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    Someone, please, make it stop...
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    Well, it's not an illustration, but it is Nintendo-themed. I made this refrigerator magnet out of Sculpey clay before Christmas.
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    It probably says a lot about me that I wouldn't be the slightest bit upset if a Direct wasn't announced today. Because all that hype on Era would only culminate in utter meltdown and it'll make for great reading. On the other hand, if this turns out to be legit, then, Woo! Direct! Basically, I win either way.
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    I dunno if there are many artists here, but I always think its cool to see what other people create with their imagination. So, if there are any artists here willing to share their artwork, I think we should have a thread for it here :). If there is already a thread for something like this, or it is inappropriate, point me in the right direction! Also, gaming/nintendo-related artwork is a plus :D. I'm currently working on a small series of powerful attacks by Nintendo Characters. Gonna be eight in total, I think, and it's part of my daily drawing challenge. In the end I'll have them colored, put up against each other, and put on a A3 or 50x70 print. So far I have Link and Mario :).
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    Nah, it'll be funnier if they don't.
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    The only reason I’m not arsed about a Direct just yet is because I’m LOVING Xenoblade 2 & I’m far too hyped for Monster Hunter World.
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    Yeah, whilst you’re building the Arts you can flick the stick to cut the animation & attack faster. Still use the Arts to perform the cancels though, and cancel Arts with other Arts & Specials. For an explanation of the Battle System, check this out, it puts it straightforwardly enough: https://www.gameskinny.com/x4uww/xenoblade-chronicles-2-combat-guide-excel-at-blade-combos-driver-combos-and-chain-attacks
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    That tweet was definitely done on purpose. We know that NOA read GAF/Era (NOE probably, almost certainly, read these forums too). On a related matter, they also watch AGDQ too (in fact, one of them even appeared on the GDQ couch during the Splatoon 2 run, giving commentary on the game!) They might give the impression that they don’t know what people are talking about but they do... oh yes they do... Crafty buggers. They probably delayed the Direct just to mess with us
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    Trolly Nintendo is definitely one of my favourite Nintendoes. The only thing more mean and hilarious is Trolly Sakurai.
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    That hype thread on resetera is something else. Absolute insanity. NOA’s twitter winding everyone up is the icing on the cake.
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    An entire new skill tree thing on top of the standard one. New weapons, armour and Witcher gear upgrades. You're in for a treat, the "season pass" puts most other games DLC to shame.
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    Imagine getting people this hyped for the announcement of an announcement video
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    Darkest Dungeon releasing January 18th (next Thursday).
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    Yeah, I think the fact that GameStop posted and deleted that tweet, coupled with the fact that Nintendo JP’s Direct website currently has a free spot (15 Directs down from the “full” 16; typical indicator that there’s a Direct incoming) definitely seems to point to it being on its way. @Glen-i part of me wants them to round it off by just shadow-dropping the damn thing in the middle of the work day. They've played the trolling card expertly up to this point, this is way too funny I wonder if they’ll do anything for April Fool’s this year... EDIT: on a side note, Red Hook Studios just announced that Darkest Dungeon is releasing next Thursday. I wonder if we could see any other release dates for Nindies announced prior to the Direct? EDIT 2: Nintendo tweets! They definitely know what they’re doing... ...Chibi-Robo for Switch confirmed?!
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    For 20 bucks on the PSN store. Always wanted to give it another go and I've never bought it in recent sales. Now I just thought: "Fuck it."
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    I hope you're right. The fact that my goddess Ema Skye returns has me pumped, but if that infuriating "getting rid of useless evidence" feature returns, I'm gonna get peeved regardless. Also, AA has always been foreign to me in the first place, on account of me not living in Japanifornia
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    It seems that we at least can expect something to be announced soon. According to this tweet from Nintendo of Russia: From NintendoLife http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/01/nintendo_of_russia_appears_to_confirm_incoming_nintendo_direct
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    Spirit of Justice is such a massive step up from Dual Destinies it’s ridiculous. You’re going from something like Justice for All to Trials and Tribulations with the jump! SOJ is probably my second favourite AA game (next to TAT). Amazingly enough, the foreign setting actually helps you suspend your disbelief better than the regular setting! And they do some brilliant stuff that I wanted to see from the AA series for some time (which I obviously can’t talk about because, you know... spoilers) But yeah, SOJ is so much better than DD!
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    Caught up with One Punch Man. Sorry One Piece, but you're number 3 now. Gonna start getting back into Attack on Titan. 100 chapters for me to digest. Already read the first 30-40 a year ago but forgot most of the plot.
