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    The wording is interesting... Kids like F-Zero, right?
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    Oh God, I’m gonna have to take out a Safestore subscription to store all this junk aren’t I?
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    After 180 hours, I've finally beaten this shit game. Graphics are bad, controls are bad, enemies are hard to avoid, and you have to go everywhere to grab items. Yeah I'm not touching this game again. Anyway, here's the result:
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    I am going to do some unwarranted hyping anyway.
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    Oh, it's happening. OS LEVEL VOICE CHAT.
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    The hype is real. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Misc-/17-01-2018-1328637.html
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    First screenshot of Mario Kart 9!
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    Speak for yourself. Imma Jon Snow.
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    As someone who was obsessed with K'Nex and Lego growing up...this is simply fantastic!!!! I can imagine kids loving this - there's something about creating your own toys that's pretty exciting! Hopefully they can support this with some really good software.
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    Of course, the other angle on this event is... what if it's all a massive troll by Nintendo? The whole thing is going live at 10PM UK time, just made me think it's odd to have something go live that's supposedly for kids at a time which might be deemed to late for them to be up. Or it's just an odd way the timings worked out but before when there's been a Direct at after 10PM there have been 18 rated titles. Meh, probably a completely off the wall last minute prediction but I just thought it would be worth making it noted... just in case. That and the thought of parents tuning in to it thinking "Oh there's a new thing for kids from Nintendo coming out, let's check it out..." *10PM* *Footage starts* "Pegi 18" "What is this?!?" *Gunshots fired, police siren, helicopter noises* Rockstar Presents.... GTA V Kill-Switch edition! Anyway... not long now to find out either way.
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    Some kind of toy, or videogame perhaps?
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    Excitement quickly turned to fear 🤣 I’m a kid at heart, but this still sounds a bit worrying. I just don’t want Nintendo to forget what made the switch so successful. The direct mini and now some kid focus isn’t s great start to 2018... at £280 I’m not convinced it’s a “kids” device yet. And I’m not convinced the broader mainstream audience is there for dedicated devices. PS4 shows the industry is fine without it, the switches increcible first year has too. Would be a shame for Nintendo to spoil the great first year by chasing a marketing which isn’t there. But im probably well over thinking it. They may announce loads of amazing creativity apps. Maybe they’ll release a stylus.
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    They need to make some kind of surgeon simulator and call it Lobotomy, Aaaaand I'm out.
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    Yeah, this is Nintendo clearly leaning on their legacy as toy makers here. But not just that, it’s also a way for them to revisit abandoned game prototypes (like Project Giant Robot and that Wii Motorbike patent that they never ended up using until now) and give them a new purpose! It’s also such an important push for the kids demographic; which have largely stopped getting into video games at all (outside of Minecraft... which is... well... basically a construction toy set!). Not only does it have potential to expand what the Switch can do with traditional games (come on Panic Park!! I’ve wanted a home port for so long!!), but it has very real potential to get the kiddies back into buying video game hardware again! Nintendo (and the industry as a whole) can’t afford to just focus on their established, adult audience; we’re gonna die off eventually! They need to keep bringing in new fans that’ll go on to sustain them in the distant future; and this is exactly the kind of thing that can pull it off!
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    Register your interest for UK event: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Nintendo-Labo/Nintendo-Labo-1328637.html (you need to take a kid) http://n-europe.com/news/nintendo-announces-nintendo-labo-allowing-you-to-create-your-own-games-and-toys Fun fact! The press kit was a zip file, containing a zip file...containing a zip file...containing the assets.
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    Yo! Namco! Port this to Switch with a Toy-Con holder that has two Joy-Cons bound together by string!
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    Yeah, because that’s what I meant
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    Honestly its probably something kids will love but the more of this kind of stuff that appears the more it feels like Nintendo is drifting back towards the Wii style of gaming and that is something I really don't want.
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    Was this link always there at the bottom of the page on the Nintendo site? https://microsite.nintendo-europe.com/nintendokidsclub/en_GB/ If not then I may have found out what it is, a minute before it's going live anyway.
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    I'm just gonna post this here: We will all be wondering why the hell we botered watching this when it is done
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    It starts at 7am Japan time. Although it is funny it's so late for us. Sorry for being a party pooper.
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    Message @nekunando with your number and he'll add you in!
