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    So my wife absolutely nailed my birthday present!
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    Amusing moment from the Splatfest: I love this game.
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    Miss me? Multiple password reset requests never turned up, now suddenly it works and I am teh baxorz! Thanks to S.C.G. for messaging me!
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    Here's another classic for you to enjoy:
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    Yeah, that aspect of the game was great and ridiculously addictive, going to be a really good fit for the Switch. I've no plans to get the Switch version though, so our rivalry will have to wait until the next original DKC game comes out.
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    Slightly to the left, and a little droopy. Marginal. But I'm treating it worse. Oh, the adventures! Had I already gone to Vegas for the third time before I disappeared? Thanks. For. Reminding. Me. Country is getting worse every day. Mrs Iun is behaving a little better though.
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    Many happy returns, to everyone's favourite Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fan, @Glen-i! Hope you're having a gen-wunderful day.
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    So many capitals! It's like 20 clones of me just heard that the next Pokémon game would only have the first 151 Pokémon. It's Spectacular. I spurted Blackcurrant when I saw @Hero-of-Time use the possible name of Smash Bros. Wii to demonstrate how bad the console name was. Creepily prophetic. Now I know who to blame for Smash 4's rubbish name. And when the petition to change it came up and around 5 people declared that they were signing it. Hindsight makes it so funny. Meanwhile, you're there. Saying "I can't stop laughing" Some things never change, huh? So when is the site changing it's name to "Wii Europe"?
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    Holy shit, I had completely forgotten about the panic of when the Wii name was revealed. I just love the lack of self-awareness some of those comments show: "Wii is such a kiddy name! I'll just say the console is my Nintendo instead"... because apparently that's manlier? Oh, my sides.
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    Happy Birthday @Glen-i I sent Marill and Azurill off to the Kecleon Shop to get you an apple but alas... ...Quest Failed. I hope you have an excellent day though. Also... Happy Birthday @bob Coming in 2018... New DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Go on another epic quest from an entirely different perspective! Take on the role of Plink as you... ignore the plight of Hyrule and go off foraging for food. (amiibo sold seperately) I hope you and your pigs have an excellent day as well.
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    Apparently, there were no new babies called Ian/Iun in the UK last year, and probably even less in China, so you are a dying breed. Welcome back Last of Your Name Iun.
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    I had roughly the same experience. No disconnections and I did well when it was Action vs Action (which was around a third of the time) but yeah, most people in team Comedy were level 50 or close to it and most of the time we were outmatched lol Team Comedy won the Splatfest but I made it to Action King and reached level 42.
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    I actually plug my pro controller into my computer when I'm on it. Anyway, these are the games I've amassed during 2017. I removed all demos except the one, because I like the songs. There are only a few I regret buying.
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    Better than sixed mignals. Those things leave a stain. Boy was it! We saw the NBA Summer League - got to meet Satnam Singh, first ever Indian-born player drafted; we saw Lonzo Ball play... ball; went to the Neon Museum for the second time, enjoyed it again; total win was around +$1500 on the 10 days, but it got reduced severely by the people at Bellagio forcing us to upgrade because our room was unavailable; saw MJ Live! which was 100x better than I expected it to be -guy had surgery to look like Michael Jackson - production values were good; ate a lot of buffets; won $75 letting it ride on a $1 Blackjack stake; two pulls of a $1 slot saw me come up $100; haemorrhaged money at the auto-roulette, but I was betting absolutely hammered most of the time. So much more... great times.
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    She got sick of nailing you then?
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    I'd like to think me wishing you a happy birthday might have encouraged you back, but apparently not. SO SOD YOU THEN IUN. not really good to see you xoxo
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    You've got to forgive @bob as he's getting old and can't quite function as he used to. Happy birthday to you both! Hope the day has been as cool as the Squirtle Squad.
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    Damnit @bob! You can't even mention me properly? Birthday ruined! Thanks for the good wishes, guys. And a Happy Birthday to Bob as well.
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    Happy birthday Glen-i and bob! Hope you both had a lovely day!
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    Put it on, played 1 game & thought “I gotta put XC2 on now”... I don’t know when I’ll finally get on this with Monster Hunter World releasing soon!
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    Happy Birthday, Glen-i! Have a great day, and another great year of laifu.
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    Nice to see a familiar face return, welcome back.