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    I'm now on Chapter 10. This game is just fantastic! I'm blown away with the main story and narrative. So many twists and turns. Very dramatic and some parts moving. Even better than the story telling in TLOU. Some of the side quests are indeed strange but some of them have so much depth. Reminded me like the side quests in Witcher 3. Less about fetching but rather an actual scenario or story. One side quest made me grin like a cheshire cat. This kid wanted a magazine that was wrapped which was in a vending machine. The magazine was a porn mag. I then had to avoid being seen to buy the porn mag from the vending machine (due to the embarrassment of seeing buying one). It was hilarious. There are so many great side missions. Call me a fan!
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    Quick blast before going to work this morning, and that auto-cancelling attack is awesome, you can really plough through the battles.Gives you more opportunities for specials, etc.
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    Oh, I just thought it was funny considering the timing. Apparently they retweeted it today.
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    NoA posted this on the 5th.
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    I played the DLC case in 2018, but I completed the main bulk of the game in 2017, so I'm counting it as my last game of 2017: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Anybody who remembers the Ace Attorney Mafias I ran in this forum back in the day knows that I'm a big fan of this series. However, due to not owning a 3DS, I had to abandon it for a while. This is me trying to catch up. Generally speaking, it's like previous games in the series. The 3D environments are a good addition, the Mood Matrix is a smooth interrogation technique, the character writing is still enjoyable (Athena&Apollo have a good dynamic)... The music is phenomenal, too. My main issue is... This is the first mainline game not helmed by series creator Shu Takumi. Instead, the director is Takeshi Yamazaki, who previously directed the AAI games. This is certainly noticeable, as many of the flaws I noticed in AAI are present here. Namely, while Takumi is great at writing mysteries and building complex puzzles with no obvious answer, Yamazaki seems to miss the point: with him, solutions are telegraphed all the time, genuine twists are handed to the player, investigations are very railroaded, and "cleaning out your inventory" is counterproductive (seriously, don't tell us from the get-go a piece of information is useless!). He's writing a visual novel where player input is merely a formality, and it shows. And I could forgive that if the writing and characters were perfect, but that's not the case: Also, the game's filled with typos. What's up with that? Regardless of my complaints, I honestly had great fun with this game. The filler cases in this game were great fun, with colourful characters and breakdowns, and the DLC case with the orca might just be the best "filler" case in the series. Well worth the DLC price. I'm sure to play Spirit of Justice this year. Until then, I'm done with 2017.
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    I'd like to think Nintendo thought "we won't troll people, we'll announce it a day before so people don't become hyper and have over active imaginations for longer than necessary"...whoopsie!
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    Blue Rescue Team - This one is on the easier scale. Also the shortest. Some bosses might catch you off guard depending on what two Pokémon you get as your mains. It's a Gen 3 game, so it's before the Physical/Special split. (Lucario gets a little cameo though) I'd also say it has the least good plot in Mystery Dungeon. Which sounds bad, but it's still better than 80% of Pokémon game plots. It's a great diving in point. But, being the first title, it has some weird quirks that get dropped from future titles. And it's pretty cheap on WiiU VC to boot. It's also the only Pokémon title that offers Cubone as a starter Pokemon, so gotta give it credit for that. Explorers of Sky - 2nd hardest of the four and my second favourite. A Gen 4 title featuring every Pokémon up to that point (Except Arceus, who appears in an impossible to find cameo) A lot of refinements got added, making for a much more polished game than BRT. Whatever you do decide to play first, make sure you play this one at some point. But for the love of everything holy, skip the opening cutscene when you boot up the game. It kinda spoils the biggest twist in the story and it's a really good one. Notable for being around three times as long as the first game. Gates to Infinity - Gen 5's entry also happens to be my least favourite. It's also the easiest. It's not bad, but it suffers from a horrendously slow pace. Text speed is slow, animations are slow, everything is slow. And PMD isn't exactly a fast paced game to begin with. I can really only recommend this one if you've played another one and really want more. Too many annoying niggles. That said, it does have the most insane story in the Pokemon Franchise. I'm still amazed this game got a PEGI 3 rating. I'd say why, but spoilers. Super Mystery Dungeon - Gen 6's game decides that it's had enough of kiddy gloves and gives us the second hardest Pokémon game ever. (After Typing Adventure) Has every single Gen 6 Pokémon, except Diancie and Volcanion, who are all recruitable through side quests. This one's my favourite. Story is almost as good as EoS, soundtrack is great by Mystery Dungeon standards (Pretty damn amazing) and it has the best gameplay. Can't recommend it enough... After playing Explorers of Sky, this game gets super hard. PMD is pretty much the only DS-Era Pokémon spin-off series to survive to the present time, and for good reason. It provides challenge and plot to a franchise that isn't really known for either. It shines the spotlight on the less popular Pokémon and adds character to them as well. From goofy western-speaking Bidoof to Alcoholic Krookodile (He says it's Milk, it's totally not) Go for it, they're all playable on the 3DS, so they're pretty accessible. But I'll give you two pieces of advice. Holding R makes you move only diagonally. And don't ever mess with the Kecleons.