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    This console really is such a righteous piece of shit. I don’t know how anyone uses it as a primary or only console. The simple act of turning it on and logging in and accessing my games list took multiple tries and console resets culminating in about 15 minutes before doing a cold boot from unplugging it. Then lo and behold Mass Effect 2 was moved from the Queue to the Games list (makes sense I downloaded it a week ago) but when I start it...well it was only 53% finished. The asinine system just decided it couldn’t be bothered with actually fucking finishing the download it claimed to finish. 4 years in and this OS still feels like an unfinished Beta. I hate that most my posts in here are so negative but where the fuck are the positives?! And I have tried to like the system, I’ve spent enough damn money on it multiple times now. Oh I’ve got one positive. It downloads quickly unlike anything Sony. Up 20% (of a 13.23GB game) in the time it took to type this. Edit: my issues at startup were that I wasn’t logged in. Multiple tries and restarts needed just to sign in and even then it would only partially sign in. And no my internet is not to blame as everything else was fine at the time. I finally unplugged it (twice, first time the controller forgot how to turn on the system) and it worked as advertised another edit. Another positive. It should have occurred to me earlier but Microsofts efforts into backwards compatibility have been fucking stellar. From none to some with restrictions to single disc, to multi disc games to OG Xbox games they have shamed everyone else. Yeah it’s not perfect or all inclusive of the available games. But it’s a fuck load better than the Switches nothing, and PS4s rebuy it on PS4 if it has a rerelease and paltry PS2/1 offerings (still a repurchase.) new year new me I’m being positive with my negativity. Also there is no new me.
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    Yeah, I made a spoilered post about it in the Gaming Diary thread, and I consider it one of my Top 3 games of 2017. I highly recommend it. A fine dating sim. There's so much talk of literature, poetry, doki-dokis and clubs! Happy Thoughts all around. It may seem shallow at first, but the poems are surprisingly good, and things really came together after that date at the school festival. Do not play if you are easily disturbed. Not everybody's heart can go Doki Doki.
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    Weall be slippin! No posts isince the 17th (which hey, 4 year anniversary of my truck catchjng on fire on the freeway :() im sli aipp sipping on some detroit Rye Whiskey. 98.8 proof. Its good. Strong. Gonna switch to scotch though soon. Muuuuch cheaper. Ninjaedit bevauss I can
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    Looking forward to this starting up again in a couple of weeks. Have a theme suggestion for you @Glen-i, how about merging 2 of the most entertaining N-E MK themes? Wario and Bob-omb only with "Smart" Steering? Would be truly spectacular I reckon.
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    Tropical Freeze is an amazing game so it's great news that's being ported over - It also literally just had a blank screen on the GamePad when playing on Wii U so they won't be losing anything in the jump to Switch. I wasn't too impressed by the Switch initially as a home console but I like it a lot more now I view it as and mainly use it as a handheld. It's nice being able to play my favourite games like MineCraft and Yooka-Laylee on the go so I can now add Donkey Kong to that list! I wasn't buying into the hype as January directs generally have good reveals but nothing crazy. I thought it was decent. Hopefully they can really deliver the new goods at E3.
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    ......... I just put my whiskey in the freezer. And have it on ice. Can’t get it cold enough.
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    Objectives for this year: 1. Finish Dark Souls, then buy Dark Souls 2 and 3 and complete them 2. Finish Burnout 2. Been ages since I played it and need some time to warm up to it again. 3. Continue career mode on FIFA 18 and F1 2017 and try to finish Season 1 on both games. 4. Buy A Hat in Time and play that. 5. Finish Golden Sun 6. Possibly finish Donkey Kong 64 Having to re-evaluate much because I thought Xenoblade 2 might take me a whole year to finish, however the story is getting interesting and I may actually finish it by February which is a bit of a surprise. Games I am looking forward to that might come out this year. Kingdom Hearts III Pokemon Switch (though I'm thinking that one will more likely be 2019) Marvel's Spider-Man Soul Calibur VI Metroid Prime 4 For the time being though Xenoblade 2 will be the game I will focus on trying to complete. I may also do more of the Prince of Persia games I own as I started both but never finished either.