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    As a long time TES fan, the voice acting is a huge improvement over the jarring conversations in Oblivion, but it limits conversations severely when compared to Morrowind. I love the radiant quests though. As far as directional arrows go... never been a huge fan. I mean, it's good that you don't spend every waking hour searching all the nooks and crannies in a dungeon to find the one item you need, but at the same time, there's too much hand-holding. I'll play this again after I'm done replaying BOTW for the third play through.
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    Super Hot The most innovative shooter in years. SUPER HOT
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    Whelp. As the resident American. Vikings are minnesota or wasssisnawme from how i mettour mothwr. (Marshal!) packers are Green Bag. Bay* Wisconsin. Eego fuck them go lions. Who suck. What in deteoit doesnt suck
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    Are you fucking kidding me? The Vikings won this? 3rd and 10 and they Score a Touchdown in the Last Second? As a Packers fan I'm pissed beyond belief. Marcus Williams, what the fuck, man? Tackle Diggs you moron. NFL Playoffs Williams, you are so bad; Fuck my god damn Life (Second Line...Williams with three syllables)
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    I played about 9 games in total. 3 disconnections, and only 2 of them were against Team Comedy (Team Action here). Won every game when it was playing action v action, yay! When the shit mattered Team Comedy were all level 50 or above, and I, a lowly level 16, was always the strongest player, in a team of levels 6 and under. Talk about being trounced. Embarrassing. I let the action down. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
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    NFL is boring. Big giys in pads hugginand tossing their balls around. Im American and Id rather watch Soccer/Football than American football. Fuck. I’d rathe watch curling. You evety watch curling? Its intense. Watch it this olpimics.
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    That’s uhhh. Thats one helluva quote there. Might even fall under libel.
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    40 hours?! For some reason I was under the impression that this was quite a short experience but haven't read some comments on this game (including the ones in this thread), I'm sold. Going to order it tomorrow and play through it once Uncharted 4 has been completed.
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    Well frankly he’s both racist and xenophobic. And he sadly represents a large subset of the US population. It’s a “we got ours, fuck the rest” mindset, it’s also a mindset that the US is the greatest country in the world. Freedom this freedom that, unless you disagree with my idea of freedom, then I just hope you die. Locked in a political civil war where we can’t even have a reasonable discussion. Frankly I kind of hate this place and it’s jingoist bullshit. I work with, hell am related to the types of idiots that voted trump and think he’s the bees knees making America great again. Their ideal of whats great is skewed though, they have this image of Cold War America. Economically viable, anyone can get a job at a real wage and buy two cars and a house. I don’t think we can ever reach that ideal again. Not with the way the world works. I feel like I’m ranting in a non-conducive manner. So I’ll stop there.
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    I do love how we're essentially discussing the difference between racism and xenophobia, as if one is somehow better than the other. The leader of the most powerful country in the world is a total cunt. But first, lets debate exactly what sort of specific cunt he is.
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    Yeah, that's pretty much the core of it. I feel like a lot of the weight of the comment is put on how crass he was, when it's actually more about the tone and context. There's a difference between "Poor Steve, he has to live in a shithole like Flint" and "Yeah, why did we hire someone from a shithole?". The word itself is unimportant, when only one of these sentences shows inherent contempt for the person.
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    But by demeaning these countries, he's belittling the people who live there. I would class it as racist as he's using derogatory remarks to "put down" these people. There's an excellent quote here that I completely agree with:
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    So...what do we make of the latest stuff regarding his comments about "shithole countries"? On a humorous note, it's unbelievable how many times I've heard the word shit on the news in the last week. It just doesn't feel like real life, but as if we're in an episode of South Park.
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    @tapedeck @RedShell although I never got involved in the speed running I remember you two going at it! I only borrowed the game from a friend and played a bit of it, so price depending on very tempted to pick this up for Switch; nothing else took my fancy massively from the Direct so if release schedule stays the same can see myself biting
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    Well, those two worked out well, I haven't touched them since I posted that. Of these four games the one in bold was the only one I actually managed to finish. The permanent introduction of a PS3 and PS4 into the household (both of them are my brother's) expanded the possibilities of a gaming library and combined with the Switch took my gaming in some interesting directions. One of the first games I got was the PS3's download version of Crash Team Racing. I played this game years ago on a friend's and reacquired Crash Bandicoot games after getting a PS2, except for this one. So the PS3 version was a good opportunity to correct that. This is still a very solid racer, although I was able to find some rather unintended shortcuts especially on Oxide Station. I picked up Soul Calibur IV' on the cheap. Enjoyed messing around in the character creation feature and getting back into playing Soul Calibur, in the midst of a big fighting game obsession. Still looking forward to Soul Calibur VI but I'm glad I picked IV up. July arrived as did Splatoon 2. Played through the single player, which was a big step up... and then never touched it after that despite many Splatfests going on. Mainly because other games were coming out that I was interested in. One of those was Sonic Mania. This is really good, I got repurposed Sonic fan game Freedom Planet a couple of years before this and really enjoyed it. It's sequel was on my games list to watch but Sonic Mania changes the circumstances a lot and having the real thing be good again is nice, I have not bought Sonic games with regularity like I used to despite liking the series and that's down to the rather mixed reception the series has had, but getting this was worth my time. I dived into Codemaster's F1 games for the first time when I bought F1 2017. I've not tried online on account of not paying for a PS Plus subscription that I'm probably not going to use a whole lot but I like this, it's a very solid racing game, the classic car content is a nice bonus and it has some of the best designed F1 cars of the modern era. I'll be playing this from time to time after F1 2018 is out I reckon. I ranted earlier in the thread over Prime Federation Force's ending. Thankfully ]Metroid: Samus Returns is a return to form and has restored my faith in this franchise's future. MercurySteam did a great job with this game, taking Metroid 2 and updating it with new moves and powers, even if I wasn't too fond of the scan Aeon feature the others were really useful and it was great to play a game which reminded me why I used to play this series so much. Also I really liked how the final battle played out. FIFA 18 Switch is FIFA, nothing more, nothing less. It's more complete than FIFA 13 on the Wii U and having modern teams as opposed to five years out of date is a bonus. I have fallen behind on my career mode though, I reached December and stopped playing, it had been my intention to keep up with real life on that front. Now for my game of last year, Super Mario Odyssey. It wasn't a game I was immensely hyped for but I wound up really enjoying it. Best Mario game in years, I loved nearly everything about this game with a few exceptions, namely that the moon requirements were perhaps a bit TOO easy at times. But the whole scope of the levels, the inventiveness of some sections, the soundtrack and the post game rewards were all really cool and I wasn't even too bothered by how easy the final boss was because that whole ending sequence was great. I intend to go back to it later down the line to do post game rewards. Rounding off the year with a few games. I finally got round to playing Dark Souls. I haven't got too far but I've made a decent amount of progress, reached the Undead Parish last time I played which hasn't been since November last year as... ...I finally acquired a game I've been wanting to play for years. Chrono Trigger. A game I have seen compared with my personal favourite game of all time, Final Fantasy VI. As you can imagine, I really wanted to play this game... but having finished it some parts of the game did not make as much impact on me as other games as I have since seen them in other RPGs whereas when I played FFVI it was my first exposure to the genre outside of Pokemon and the Game Boy Colour Harry Potter and the Philiosopher's Stone (yes, there were Harry Potter RPGs on the GBC). Still, I won't deny this is a very solid game, I think the gameplay and party structure overall is better than FFVI but I still like FFVI's story more. That's not to say that Chrono Trigger doesn't have a good story because it does. I like how it all connects together and the big twist after the Undersea Palace really surprised me. How they resolved it made sense in the context of the game too. It's rare though that an RPG could be praised moreso for it's gameplay over the story but I feel CT is one of those games. Oh and the soundtrack is a classic without a doubt. With The Last Jedi coming out I also found the motivation to start playing LEGO Star Wars II and finally beat the game after 8 years of owning it. Going into 2018 then I also had started playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2... to be continued in 2018...
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    I'm yet to buy it. I do want it though but I have just too many games on the go at the minute.
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    If we've got a few regular folks then that's cool! I assume the max party size in the final thing will still be 4? It's really the online/multi that's gonna get me into it - hopefully might convince a few mates but I did that with D2 and now maybe they're a little less likely to trust me
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    Charlie undoubtedly knows better, but what I did is register as self employed and then every year just do a tax return and they ask for any other jobs and for details from the P60. So no, they don't need to know (unless your contract states you can't for any reason).
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    Was reading through the thread for the Wii U version earlier. It's funny seeing the initial reaction to the game again, and reliving my obsession with Tingle being a playable character!
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    Only have the 1 resolution this year, which is to cut down/stop drinking so many fizzy drinks. So far this year, i've had 3 cans.
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    I like curling and will watch If i find the time. Well...I'm not going to argue. I like American Football and you can't change that