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    Just a quick update on the situation. The former Catalan president and a couple of former Catalan government politicians have been in Brussels for some time now, as they will get arrested if they enter in Spain. Two other former government politicians are still in prison (and have been for many weeks now), and so are two political activists. We had elections on the 21st of December, organised by the Spanish government, and the independentist parties won again. Well, the party which won the elections is a (extreme, I'd say)-right wing one, but it doesn't have enough support to form a government. The sum of the parties pro-independence has the majority. It's also important to say that, PP, the party which is now governing Spain, is the party with representation in parliament that got less votes. Tomorrow a new president has to be chosen in the Catalan parliament. The parties for independence want to make president the former one (now in Brussels). They'll need to do that without him in the country, and they also want that the people in prison or in exile in Brussles (which have been elected again) to be able to delegate their vote to someone else. There is a big debate now whether this is legal or not, and the Spanish government has already said that if they do any of that (make the former president, Puigdemont, president again 'via skype', or let the others delegate the vote) they will rule this illegal.
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    Yeah, that aspect of the game was great and ridiculously addictive, going to be a really good fit for the Switch. I've no plans to get the Switch version though, so our rivalry will have to wait until the next original DKC game comes out.
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    I played the original for over 1,000 hours (yes, a thousand) and would gladly get PS+ to play it again. The online is possibly my favourite online mode as you can just hang out and just trigger events without going out of the game. There are also lots of checkpoint options for racing online, too (it's not restricted to "get to X corner of the map" like the singleplayer). The challenges where everyone has to work together to complete tasks is the best part of it - they're co-op but also competitive (in a friendly way) at the same time. One nice feature for them to add is an option to sync music with the host. That way, we could all sing along to Girlfriend together.
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    I so hope a Waverace come out for Switch! I’d like to see how HD Rumble could improve the feel of it!
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    My friend code is 1524-9190-3240 if anyone wants to add me!
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    So did Michael Jackson. even the surgery is method acting.
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    She got sick of nailing you then?
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    I actually plug my pro controller into my computer when I'm on it. Anyway, these are the games I've amassed during 2017. I removed all demos except the one, because I like the songs. There are only a few I regret buying.
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    I used to love Theme Hospital so I'm really looking forward to this!
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    But they do get a year older! Happy Birthday @Fierce_LiNk! Here's to many more Overwatch games this year! Let it be a good one!
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    Miss me? Multiple password reset requests never turned up, now suddenly it works and I am teh baxorz! Thanks to S.C.G. for messaging me!
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    It was a bit odd to find this in General Gaming! It feels like this needs a little bit of updating In June of last year, the game was delayed from December 2017 to an undetermined date in the latter half of 2018. Back in August, Deep Silver (Metro, Saints Row, Shin Megami Tensei) was announced as the project’s publisher, and this teaser trailer was debuted at Gamescom: In late September, WWG reported that they had learned that HD re-releases of Shenmue I & II were due to be announced in 2017, with their sources purportedly being linked to SEGA. The HD re-releases as described by the outlet would be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and have been in development since 2016. However, a few days ago [January], WWG reported that the project is still under way at SEGA, and that the HD re-releases were delayed as a result of the delay of Shenmue III to the latter half of 2018. News of this came courtesy of their alleged sources linked with SEGA from before, as well as being reiterated by journalists in Europe when contacted. SEGA were initially planning to announce Shenmue I & II HD at E3 2017, according to one source linked directly to SEGA, but are now apparently waiting for a more opportune time to reveal the HD re-releases when a release date for Shenmue III is pinned down. Some brand new screenshots from Shenmue III were revealed today [January]: Next month, in February, more details and screenshots are expected of the game, as Yu Suzuki will be attending the Monaco Anime Game International Conference on February 24th.
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    I thought Nintendo were at their "expanded audience" best with the 3DS. StreetPass/Quest struck a chord with me more than Wii Sports/Fit, Letterbox was a brilliant way of communicating with real character (shame how it ended) and Animal Crossing: New Leaf was phenomenal. To me, Switch is a fundamentally good, non-gimmicky console, so I'm sure they can get the balance right.
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    I hope what this means is that we'll see games that can be appreciated by everyone (Wii Sports, Nintendo Land etc) but that won't come at the expense of the core experience. I think Mario and Zelda have shown a willingness to push on with their core franchises so hopefully those games aimed at the wider audience will be more supplementary experiences. I recall one of the reasons that the PS2 kept selling so much towards the end of its generation was because it managed to get content like the eye-toy and Singstar which, combined with its functionality as a DVD player and the low £99 price point, made it a perfect system to many casual gamers. The biggest thing I want at the moment is a sequel to Nintendo Land and another Wii Sports type game.
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    I started playing this a few days ago, I'm just starting chapter 3. I'm loving it so far, and I like the blades mechanic, even though I'm just starting to understand how it all works! The game does feel somewhat unfinished though... The jumps and movement in this game seem like they'd need some more polish, the previous Xenoblades moved better. Some animations and actions also seem a bit off, and I'm still not sure why the character you're controlling only shouts sometimes when jumping... None of this is a big issue though, I'm really enjoying the game and the voices
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    I'm about 2 hours into the game at the moment. Just hit the game changer last night.
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    What you're saying is you need a nice war to keep you going?
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    Summary of Tatsumi Kimishima’s most recent interview with Mainichi Shimbun via Nintendo Everything.
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    Better than sixed mignals. Those things leave a stain. Boy was it! We saw the NBA Summer League - got to meet Satnam Singh, first ever Indian-born player drafted; we saw Lonzo Ball play... ball; went to the Neon Museum for the second time, enjoyed it again; total win was around +$1500 on the 10 days, but it got reduced severely by the people at Bellagio forcing us to upgrade because our room was unavailable; saw MJ Live! which was 100x better than I expected it to be -guy had surgery to look like Michael Jackson - production values were good; ate a lot of buffets; won $75 letting it ride on a $1 Blackjack stake; two pulls of a $1 slot saw me come up $100; haemorrhaged money at the auto-roulette, but I was betting absolutely hammered most of the time. So much more... great times.
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    Nuts that it’s already available to pre-load, but I absolutely agree with you: I think that’s entirely down to it originally being in development for Wii U. I get the feeling that it was originally going to be a 25th Anniversary game for release last year on Wii U, because, if I’m remembering right, the last Wii U Kirby title was Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush (/Curse), which was released in 2015, I think. Makes sense that they would have delayed it for the Switch, and probably shelved it/decentralised their focus on it to focus on what they already had in development in the meantime?
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    Quick clarification: at the time the site was called "Cube-Europe". It changed to N-Europe around the Wii's launch (IIRC).
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    My Dad used to call it the "Why". Could never tell if it was intentional or not...
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    So many capitals! It's like 20 clones of me just heard that the next Pokémon game would only have the first 151 Pokémon. It's Spectacular. I spurted Blackcurrant when I saw @Hero-of-Time use the possible name of Smash Bros. Wii to demonstrate how bad the console name was. Creepily prophetic. Now I know who to blame for Smash 4's rubbish name. And when the petition to change it came up and around 5 people declared that they were signing it. Hindsight makes it so funny. Meanwhile, you're there. Saying "I can't stop laughing" Some things never change, huh? So when is the site changing it's name to "Wii Europe"?
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    I'd like to think me wishing you a happy birthday might have encouraged you back, but apparently not. SO SOD YOU THEN IUN. not really good to see you xoxo
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    You've got to forgive @bob as he's getting old and can't quite function as he used to. Happy birthday to you both! Hope the day has been as cool as the Squirtle Squad.
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    So my wife absolutely nailed my birthday present!
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    Amusing moment from the Splatfest: I love this game.
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    I do love how we're essentially discussing the difference between racism and xenophobia, as if one is somehow better than the other. The leader of the most powerful country in the world is a total cunt. But first, lets debate exactly what sort of specific cunt he is.
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    Yeah, that's pretty much the core of it. I feel like a lot of the weight of the comment is put on how crass he was, when it's actually more about the tone and context. There's a difference between "Poor Steve, he has to live in a shithole like Flint" and "Yeah, why did we hire someone from a shithole?". The word itself is unimportant, when only one of these sentences shows inherent contempt for the person.
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    There's no way it was an infrastructure thing. He didn't criticise the countries, their economies, their human right records, etc. He was clearly taking issue with people from those places coming to the US. His question was an exasperated "Why's the US accepting these people?", not an inquiry into their placements in the Human Development Index. If he actually was thinking of infrastructure, then his comment becomes "Why are people living in terrible conditions migrating here?", which even for him is a stupid question. (And to be honest, I'd be surprised if Trump even knew anything about Haiti besides "Haitians are black")
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    @tapedeck @RedShell although I never got involved in the speed running I remember you two going at it! I only borrowed the game from a friend and played a bit of it, so price depending on very tempted to pick this up for Switch; nothing else took my fancy massively from the Direct so if release schedule stays the same can see myself biting
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    But thats the point, they're for people who did not buy Wii U. I do not see the problem with ports. There are currently lots of "new" games out for the Switch. The console hasn't even finished its first year yet from one developer itself we have had Zelda, Mario, Splatoon etc.
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    I'm yet to buy it. I do want it though but I have just too many games on the go at the minute.
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    Yeah, the weather update has been really nice and made a lot new Pokémon appear to me. I had a break from August last year to July this year so had a lot of catching up to do but I constantly ran into the same 15-ish Pokémon so couldn't get that far. Now, though, I see a nice variety and have built my collection to almost 200 with quite a few evolutions ready for a Lucky Egg.
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    Had an amazing experience recently while I was trying to find footage of a level from Driver (PS1). Followed a trail of breadcrumbs on YouTube and happened across the soundtrack to Need for Speed 2, which I hadn't heard for over 15 years. I remembered playing racing games with a steering wheel controller when I was 5 or 6 years old, including Colin MaCrae Rally, but I didn't realise it was a Need for Speed game I'd played all that time ago. Man, the nostalgia rush upon listening to these tracks was unreal. So, so good.
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    Charmed I'm sure. Feel free to let loose a thigh slapper at any point. Double Post:
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    WTF!? https://www.resetera.com/threads/kirby-star-allies-bayonetta-and-bayonetta-2-are-already-preloadable-in-eu-months-before-release.16626/ The game is already available to preload!? It’s not out for another 2 months!! How did they finish it so fast!? It must have originally been in development for Wii U and then ported to Switch...