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    Well, those two worked out well, I haven't touched them since I posted that. Of these four games the one in bold was the only one I actually managed to finish. The permanent introduction of a PS3 and PS4 into the household (both of them are my brother's) expanded the possibilities of a gaming library and combined with the Switch took my gaming in some interesting directions. One of the first games I got was the PS3's download version of Crash Team Racing. I played this game years ago on a friend's and reacquired Crash Bandicoot games after getting a PS2, except for this one. So the PS3 version was a good opportunity to correct that. This is still a very solid racer, although I was able to find some rather unintended shortcuts especially on Oxide Station. I picked up Soul Calibur IV' on the cheap. Enjoyed messing around in the character creation feature and getting back into playing Soul Calibur, in the midst of a big fighting game obsession. Still looking forward to Soul Calibur VI but I'm glad I picked IV up. July arrived as did Splatoon 2. Played through the single player, which was a big step up... and then never touched it after that despite many Splatfests going on. Mainly because other games were coming out that I was interested in. One of those was Sonic Mania. This is really good, I got repurposed Sonic fan game Freedom Planet a couple of years before this and really enjoyed it. It's sequel was on my games list to watch but Sonic Mania changes the circumstances a lot and having the real thing be good again is nice, I have not bought Sonic games with regularity like I used to despite liking the series and that's down to the rather mixed reception the series has had, but getting this was worth my time. I dived into Codemaster's F1 games for the first time when I bought F1 2017. I've not tried online on account of not paying for a PS Plus subscription that I'm probably not going to use a whole lot but I like this, it's a very solid racing game, the classic car content is a nice bonus and it has some of the best designed F1 cars of the modern era. I'll be playing this from time to time after F1 2018 is out I reckon. I ranted earlier in the thread over Prime Federation Force's ending. Thankfully ]Metroid: Samus Returns is a return to form and has restored my faith in this franchise's future. MercurySteam did a great job with this game, taking Metroid 2 and updating it with new moves and powers, even if I wasn't too fond of the scan Aeon feature the others were really useful and it was great to play a game which reminded me why I used to play this series so much. Also I really liked how the final battle played out. FIFA 18 Switch is FIFA, nothing more, nothing less. It's more complete than FIFA 13 on the Wii U and having modern teams as opposed to five years out of date is a bonus. I have fallen behind on my career mode though, I reached December and stopped playing, it had been my intention to keep up with real life on that front. Now for my game of last year, Super Mario Odyssey. It wasn't a game I was immensely hyped for but I wound up really enjoying it. Best Mario game in years, I loved nearly everything about this game with a few exceptions, namely that the moon requirements were perhaps a bit TOO easy at times. But the whole scope of the levels, the inventiveness of some sections, the soundtrack and the post game rewards were all really cool and I wasn't even too bothered by how easy the final boss was because that whole ending sequence was great. I intend to go back to it later down the line to do post game rewards. Rounding off the year with a few games. I finally got round to playing Dark Souls. I haven't got too far but I've made a decent amount of progress, reached the Undead Parish last time I played which hasn't been since November last year as... ...I finally acquired a game I've been wanting to play for years. Chrono Trigger. A game I have seen compared with my personal favourite game of all time, Final Fantasy VI. As you can imagine, I really wanted to play this game... but having finished it some parts of the game did not make as much impact on me as other games as I have since seen them in other RPGs whereas when I played FFVI it was my first exposure to the genre outside of Pokemon and the Game Boy Colour Harry Potter and the Philiosopher's Stone (yes, there were Harry Potter RPGs on the GBC). Still, I won't deny this is a very solid game, I think the gameplay and party structure overall is better than FFVI but I still like FFVI's story more. That's not to say that Chrono Trigger doesn't have a good story because it does. I like how it all connects together and the big twist after the Undersea Palace really surprised me. How they resolved it made sense in the context of the game too. It's rare though that an RPG could be praised moreso for it's gameplay over the story but I feel CT is one of those games. Oh and the soundtrack is a classic without a doubt. With The Last Jedi coming out I also found the motivation to start playing LEGO Star Wars II and finally beat the game after 8 years of owning it. Going into 2018 then I also had started playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2... to be continued in 2018...
