smash Bros (Stage builder, Amiibo diorama builder), Wario Ware DIY, Luigi’s Mansion, Pikmin, Tomodachi Life (it’s already basically a doll house!), Style Boutique... Speaking of Paper Mario... Need I remind you that all of the environments in Color Splash were actually built with real cardboard before being re-created in-game... I rest my case
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    Only just seen this, and honestly, it was not something that I was expecting. Actually, I don’t think it was something that anyone had been expecting. That being said, it really does seem like an interesting piece of kit, and I can’t wait to see how it’s supported going forward. Oh, and I could absolutely see the next Nintendo themed cereal box being a compatible net for this too, so if Nintendo doesn’t already have that planned...they should get in on that promotional tie-in.
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    It's a third pillar... ...made of cardboard.
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    They need to make some kind of surgeon simulator and call it Lobotomy, Aaaaand I'm out.
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    Yeah, this is Nintendo clearly leaning on their legacy as toy makers here. But not just that, it’s also a way for them to revisit abandoned game prototypes (like Project Giant Robot and that Wii Motorbike patent that they never ended up using until now) and give them a new purpose! It’s also such an important push for the kids demographic; which have largely stopped getting into video games at all (outside of Minecraft... which is... well... basically a construction toy set!). Not only does it have potential to expand what the Switch can do with traditional games (come on Panic Park!! I’ve wanted a home port for so long!!), but it has very real potential to get the kiddies back into buying video game hardware again! Nintendo (and the industry as a whole) can’t afford to just focus on their established, adult audience; we’re gonna die off eventually! They need to keep bringing in new fans that’ll go on to sustain them in the distant future; and this is exactly the kind of thing that can pull it off!
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    Looking forward to this starting up again in a couple of weeks. Have a theme suggestion for you @Glen-i, how about merging 2 of the most entertaining N-E MK themes? Wario and Bob-omb only with "Smart" Steering? Would be truly spectacular I reckon.
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    There should be a separate topic for this. Revealed in a short video January 17th 2018. Pricing is at $69.99 for the Variety Kit and $79.99 for the Robot Kit. Includes software and several cardboard pieces and the materials needed for building the stuff. Variety Kit: Robot Kit:
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    The problem I'm seeing is that this fourth character is initially another attacker like Rex. You could argue that it's the multiple weapons that make up the variety. But they still fall into only 3 categories. All that said, I'm still enjoying the game. Hearing Gramps call Rex a "Cheeky Sod" is a stark reminder of why I love British localisations.
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    What the hell?! that is mental! i wish this was a thing when i was a kid! i'd have loved something like this I think i'm too old now I might get the variety set
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    The robot only actually requires two joy con from what I can see, the left joy con attaches to the head and the right joy con sits in the backpack and tracks the position of the levers with the IR camera, the levers move as you move your arms and legs so it interprets the movement of the levers into the movement of the robot on screen. I think most of the applications will use the IR camera to track movement and interaction.
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    They won't just make a killing on flogging cardboard, they'll make a killing on Joy-Con and console repairs.
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    The price has me less excited about it to be honest. ...that remote control bug one sounds ace though! You can make & add stuff to it yourself, make a wedge & put it on the front for example, and then go up against another in Robot Wars style battles!
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    After many decades, I have finally got the arcade version of Double Dragon on my console! @Dcubed - Do you have any ideas about the perfect way to display this? If the coin-op was 256×240, should I set it to multiples of 240?
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    Send him your mobile number and he can add you to it. I'm already on perma-mute!
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    That's not an option as far as I can see, no. Couldn't you just ignore them like... with your brain?
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    I'm afraid it falls upon me to be the negative one, but this seems like The Emperor's New Clothes. When I was a kid there were toys called Zoids - make-your-own robotic dinosaur/animal kits. Not only were they engineering marvels, they were aesthetically fascinating. Lego was also a very high quality toy - even better, in my opinion, before they used so many film licences. This, though, seems incredibly cheap and throwaway. $70-80 for sheets of cardboard? If this is successful, the profit margins are going to be astronomical! It really does feel like the Wii days - Nintendo's success has made them confident (possibly overconfident) and they have gone back to thinking any sort of playing about they do will be interesting, rather than let a genuinely compelling idea drive the software and hardware. Not that it'll do any harm - it's a 3rd pillar, after all - but I think this is going to end up in the recycling bin!
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    After watching the video I was thinking amazing but not for me. Ten minutes later... obviously I'm buying both kits.
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    WOW! I'm truly stunned. As a printer I am seriously impressed in the make up of these, I have done some clever packaging jobs in my time but this is next level. My kids are probably too old to be interested and in truth it doesn't really appeal to me, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate how genius it is. I just love Nintendo for this crazy shit.
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    The Verge are loving it https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/17/16900496/nintendo-switch-labo-cardboard-diy-accessories-announced-price-release-date
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    Reading hands-on impressions actually has me thinking this may well be pretty fucking ace! Might have to pick this up after all!
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    Love it. Reckon it's going to earn Nintendo some serious brownie points too, what with it being both environmentally friendly and educational. It's amazing how this really dips into their past as a toy manufacturer and brings back concepts from unreleased games as well, it's like the stuff they were making in the 60's and 70's. Genius.
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    The more people in the app the better! I am not online too often (also since I am in EU time so usually the UK guys get online when I go to bed haha). But I have played some games, and it is much better than with randoms (especially unranked) since there not everybody plays for the team.
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    I'll give you a clue. You will suck loads. I'm up to 25 hours now and I still suck compared to some of the people I play online in the ranked matches.
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    Ok, I could never’ve come up with what they actualy have showed. But still, I think I was close enough. *insert smug face*
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    Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, everyone. I've had a lovely time. Went out for food at my favourite Indian restaurant on Saturday with @Eenuh and some friends. Then, spent the rest of the day/evening hanging out with them. I had a great time at work before then going out for pizza on my actual birthday. Tonight, some work people and I went out for post-birthday drinks and food. Feel like I've eaten so much this week! Ine has bought me some more weights (woooooo!) and aftershave (wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!) Some of my new favourite smells. On top of that, I've been looking at electronic drumkits and have just ordered one. This will be my first kit in over a decade. Really excited! So...it's been pretty great.
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    Not sure if you're thinking the same thing, @RedShell, but I want a music set to let us embrace the glorious sequel to Wii Music we both crave
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    Oh God, I’m gonna have to take out a Safestore subscription to store all this junk aren’t I?
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    Is it because they always respawn? Happy Respawn, Flink!
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    Happy Birthday @Fierce_LiNk Geralt has acquired a cake for you... ...I'm pretty sure he didn't make it but it would be best to eat it I reckon. (you don't want to hurt his feelings afterall) I hope you have an excellent day. (Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!)
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    Yeeeeeeeeees. Mid-January birthday master race! Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Have a great day.
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    Happy Birthday sir, have a good day/evening
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    Happy Birthday Mr. Link Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk