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    I actually plug my pro controller into my computer when I'm on it. Anyway, these are the games I've amassed during 2017. I removed all demos except the one, because I like the songs. There are only a few I regret buying.
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    NFL Playoffs Drank half a bottle of rum It's Sunday today Haiku bitches.
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    Miss me? Multiple password reset requests never turned up, now suddenly it works and I am teh baxorz! Thanks to S.C.G. for messaging me!
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    Nö Idea how that happened. But NFL is fun
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    40 hours?! For some reason I was under the impression that this was quite a short experience but haven't read some comments on this game (including the ones in this thread), I'm sold. Going to order it tomorrow and play through it once Uncharted 4 has been completed.
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    Just finished SUPERHOT. This is the most innovative shooter in years. Now I'm free. ...
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    Yeah, that's pretty much the core of it. I feel like a lot of the weight of the comment is put on how crass he was, when it's actually more about the tone and context. There's a difference between "Poor Steve, he has to live in a shithole like Flint" and "Yeah, why did we hire someone from a shithole?". The word itself is unimportant, when only one of these sentences shows inherent contempt for the person.
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    My wife wants to lose the weight she gained during her pregnancy last year (about 10 kgs) so she bought into some bootcamp thing for newly moms. It's working fine for her and she's doing a great job - the bootcamp doesn't really restrict her eating just saying that she should stick to one portion for supper and for a few days avoid sugar and wheat. She's now on day 7 without sugar and wheat and doing nicely! It's for a period of 4 weeks. She has added some more food that she should avoid - empty carbs. In support, I also stay off sugar at least - I may eat some carbs like bread and rice (though I generally don't eat much of that anyways). I'm at day 9 without sugar other than a glass of juice the other day, and I can actually see the difference. I'm still 68 kgs I think but I look tighter again. I can also relate to the ego-thing. Since getting a child my strength and fitness in general have taken a hit and I'm now just in fine shape, contrary to one year ago where I was in really good shape. My lifting has also gone noticably down, had a hard time with 6x60 kgs front squats today.
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    But racism is demeaning the people because of their skin-colour or "race" (I don't like to destinguish between white, black, and Asian people by using the word race as they are all the same race), thinking that you are above them. In this instance, he said "Why do we get people from shitholes like Kenya and Haiti and not from countries like Norway". Norway is an developed country, Kenya and Haiti are not and that's what (I believe) he's referring to. I agree that he is belittling the people in the other countries and they have every right to be angry. I just don't see it as racism at all, more of an insult to those countries in general, the population being black or white doesn't change anything. Funny thing, it's the very quote from UN that I disagree with.
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    The Switch version will be perfect for the sublime speed running metagame this has. I got into top 25 worldwide, but after that the skill ceiling was insane. Must resist the jungle call... @RedShell
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    This console really is such a righteous piece of shit. I don’t know how anyone uses it as a primary or only console. The simple act of turning it on and logging in and accessing my games list took multiple tries and console resets culminating in about 15 minutes before doing a cold boot from unplugging it. Then lo and behold Mass Effect 2 was moved from the Queue to the Games list (makes sense I downloaded it a week ago) but when I start it...well it was only 53% finished. The asinine system just decided it couldn’t be bothered with actually fucking finishing the download it claimed to finish. 4 years in and this OS still feels like an unfinished Beta. I hate that most my posts in here are so negative but where the fuck are the positives?! And I have tried to like the system, I’ve spent enough damn money on it multiple times now. Oh I’ve got one positive. It downloads quickly unlike anything Sony. Up 20% (of a 13.23GB game) in the time it took to type this. Edit: my issues at startup were that I wasn’t logged in. Multiple tries and restarts needed just to sign in and even then it would only partially sign in. And no my internet is not to blame as everything else was fine at the time. I finally unplugged it (twice, first time the controller forgot how to turn on the system) and it worked as advertised another edit. Another positive. It should have occurred to me earlier but Microsofts efforts into backwards compatibility have been fucking stellar. From none to some with restrictions to single disc, to multi disc games to OG Xbox games they have shamed everyone else. Yeah it’s not perfect or all inclusive of the available games. But it’s a fuck load better than the Switches nothing, and PS4s rebuy it on PS4 if it has a rerelease and paltry PS2/1 offerings (still a repurchase.) new year new me I’m being positive with my negativity. Also there is no new me.
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    Objectives for this year: 1. Finish Dark Souls, then buy Dark Souls 2 and 3 and complete them 2. Finish Burnout 2. Been ages since I played it and need some time to warm up to it again. 3. Continue career mode on FIFA 18 and F1 2017 and try to finish Season 1 on both games. 4. Buy A Hat in Time and play that. 5. Finish Golden Sun 6. Possibly finish Donkey Kong 64 Having to re-evaluate much because I thought Xenoblade 2 might take me a whole year to finish, however the story is getting interesting and I may actually finish it by February which is a bit of a surprise. Games I am looking forward to that might come out this year. Kingdom Hearts III Pokemon Switch (though I'm thinking that one will more likely be 2019) Marvel's Spider-Man Soul Calibur VI Metroid Prime 4 For the time being though Xenoblade 2 will be the game I will focus on trying to complete. I may also do more of the Prince of Persia games I own as I started both but never finished either.
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    After 5 hours in White Orchard and exploring everything there I'm now off to Velen. This game is wonderful.
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    I love looking at pre-Glen N-Europe! It's like looking at an alternate dimension before I ruined everything. Man, that initial reaction was brutal! You guys were not happy at all. But I found this paragraph from @Hero-of-Time funny in hindsight. Now, I'm enjoying FE Warriors, but damn, you were totally off the mark with the characters being a better selection.
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    IIRC it's right at the start of the new area you unlock with Blood and Wine. It's takes some doing progressing up that tree, but the different routes change the gameplay quite a bit - some fun stuff in there! Jealous you're playing through for the first time - enjoy! In related news.. Camaaaannn!!! That one-word tweet hype
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    I just watched this. You are certainly not exaggerating.
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    I have been lifting again since.... november... was kinda happy but going through the motions and mostly feeling sad at what I was no longer able to do... remembering what I could do 3 years ago (this was consistent heavy ass training 4x a week and more) and feeling a bit of a failure with what I can do now.. but forgetting that i went through a crazy serious bout of glandular fever that ill never really get rid of. relearning certain aspects of the lifts because its a better way of doing it, which results in backtracking further. For example when cleaning i used to go fucking full force from ripping it off the floor, whereas now i've been taught to go half power from floor to hips then the HIP DRIVE is where you turn it the heck up... almost instantly they felt so much easier. But still pathetic weights. I've been putting in the hard graft since new year and i've been improving lots and feeling a lot better. calorie counting on point - i've not seen numbers im seeing now on the scales since i was 18/20ish. When I used to weightlift before I was very lazy about macros etc, lifting for the fun of it and eating what i wanted without gaining weight. Stayed around a solid muscular 19 stone for a long time. Today I am 18 stone on the button, and going down. its a big dent to the ego but im working hard and my body just moves so much easier than it used to. i forgot what feeling strong and active felt like!