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    I think we should keep expectations extremely low. It will not be aimed at traditional gamers, or even gamers at all. It will be primarely aimed at (very) young kids. I’m thinking more towards ideas like the Coderpillar, but based on the Switch. Maybe some kindergarten application 1-2-Switch style? I’m keeping Wii Fit, the vitality sensor and the QoL plans in mind. More out of the box than most other stuff they’ve been releasing these past years.
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    The description just reads... "Tune in at 10pm UK time tonight to discover a new interactive experience for Nintendo Switch that’s specially crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart." Personally I think it's likely to be an artistic application which merges the best of Mario Paint with Art Academy and possibly a smattering of Nintendo Letterbox. It will likely come with a special stylus for portable mode, utliise the Joy Con motion controls as @Dcubed pointed out when in docked mode or even Tabletop mode. Amiibo support sounds like it'll be agiven, with possible unlockable bonuses such a stamps or even lessons being available depending on the individual or type of amiibo you have. Naturally more figures will be made specifically from this potential new IP which will feature an Artist Character which could even be simply Mario as an Artist although I wouldn't mind Adeleine from the Kirby games. You'll be able to share your artwork by either taking screenshots just as you normally do, there will possibly be a Photo Mode in the software with loads of neat videogame themed frames. Expanding on that, there will likely be different filters to go with these frames, possibly GameBoy style etc similar to the ones available in Super Mario Odyssey. Or it could be something completely crazy... this is Nintendo afterall. See you all at 10PM.
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    This sounds like it’s some sort of creative application (like Mario Paint or Minecraft); probably using the joy-con’s motion controls and HD rumble. High hopes for this one! I love Nintendo’s creation games/apps like Mario Paint and Wii Music, so I’m all over this!
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    I'm just expecting it to be super weird.
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    I guess it is only children who complain about it incessantly so you could be on to something here 🤣
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    Message @nekunando and he'll add you according to the Rocket League thread.
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    It’s probably the Cat Mario show getting a native app 🙈
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    I've been playing this game an awful lot, really enjoy it. Such a great game after the disappointing XCX, never understood why they ruined the typical story structure format in the previous game. I've already clocked over 110 hours and don't seem to be that far (most characters around L50). What a game!
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    Nintendo streaming event coming TONIGHT! (10pm UK / 11PM CET) "On January 18 2018 at 7 AM, we will introduce a "New Play" for Nintendo Switch on this page." - Translation from ResetEra No word about an English language show yet, but "New Play" sounds like what was promised by Kimishima wanting to target casual players. I'm hoping for stuff along the lines of Wii and DS casual games (Wii Sports / Fit / Play, Dr. Kawashima, Nintendogs etc).
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    It annoys me that this game is still being pushed. The game is average at best. Also, its a kick in the teeth for people who bought the game day one.
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    Well, I think GameGrumps' play through of Doki Doki Literature Club is coming to an end.
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    Darling, you know it's the real me.
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    It was a bit odd to find this in General Gaming! It feels like this needs a little bit of updating In June of last year, the game was delayed from December 2017 to an undetermined date in the latter half of 2018. Back in August, Deep Silver (Metro, Saints Row, Shin Megami Tensei) was announced as the project’s publisher, and this teaser trailer was debuted at Gamescom: In late September, WWG reported that they had learned that HD re-releases of Shenmue I & II were due to be announced in 2017, with their sources purportedly being linked to SEGA. The HD re-releases as described by the outlet would be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and have been in development since 2016. However, a few days ago [January], WWG reported that the project is still under way at SEGA, and that the HD re-releases were delayed as a result of the delay of Shenmue III to the latter half of 2018. News of this came courtesy of their alleged sources linked with SEGA from before, as well as being reiterated by journalists in Europe when contacted. SEGA were initially planning to announce Shenmue I & II HD at E3 2017, according to one source linked directly to SEGA, but are now apparently waiting for a more opportune time to reveal the HD re-releases when a release date for Shenmue III is pinned down. Some brand new screenshots from Shenmue III were revealed today [January]: Next month, in February, more details and screenshots are expected of the game, as Yu Suzuki will be attending the Monaco Anime Game International Conference on February 24th.
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    Is this Rokhed in disguise?
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    So did Michael Jackson. even the surgery is method acting.
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    So I managed to hold out and progress the story and powered through chapter 2 from that point, I finally feel like I can start enjoying it now.
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