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    Just 100%'d this game tonight, I'd left the very final kingdom till the end. The last multi-moon probably took me about a dozen tries, though half of those losses were just me not paying attention. Tough but fun, and I'm glad it wasn't another Champion's Road, difficulty wise! The game's gotten enough praise by now from all quarters so I won't go over it all again, but climbing that final tower hit me in the feels. I know you can say this about most first party Nintendo games, but they really have outdone themselves when it comes to just how charming (and polished) every part of this game is. Also a nice touch listing the staff credits in alphabetical order rather than by job. Nintendo says "Thanks for playing" at the end of their games, I say thanks for reminding me why I love video games, over and over, year after year.
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    There is an extraordinary sale going on now with the following games being discounted: Death Squared (25% off)GoNNER (30% off)Graceful Explosion Machine (30% off)INVERSUS Deluxe (35% off)Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (33% off)Semispheres (30% off)Severed (33% off)Thimbleweed Park (25% off)Thumper (33% off)
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    Ha alright, steady on.. I didn't say that's all it's about, but the robot fights are clearly the game's USP; without those what's to distinguish the central concept / plot from that of fallout or any other post apocalyptic tale (an oversaturated genre anyway)? Even fans of the game seem to find the tribal stuff pretty tiring / hackneyed. My point was, as I said, I've an issue with how devoid of humour and levity the game is, and how it seems a bit of a waste of quite a fun concept to have it all buried in self-seriousness. The majority of the best games (alongside TV) of the last few years have a lot of humour amongst the darker themes. Hard to care about any of the characters when none of them speak like real people (the goateed guy in Meridian and Sylus aside). Can't see how Breath of the Wild, a game, unlike Horizon, fundamentally built around using a open world and being widely acclaimed for it, could be comparably improved by being linear but there we go.
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    Definitely agree about the bolded. I think I might be more inclined to stick with it if that were the case. Thanks for the comments @Fierce_LiNk @bob @Nolan but I've decided to move on from the game. I've put about 10 hours into it so far and it's just not clicking. Better to cut my losses and move onto Uncharted 4 and XC2.
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    I'm in a very similar situation to @S.C.G Over 9 hours in and still wandering around the first big area, Level 13, nearly 14, just practicing the fighting mechanics, and searching for loot. Just take your time, and get plenty of practice in when the game teaches you a new mechanic, so it becomes second nature. And man, what a great opening.
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    They usually announce them with 48 hours notice. I can't believe so many people don't want 2 Hello Kitty themes every damn week. Weirdos.
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    Hey I love those themes! Well not the Hello Kitty ones, but really like the Monster Hunter, Mario Hanafuda and this pretty one: Never bought one but got a lot with platinum points and as free distributions.
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    Auto-attack was frustrating at first but now I'm glad that I don't have to mash the button all the time. Sometimes I can actually take a sip of my coffee while battling. And you can cancel the auto-attacks a little later on and unleash more powerful attacks. So yes, it does make sense.
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    30 minutes will become 3 hours.. trust me
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    I’d argue that you’re both certifiably wrong. To claim that the world is worse than BotW is interesting, especially to suggest more linearity. Linear could probably help both games. Over populated I’d argue against as well. I never really had an issue just going wherever I felt like in Horizon. I could either just run past whatever enemies were present or just take a slight detour around, the detour also being exploration. Aloy talking, well yeah it’s a stilted performance at times but honestly I found her well written. Including talking to herself. Also the franchise is not just about “robo dinosaurs” If that’s what you come away with after playing there’s just no hope.
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    The combat system is explained to you in managable chunks so no worries there, it happens as organically as possible so that you're learning but subconciously rather than it all feeling like a huge tutorial; everything just happens at the right moments and the game has a really good opening which will surely keep you invested, plus the supporting characters do an excellent job as well. Once you get to the first "Open area" you'll know it when you see it, just grind and explore for a bit rather than worrying about where you've got to go, I've had the game since launch and I'm only ten hours or less in and I still haven't got past that first open area, you don't have to go far to find creatures higher level than you so don't worry about dying or anything, especially since there's no real penalty for it. Now, I would have gotten further by now, it's not because I don't want to... because believe me I really do, I've just been really rubbish with games generally in the latter half of 2017 apart from finishing a few titles but I will endeavour to try and finish this game at least before the next big game comes out in a couple of weeks. Keep us updated anyway and I'll try and do the same, because I'm only a few hours ahead, chances are we might even end up playing the game at a similar rate which could be interesting, if you have any questions then just give a shout and I'll help if I can but I reckon you'll be fine.
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    I didn't know they had made AOT films. Are they any good? I watched them last night with @Goafer. From what I’ve read they’re thought of as pretty terrible but I thought they were ok as long as you kind of just let them be their own thing instead of comparing too much with the series.
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    This is looking pretty awesome. Netflix please.