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    On the way to work this morning I equipped my level 68 character with +26 luck & a 30% luck increase and bonded with: 4 legendary, 21 rare and 76 common blade cores... ...after getting nothing but common blades throughout it was only on the final 2 common cores that I got a couple Rare Blades. Neither were the class I was hoping for. Edit: why is the size of the text in this post going mental?
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    Do you know you can cancel the auto-attacks to speed up the charging of Arts? As your auto-attack connects flick the left analogue ever so slightly to cancel the animation, you’ll then auto attack at a faster rate, charging the Arts quicker. Once you get accustomed to it you’ll find you’re mostly using Arts and repositioning with much less time auto-attacking. Having it as auto-attacking helps when strategising as to what Blade combos you want to build to add the element orbs you want for your Chain attacks, as well as nailing Driver combos to get better drops & max the damage you deal.
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    They (and gaf before it) hype themselves up to crazy levels whenever there's a Direct due. In this case one is rumoured for the 11th, and the announcement is usually two (sometimes three) days before, at 3pm UK time, so in a couple of hours. Makes for fun reading whether it be the meltdowns at no announcement, or the buzz if we do get one. Nintendo tend to tweet on the hour, give or take a minute or so. I'll never forget about a year ago when everyone was convinced an announcement was incoming and at 3pm Nintendo tweeted... about a Style Savvy for 3DS game. I lol'd.
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    The ARMS Direct and Pokémon Direct were both announced only one day before they were aired, so they’ll just have to wait and see. However, my inside sources and extensive research (I asked my uncle who worked at Nintendo) have exclusively confirmed to me that we will definitely be hearing about the January Direct within the next 22 days.
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    Just got the bit where it explains cancelling auto attacks, and didn't quite get it. Perfect timing Kav, will give this a go tomorrow.
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    I found Nintendo retweeting the bird absolutely hilarious. Era has also exploded with excitement and that thread gets longer by the minute. Gaming eh, theres no hobby quite like it. Hype.
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    Nice to see a nod to Enterprise in this returning episode of Discovery.
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    Oh, I just thought it was funny considering the timing. Apparently they retweeted it today.
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    NoA posted this on the 5th.
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    Just took a look at the Resetera thread and think I need to take a few minutes to readjust to reality again, reminded me why I never go on that stupid website. Are directs usually announced at 3pm GMT then? I'm definitely antsy for some announcements but not so obsessed that it consumes my entire life, can't these people just play some games instead of rabidly refreshing Nintendo's Twitter accounts?
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    That's basically what ended my interest in the game just before Christmas when I was considering picking it up for £18.99 from Argos in their sale (I even reserved it) but when I went through countless reviews and videos, I just didn't feel that desire. The heart wants what it wants, I guess
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    My fiber broadband gets switched on tomorrow
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    Hey I love those themes! Well not the Hello Kitty ones, but really like the Monster Hunter, Mario Hanafuda and this pretty one: Never bought one but got a lot with platinum points and as free distributions.
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    I joined the gym again in November and you know what? The gym is still hella boring.
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    Still waiting for that January Direct anouncement.... I also love how fast it is to pick up the switch and play a game. I'm not really waiting for themes as I found the 3DS ones always rather ugly. (but I'm not opposed to the idea of course) I'm really hoping they finally specify the paid online service and finally show their virtual console plans.
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