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    Ever since you've changed your avatar, I can't stop reading everything you post in the voice of Nia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 now. Please tell me I'm not the only one... @Hero-of-Time @Kaepora_Gaebora? So for me the above post was something like... "This 'as bin goin' on for days now. It was annownced on the Nintehndoh site, in the news section of yor Switch, and repourted on various web-sights. If you've actually tayken a look in the Ey-shop you could've sin loads've games on offer. Perhaps the offers don't intrest you, but it should've bin obvious there was a sale goin' on." I'm totally fine with this. Also, there seem to be a good few games on sale currently but I probably won't buy too many, I would have bought Axiom Verge already but I want that physical edition.
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    Fully deserved Game of the Year. The game is a masterpiece. Recently started Horizon and its a dope game but I do miss being able to go wherever I please and to explore wherever I want. Playing Horizon emphasizes to me just how much of a different open world game BotW is.
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    The games has just been announced for the PS4 and Switch. I played the original last year on the PS4 and it was a fantastic game. Unlike Minecraft it actually has a story and is filled with the usual DQ charm. Nintendo only gamers who've yet to experience Builders are in for a treat. @Tales will you also be picking the PS4 version up? IIRC you also played and enjoyed the original game.
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    (Oh and on a sidenote: I don't sound as cute as either, sorry)
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    Forza Horizon 3 is on the store for 19.99 so you can bet I started downloading it! Should be ready by Christmas! I'm already 20gb installed, even with my awful internet I don't think the extra 30gb over 24 hours is asking much. Also super tempted to get one of those ballin' controllers with my Christmas money to be in the same league as Aneres ;D I've just gotta decide if I'm gonna update my xbox Live gamertag before I do it, to match my new twitter and instagram handles. I've been rid of the mass number combination (josh64128) on most platforms for years now
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    Haha.. Well, I only vaguely know what you're talking about, since to me, Nia sounds like this: It's funny, rewatching this cutscene, and now I finally know what that secret is they mention.
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    I fired it up this morning and it's great. You skid all over the place due to the floor being icy, snow is falling in certain stages and presents randomly drop from the sky for you to collect.
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    Thanks to all who take part, especially @Glen-i for taking up the slack and running the league (though some of his themes leave a lot to be desired, I mean what were you on 😋) It’s aleays great to race you guys, always ending up with some great battles and close calls along with the pure unfairness that Mario Kart brings. One last time this year, here are my highlights from the last night. my view of that shell hit. dammit @RedShell get out my way. grrrr. Him again! thanks again to everyone.
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    It worries me the kind of mistakes that were made tonight. Mourinho is referring to the mistakes as "childish" and he's absolutely right. They're the kind of errors you've forgive children for making (or maybe not!), not millionaire, professional footballers. It's careless. Surely certain characteristics are ingrained into attack-minded players, hitting the target being one of them. It's another thing I don't get. Attackers who don't or can't finish. I don't really care how good somebody looks with the ball, football is about scoring goals. I can't blame City for the lack of competition. They're being professional and are taking their chances, and they will be deserved champions as a result of it. It's up to all of the other teams to compete and to play catch-up. From a United perspective, we don't even come close when it comes to composure, being clinical with our chances and keeping the ball.
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    I'll be happy if this turns out to be true, as I almost bought Deus Ex the other day.
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    Shame about the "No Fun Allowed" police stepping in there, but apart from that, things seem to have gone smoothly. That magic Boomerang just might be one of the jammiest things I've seen in Mario Kart lately. But here we are, the end of the Mini League. What have we learned from this utter shambles? Some people are such Teacher's Pets, that they will happily lower their average in order to keep that perfect attendance. Inward drift is far too advanced for you nonces. Driving backwards is somehow against the rules. It will take years to exhaust the internet's supply of Fresh Prince GIF's (Assuming a certain someone doesn't just make more) I've done more accounting in 3 months than I've ever done in my life. Smart Steering is named ironically. Because everyone here becomes on average 43% dumber with it on. If @RedShell fires something backwards at the finish line, there's an 80% chance it'll hit me. @Nicktendo and I make such an impression that no-one votes for us. Mushrooms Only races work surprisingly well. But most importantly... I want to thank everyone who took part, the league would be pretty damn boring if you lot didn't take part. And let's face it, you put up with some really stupid ideas without much complaining. I especially want to thank @BowserBasher for hosting the rooms each week, suggesting a few themes and dealing with my more demanding themes. You made my life a lot easier. I should also give special thanks to @Dcubed, for letting me use his Switch and copy of MK8D in the first place. As well as inspiring a few ideas for theme nights. And finally, thanks to previous League Boss @The Mole for giving me all the files and stuff I needed to take over this league. As for next year, 25th January is when the 2018 League will start. I will open a new thread around a week before it starts. I hope to see you all there.
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    I got the complete edition a couple of weeks back, been really impressed with it so far. It just keeps getting better as I unlock new skills and more machine overrides. Bandit camps are also surprisingly fun, the stealth works really well. It does a lot of things better than Breath of the Wild.
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    I wasn’t a huge fan of the original game when I played through it on PS4, despite really loving the demo. It’s just designed in a way that I found to be quite annoying, for example... I suppose that is at least understandable for the story mode, but the fact that you still need to farm materials in the free build mode is ridiculous! That was an aspect of the game I was really looking forward to spending time with, but because of the way they designed it I just couldn’t be arsed. Should’ve been unlimited resources and none of that “your character is getting hungry” malarkey either, just let people get on with easily building whatever they want. So yeah, unless that stuff has been seriously improved in the sequel, I won’t be picking it up.
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    Disney do it again. They make yet another (live-action) film that's entertaining to watch but falls apart utterly when put under any scrutiny. I did not like The Force Awakens, and during the first few minutes where Poe puts Darth Wesley 'on hold', I though I was going to suffer for the next two hours. That bit was so achingly bad. I was pleasantly surprised by the good, not surprised at the amount of crap, but overall it felt like a smaller more human Star Wars – and while it failed a lot with the human aspect, I respect it for trying. Laura Dern was the standout character. What she did, was maybe my favourite singular Star Wars moment ever visually. It was like someone sucked all the air out of the room. It really should have been Leia who did that. Finn is an awful character. His side story was awful. Captain Phasma...is – and always has been – dire. Ray has no character development and Daisy Ridley is not great...but I'm not sure how much I put down to her, because how her character is written is just not compelling and I like to give actor the benefit of the doubt; give them shit to work with, they'll spit shit out right back in your face. Get rid of Finn and Rose, and...like Poe doesn't even meet Ray until the end and it's the second film. There are just too many disjointed bits. I love Luke. I love mark Hamill. I don't agree with how he was handled but I can accept it. I did not mind Leia's space angel moment. And I can't tell you why, because it was fucking absurd. Adam Driver was great, but I felt wasted a tad. And Snoke... I hope to see more of him but at the same time, plz foreshadow. Just a tad. His death seemed so final. I'm actually excited to see where it goes. For all it's wrongs, it wasn't as asinine as The Force Awakens.