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    Combat in this feels really sluggish compared to the original and X. I put it down to the glacial movement speed in battle and not being able to auto-attack while running. Not really a complaint, more of a massive difference that keeps throwing me off. I keep moving and I forget I can't attack because of that. Damn you, muscle memory! EDIT: Oh, but one complaint I do have so far is that the cutscenes have some serious "Japan Cliché" issues. Some really unfortunate Camera angles when it comes to female characters. (Especially Pyra) And don't get me started on that moment when the game introduces Poppi. I mean, wow. I still can't believe they went there. There's many problems with Xenoblade X's plot, but at least they didn't stoop to those levels. I hope they drop it once the plot kicks in.
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    I love looking at pre-Glen N-Europe! It's like looking at an alternate dimension before I ruined everything. Man, that initial reaction was brutal! You guys were not happy at all. But I found this paragraph from @Hero-of-Time funny in hindsight. Now, I'm enjoying FE Warriors, but damn, you were totally off the mark with the characters being a better selection.
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    Ports could be helpful for studios to get a better understanding of the console as the main focus is on that side of things. For all we know MG could also be working on something new, but have focused on this for now as a technical exercise essentially. I do agree that if they rely too heavily on Wii U ports its kind of a shitter for the people that did support them during the Wii U period, but hopefully they'll balance it okay.
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    Heh, @drahkon is going full on "Glen talks about PMD" right now.
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    Have to agree with @drahkon, Furi is a fantastic game and not least because of that incredible soundtrack (which I still listen to often, it really is amazing). It obviously won't be for every one but the rush when you finally beat a boss after learning the attack pattern, when to attack and parry and where to place yourself is something that's been unmatched for me in another game other than in the likes of Bloodborne. The reviews haven't really got that across for the Switch release, coming across as more frustrated at the constant rinse and repeat, but then as I say, it's not a game for everyone so definitely check out some gameplay if you're on the fence. But it's well worth persevering if you pick it up as it's brilliant and the bosses are really well designed. And again, that soundtrack is phenomenal.
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    Wow, there’s so much quality on the Indie front! Nintendo should release a greatest hits with the 10 best selling/reviewed Nindies of every quarter or so. I’d be all over that. And would be a great way to introduce the Nindies to an even wider audience via shelf space.
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    Yeah, a few days ago. Got the Monika ending. Monika is best girl. For those unaware: it's a typical visual novel on Steam. And it's free.
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    But thats the point, they're for people who did not buy Wii U. I do not see the problem with ports. There are currently lots of "new" games out for the Switch. The console hasn't even finished its first year yet from one developer itself we have had Zelda, Mario, Splatoon etc.
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    Really wanted Micaiah... got a bad Zelgius (+Res/-Spd) instead. Still not too bad. In a couple of days, we'll be graced by the most beautiful FE character in the series: Majestic
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    After the amazing chapter 890, One Piece became boring again with chapter 891...and the manga is on another break next week. Thank God I started with Attack on Titan again.
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    http://gametyrant.com/news/retro-bit-reveals-sega-accessories Retro-Bit are releasing Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast controllers, apparently based on SEGA's original specs so they might be pretty close to the originals. Each controller is getting a wired for its respective console, a usb connector and bluetooth versions. As well as s-video cables and a VG adapter for the Dreamcast. Not really heard of them before so not sure what the quality is going to be like, gonna wait for some impressions and maybe get the Mega Drive and Saturn controllers.
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    Just a reminder that you will not be able to buy Wii Points past Monday 26th March 2018. These are the games I'm currently looking to buy: Castlevania Rondo of Blood Bomberman Blast Crystal Defenders R1 Crystal Defenders R2 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord (+ it's DLC) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (+ it's DLC) Contra ReBirth Gradius ReBirth Pokemon Rumble I already own some games on there but I think the above are the remaining exclusives that are worth me picking up. Anybody else looking to purchase Wii Shop games before it's too late?
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    Just listen to this. Boss music par excellence. The complete soundtrack is on Spotify. BUY THIS GAME.
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    Shame there’s no Switch version though, I really struggle to go back to 3DS now.
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    10. Fast RMX - Loved the original, this is more of the same but looks stunning and has fun gameplay. 9. Sonic Mania - Didn't get into the Sonic series until the VC, but I prefer this over the original 3. Fantastic throwback, amazing soundtrack and lots of retro fun. 8. MK8 DX - My favourite multiplayer game, can't be bothered going through the SP again, but Thursday League Nights are always fun. Top tier MK game. Over 100 hours for both versions now 7. Miitopia - The only 3DS game I played in 2017. Fantastic game, reviewed it for the site and loved it. The writing in this game is up there with Paper Mario. 6. Super Mario Odyssey - Love the variety of the worlds, the music and the gameplay but lost all desire to continue after hitting 450 moons, will pick it up again next year. 5. Splatoon 2 - Splatoon was my favourite Wii U game, this is more of the same but with a number of tweaks which make the experience better. Salmon Run is class. 4. ARMS - My sleeper hit of the year. Wasn't too keen at first but after learning the mechanics it is now my up there as one of my favourite fighting games of all time. 3. Stardew Valley - Harvest Moon: Perfect Edition. HM was one of my favourite franchises as a kid, this does everything that series did just bigger and better. 2. Rocket League - Played 15 hours on the PC a year or 2 ago but couldn't get into it. N-E game nights have changed that. I bloody love this game. 1. Breath of the Wild - Obviously. Still a lot of decent releases from this year to pick up, plus the SNES mini stuff to go through. Too. Many. Games. 2017, Nintendo killed it. Never had so much fun being a gamer. Edit: Honorable mentions: Blaster Master Zero, Snake Pass, Skyrim, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Kamiko, Golf Story (might have featured if I'd have finished it).
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    Just back and I basically have three options: Buy to let back home, but would need to save up another ~20k for the deposit because of the higher percentage needed and the loan amount is in the "properties that are okay but it's not going to be easy to find one that ticks some of the boxes" range. Go back into full-time work and then get a shared ownership thing (I could probably get work to make my contract full time with little quarrelling) Do the contracting stuff for another 2 years (before they'll factor it in) and think about it again I think I'll probably do 3. Or, rather, I'll kick it into the grass. My PT work ends in September and my contracting projects end around then as well, so I'll see which has more legs. Obviously I hope for the latter because its better paid, but we'll see. I think I'll just enjoy life for a while instead. Although I was doing some reading last night and I'm getting a brace next month and they advise against tomato-based food, red wine and bread so maybe I won't be going to Italy in a few months 🙃
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    Was reading through the thread for the Wii U version earlier. It's funny seeing the initial reaction to the game again, and reliving my obsession with Tingle being a playable character!
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    FOR FUCK'S SAKE, PLAY IT. It's really good.
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    So, Dark Souls Remastered is coming soon. We own DSIII, but I haven't got around to playing it. @Eenuh has and she loved it. Tempted to get the remastered game when it's out and then play through that, 2 and 3 to experience the lot. Orrrr...I may just play Bloodborne again.
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    I have been lifting again since.... november... was kinda happy but going through the motions and mostly feeling sad at what I was no longer able to do... remembering what I could do 3 years ago (this was consistent heavy ass training 4x a week and more) and feeling a bit of a failure with what I can do now.. but forgetting that i went through a crazy serious bout of glandular fever that ill never really get rid of. relearning certain aspects of the lifts because its a better way of doing it, which results in backtracking further. For example when cleaning i used to go fucking full force from ripping it off the floor, whereas now i've been taught to go half power from floor to hips then the HIP DRIVE is where you turn it the heck up... almost instantly they felt so much easier. But still pathetic weights. I've been putting in the hard graft since new year and i've been improving lots and feeling a lot better. calorie counting on point - i've not seen numbers im seeing now on the scales since i was 18/20ish. When I used to weightlift before I was very lazy about macros etc, lifting for the fun of it and eating what i wanted without gaining weight. Stayed around a solid muscular 19 stone for a long time. Today I am 18 stone on the button, and going down. its a big dent to the ego but im working hard and my body just moves so much easier than it used to. i forgot what feeling strong and active felt like!
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    I can't stop watching this. Why is it so funny!?